Anxious and overwhelmed

When you’re struggling to lift your head from your pillow.

When your chest hurts and you’re struggling to breath

When your eyes fill with tears, even though the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and all appears to be fine

When other people go out of their way to destroy your confidence, treat you badly and put you down

Take a deep breath, put some foot in front of the other, and hold your head high.

You cannot control other people’s thoughts and actions, but you can control yours.

Be strong, have a powerful mind, and remember you can do this

Kaya •


Outcast Pro Wrestling

Good evening friends,

Last night my partner and I attending our first wrestling match.

One of my friends, (The current Isle of Wight Champion), Matt, aka Maxx Carnage, is part of Outcast Pro Wrestling, and has been participating for the last couple of months.

The event was held in Newport, at Strings, bar and venue. The venue isn’t huge, so I wasnt sure how they would fit a ring in there, but they managed to place it so that there were 3 corners available for the public to watch.

The event started at 8.30pm, so we got there at 8 when the doors opened to grab a few drinks and a spot in the crowd, and to catch up with some old friends. We bought tickets to see the show a couple of months ago, and thank goodness we did, it was packed!

The wrestlers gave such great perfomrnaces, the crowd were kept entertained all the way through, you couldnt take your eyes off of them.

These men have such great strengrh and control, I didnt realise, close up, how much work they put into it. Although some of it is ‘fake’, other parts are rough and real. For example, one of the contenders being thrown on the floor covered in drawing pins, being thrown on a table and it breaking in 2, or being picked to and launched.

The wrestlers would often jump put of the ring, which was awesome to have the interaction with them. We would chant, and boo with other fans, it’s amazing how quickly you pick your favourites. The event we attended was 18+, but they do also have events that are family friendly.

A few of my favourite wrestlers were;

  • Maxx Carnage (of course)
  • JJ Volare
  • Kane Michael

During the interval and the end of the show, Live music was provided by special guests ‘Kingz of Vocals’, feat Jethro Eli and JB.

The live music was wicked, I’d never heard of these guys before but they were fantastic, I got lost in their music.

These men did a brilliant job, I cannot wait to see them again next time, and to hopefully see a few female wrestlers as well! A unique evening out for 2 and a half hours, for £5 a ticket? Incredible!

Have you been to a wrestling evening before? If so what did you think of it?

Kaya •


Party on the Green

Good afternoon friends,

Last weekend my boyfriend, family and I went to The Party on the green.

The Party on the Green was held in Ryde, at the Eastern Gardens

A family friendly and relaxing day is just what we needed, especially whilst we had glorious weather.

When we arrived we headed straight for the outside bar, for a lemonade and a hot dog and then made our way round the stalls.

There was entertainment for everyone there, face paints and glitter tattoos, tombola, raffle tickets, fare ground games, and even a couple of gorgeous donkeys from The Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary

There were local dance groups including the Bloodstone stone dancers, and Morris dancers, who were kind enough to encourage people from the audience to join in and try their hand at their choreography.

I wasn’t brave enough to join in, but clapped and cheered loudly, as that takes some guts!

Various musicians performed through out the day, including solo singers, a band of men playing trumpets, a local Ukele band (pictured), a DJ and other great musicians.

I love family fun days, and look forward to many more this summer

Kaya •


Glossybox August 2019 – Birthday Edition

Good morning friends,

This morning I got a surprise in the post… My August Glossybox,

‘The Birthday Edition’!

I’ve been looking forward to receiving this box for weeks!

I’ve kept away from any spoilers, and only found out that we’d recieve a Huda beauty item, through social media, so the rest of the box is a complete surprise!

I adore all of the pink, the shimmer, and how everything matches including the bow!

Huda beauty Lip Strobe in shade Fearless
RRP £17.00 (Full size)

This is a gorgeous colour, no doubt.
My issue with it is, that although I like to branch out with my colours, I think a purple may of come at better use in the height of summer before festival season. I would of loved the Angelic Rose, Ritzy Champagne or Boujee Coral as they’re versatile colours, and would of been more suited for me.

This vanilla scented (in my opinion), lip strobe is beautiful, but I dont know how often I’ll wear it. Maybe for when I’m feeling a little more adventurous, for a night out with a soft eye look?

Beautypro – Eye Therapy, under eye mask.
RRP Deluxe mini 3.5g worth £1.65 (recieved)
RRP Full size 10.5g £4.95

Who doesn’t love a face mask? Especially one for under the eyes, and one with collagen and green tea?
I did wake up with tired eyes this morning, so this came at the perfect time.
These are the most comfortable under eye masks I’ve ever worn. Some can become tight around the eyes, too drying, or much too sticky and slidy.

Furr – Rose gold Lash Curler RRP £15.00

My eyes lit up when I saw the box, it took up a majority of the Glossybox, and my first thought was a perfume.
Unfortunately I don’t curl my eyelashes, and am personally not a fan of rose gold.
I bought eyelash curlers for the first time about 6 months ago, from Superdrug, and they just didnt do much for me.
The curlers only cost me £1.49, and came with the replaceable rubber strip, which the Furr ones, did not.
I unfortunately won’t be using this product so I will give them to a friend.

