Not as planned

Good evening friends,

I hope you are all keeping well and the new year has been kind to you.

The last 2 weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind and not overly pleasant.

I set up for a positive, productive and busy start to the year, but it didnt quite flow that way.

It’s a long one friends, so grab a cuppa and get cosy!

Let’s start with last week.

Tuesday 7th January

Now, it may seem like a bit of an over share, but, it’s important to speak about these topics, and can change your life if not addressed and checked out.

Now, tell me ladies, who here rejoice’s when they have to visit their Dr for their smear test?

Yes, me too.

It’s not the most pleasant way to spend your time, but it is essential.

So Tuesday morning I strolled along for my check up, and did not leave with the best experience.

This is disappointing as so many ladies dont attend because of embarrassment and fear of such an important, yet quick and easy appointment.

Without going into too much detail, let’s just say, for me, it wasn’t especially pleasant.

I dont know what she was doing down there?

Discussing lumps and bumps whilst the patient is in a compromising position is going to make you just a tad concerned and anxious. Also, she left me feeling very uncomfortable in pain.

I was told she ‘couldnt do it fully’ and that I’d have to see another dr in a few weeks time.

Let’s not be irrational but who can honestly say that wouldnt make you panic?

I left feeling worried, with my eyes filled with tears with so many questions and assumptions. When I got back to work I winced once sitting down. I was in alot of pain.

After a few hours of wriggling around, my manager told me to go home and try and relax.

1. Can you imagine how humiliating it would feel to tell your colleague and manager why you cant sit still at your desk, and why you’re in pain?

And 2. Can you imagine telling you male manager? Thankfully, my work colleagues are lovely people and very understanding, we didnt go into detail but they knew something clearly hadn’t been performed correctly and that sitting down wouldnt help me.

The next day I realised I was bruised. And I’m still awaiting my appointment. Please send positive thoughts my way…. my minds running away with itself!

Friday 10th January

This happened to someone extremly close to me.

After a call to the drs to make a non emergency appointment, was told to come in right aware, then sent to the hospital for emergency bloods to be taken, was told the worrying news, that they may have organ failure.

I lost it. I hysterically cried for the evening and after 1 week of all of us worrying, they finally got test results back to say that they are okay. But my god, I was besides myself. When one of the most important people in your world tells you something like that, you feel helpless and broken.

This week I have just felt defeated with the news, and I have been trying to hold it together. I thought my heart was going to break.

I cant even tell you how thankful I am that they got good news and that we can think onwards and upwards.


Saturday 11th January

My other half and I were watching a movie in the living room, when we recieved a knock at the door.

Our downstairs neighbour’s house sitting apologied that it was so late (11.30pm), but she had water pouring through the kitchen and that it was coming from our home.

We dashed to the spare bedroom when we found water gushing through the light fittings and down the walls.

I ran upstairs and banged on the door but no one answered. I could hear the water pouring through the door.

After calling the emergency numbers for the building, and 999, incase there was someone in need in the at above, the police finally came, knocked in the door to find a pipe had burst, and luckily no one at home hurt, or worse!

The water was turned off but we were told that the water had no other escape apart from through our ceiling. The water escaped through to our hallway and bed room a little as well, but nothing too bad.

One of the walks when we were first notified. All looks awful

We now have a dehumidifier in the spare room, with water stains on the wall and ceilings and the belongings from that room, and the airing cupboard now in the bedroom and living room. My goodness…. theres alot of everything everywhere!

Luckily the only things that need to be replaced are some Christmas decorations, fancy dress and some canvas drawers.

You dont realise how much you own until you have to more it all in a hurry whilst being dripped on! It was like packing uo your belongings in the rain!

I feel terrible for the tenant upstairs who would of had to come home to such a mess. I’m extremly thankful for the house sitter downstairs otherwise we would of finished our film, got to bed and been oblivious to the whole situation and it could of ended very badly!

Sunday 12th January

We didnt know how much more water would be seeping through to the bedroom, so we dragged the mattress into the living room and decided to sleep in their for the night.

When you’re sleeping in a different room, you hear alot that you’re not used to. For instance, I didnt realise how fridge freezer made such alot of noise. Well until it didnt.

3pm Sunday afternoon, we opened the fridge door and noticed that items were no longer cold.

You guessed it. The fridge freezer broke.

By this time I was laughing.

Worrying about myself and a loved ones drs appt, the ceilings leaking and the flat being cramped and messy and now the fridge freezer.

It could of been worse

Luckily we were home and were about to bag up all frozen meats, cheese, and more costly items to replace, and store them in a friends freezer who lives just a few minutes drive away.

After a terrible experience at Currys, (seriously it’s as if they deliberately want to offend and be rude to their customers) and shopping around at other stores, we will now be recieveing our new fridge freezer on Monday. I cannot wait!

This past week and a half has left me feeling so low and deflated.