Imperial Leather – Foambust Ulitmate Moisture Golden Amber & Coconut oil
Deluxe mini 75ml RRP £2 (recieved)
Full size 200ml RRP £5

I’ve used foam bodywashs in the past, mostly novelty ones at Christmas, or other holiday’s, and they’ve been fun. A foam body wash wouldn’t be my go to, but, they have made me squeaky clean, left me smelling amazing and skin feeling soft.
This product was okay.
On the pamphlet and on the bottle, it does tell you that it is great to use for shaving, which is awesome, multi use and all, but it looks and feels just like a foam shaving gel, not a toiletries bathing products.
My skin was left soft and sweet smelling, and a little does go a very long way, but I wasnt keen on the consistency, as it felt like I covered my body head to toe with shaving foam.

Bang beauty – Felt tip liner
Full size – RRP £15.75

The last product in the box is by far the best.
I wear liquid liner almost every day, and cannot tell you how many different ones I’ve tried. Although I dont usually use a felt tip liner, this one works brilliantly.
The tip has a slight softness to it so you can create that effortless winged liner look without dragging the applicator.


After wearing this product for 5 or 6 hours it did start to flake and became more of a grey, compared to the black shade that I had applied earlier which was disappointing.

Friends, I hate to say this.

But I’m disappointed.
Yes of course there was alot of hype over this box because it was the ‘Birthday Edition’, and also I’d geared myself up for the best box yet!

I expected, possibly an eye shadow pallet, maybe something birthday cake scented or themed, or products that would have more of a celebratory theme. There just wasnt really anything special.

I have to say, since subscribing 5 months ago, I’ve had the odd item that I wasnt as crazy about, but it’s good to try new products, but this month was seriously lacking.

Hopefully next months box will be better.

Have you received this box, if so what was your opinion on it?

Kaya •


1 Year Anniversary on WordPress

Good evening friends,

I’ve been looking forward to writing this post for the last couple if weeks.

Today is my one year Anniversary on WordPress. Yay!

I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by.

Deciding to use wordpress as my platform to express myself on, and to join this community was a choice I’m extremly thankful that I made.

I’ve interacted with some wonderful people. Fascinating, smart, funny, creative. Amazing.

I’m so thankful to be able to express myself, and to connect with you all.

Thank you for all of the likes, comments, follows, and advice, my lovely wordpress friends.

Because of this community, I’ve opened up a whole up part of me that wanted to get out, learnt from mistakes, taken risks, pushing myself day to day and with writing. As well as, opening up my eyes to, to have been taught so much by others, even if indirectly, by expanding my mind to the world we live in.

Here’s to many more years with WordPress, and with you all!

Kaya •


Mia Haul

Good afternoon and Happy Sunday all!

Yesterday morning, I attended the Mia Half price Sale.

Mia sells high quality clothing, and has stores in Newport, Cowes, and Ryde on the Isle of Wight.

Last August the girls and I hit the sale and got some absolute bargains, all that I wore through out last winter, this spring and summer.

This year I went solo, and arrived for the 8.30 sale at 8.28, to find a dozen or so women inside already with handfuls of stock.

Elissa Dress
Full length £30
Sale price £15

I spotted this dress on the manequinn the day before. As soon as I walked in I went straight for the rail, and found 2 dresses, with only one in my size.

Although I’m not one to go for a plunging neckline, I thought, why not.

The dress is cool and comfy, the rich colours give this dress a glamorous touch.

Stella Morgan Dress
Full price £35
Sale price £17.50

This stunning navy and white dress is elegant and pretty, perfect for day or night. Another thing that caught my eye with this dress was the thick ties round the back of the dress, which form a beautiful big bow.

Vero Moda Jacket
Full price £50
Sale price £25

I adore navy, I think it’s so chic, and like black, goes with almost everything. This cropped, popper, jacket has the perfect thickness for late summer/Autumm, with a good structure.

This classic style ‘Night Sky’ jacket is beautifully lined, with small straight pockets.

I didnt realise until I got home the sweetest detail; these ruffled cuffs.

I’m delighted with my buys this year.

If the sale is still on I may have to have another little look as I had my eye on a few handbags and sandles. Maybe…

Kaya •


Date night

Good evening friends, and Happy Friday!

This evening, my partner came home and told me to pick out a nice dress and be ready for 6.45, as he was taking me out for date night.


Dress – Matalan

Shoes – New Look

Handbag – Bessie London

Perfume – SJP Lovely Sheer

Tonight, my love took me for a 3 course meal at Pizza Express

For starters we had, dough balls and cheesy garlic bread,

Main, Sloppy Giuseppe pizza and Prosciutto

Dessert, salted caramel gelato and chocolate fudge cake.

Everything was delicious, including the beers and cocktails, the perfect drinks for a friday night date.

You just can’t go wrong with Pizza express!

We’re now on our way to the cinema to watch, The Intruder.

Meagan Goode and Michael Ealy? I’d watch them without knowing what the films about! The trailer for this movie looked brilliant. I haven’t seen a good thriller in ages, especially on the big screen.

We’re trying to go out for a date night twice a month. Who doesn’t want an excuse to glam up and spend a evening having some fun and private time with the one you love

Dinner and a movie might seem cliche, but we love our food and films, it’s perfect!

Do you have a favourite event or location for your date night, and is there any that you can recommend?

Kaya •