My minds been all over the place. My moods dropped and hard to lift. My home doesn’t look like home. The dehumidifier and stuffyness has affected my breathing. And not having a fridgefreeser has made cooking tricky. I cant store anything. I have to buy fresh meat for meals, cant store milk for tea or breakfast, cant meal prep as I dont have anywhere to chill food, it’s just irritating.

Well friends, I think you’re all caught up now. Finally, from tomorrow I hope to get back on track with life, family and friends, blogging and kicking Januarys ass with some new years goals…. here’s hoping!

Kaya •

Cooking at home with Kaya

National Shortbread Day

Who doesn’t love a good bit of shortbread?

Today is national Shortbread Day, so I thought I’d I make up a batch, and for the first time! How is that even possible?

I found this super quick and easy recipe, using only 3 ingredients, making between 20 and 25 shortbread fingers.

Shortbread Recipe


I used a traditional recipe but made them my own by using a Batman cutter. The shortbread were bigger so this only made about 15, and for a little something extra, I covered a few in dark chocolate. I’d definitely reccomend it if you havebabnextra sweet tooth.

Happy Baking!

Kaya •


Start as you mean to go on : Do what makes you happy

Good morning friends, and Happy Sunday!

With such a busy 2019, especially December, I’ve decided to have a more relaxed January. We decided to spend the first weekend of January relaxing but being productive.

Saturday morning I woke up after a lie in, I definitely needed to catch up on a few hours of sleep!

After rolling out of bed and doing my yoga, I made myself a big omelette.


3 eggs, handful of spinach leaves, 2 mushrooms, sprinkle of salt, pepper and paprika.

After glamming for the day, my boyfriend and I packed up 2 more bags of clothing and books, and dropped them to the charity shop.

We strolled into town to run a few errands and then met some friends at a local Cafe in Newport, ‘Cafe Isola’.

Cafe Isola is a great meeting spot for large groups, and families. With a fantastic variety of hot and cold food and drinks, and desserts, a decent space between tables for prams and buggies, and so you dobt feel like you’re sitting on the person next to yours laps.

I ordered a Pot of earl grey tea, which was presented nicely, but was accompanied by an egg timer.

I was intrigued about the egg timer, and asked the server what it was for. She told me that it has different times for you to brew your tea.

I don’t mean to sound rude but, A little too pretentious and hipster for me to use … my teas done when it’s done. I’ve managed to make a brew for 29 years without any issue, sure I can manage without.

Did make for a nice photo though!

Our friends arrived with their gorgeous kids, including their 1 week old baby, who I had cuddles with, I turned to mush!

We each dug into a bit of lunch before exchanging late christmas presents.

Chicken, pepper, onion pizza

The other 3 in the group recieved alcohol, but my present really stood out. I got a awesome wooden ‘Bat-Duck’. Have you been anything like him? How incredible! He shall sit proud on our book shelf

After a good free hours of chatting, my boyfriend and I decided to visit my late grandad. My Grandads birthday was yesterday, so we visited his grave and planted a Cyclamen. I have never heard of this plant before, but it looked pretty, good for the winter months, and I know he’d appreciate that more than a bunch of flowers.

Plans had changed, so we now had a free evening. Sun had set so we decided to settle in for the night.

Whilst my love cooked us dinner, I did my insanity work out. Shaun T totally kicked my ass, I was dripping with sweat!

After my shower I entered the kitchen to the most amazing smell, he made me lamb chops. Now my man can cook! The just fell of the bone!

We’d normally have a tipple on a Saturday night, My love had a few beers but I stuck to squash as I’m taking part in Dry january.

The rest of the evening was extremly chilled. We watched the first episode of ‘The masked singer’, my boyfriend was not into it! Oh well.

Only a few days ago I watched a clip of the US version, and thought it looked hilarious.

On the judges panel for the UK version were Jonathon Ross, Ken John Davina Macall, and Rita Ora.

I wasnt sure what I’d make of it but it was great! The costumes are wild, and it completely draws you in, i didnt have a clue. What a fantastic concept for a tv show! I’m seriously impressed that anyone could sing and dance in that get up!

For the rest of the evening I threw on a face mask and played a few hours of the Sims whilst he played Batman.

We fell into bed about 11, so I snuggled down and I read a couple of pages of my book for this month.

What did you do with your first Saturday of the year?

Kaya •


Blogmas Day 31 – Happy New Year!

Good evening friends, and a very Happy New Year to all of you!

This year we are spending New Yesrs eve at home, watching Lord of the Rings (the extended additions), with a delicious 3 course home cooked meal, by my love, and with a big bottle of bubbly.

My last couple of posts have been very late as I’ve been extremly overwhelmed and feeling low.

Rememeber to look after yourselves, set and smash those goals, and be thankful for every day.

I hope however you’re entering 2020, I wish you all health, happiness and positive thoughts!

Kaya •


Blogmas Day 30 – Untitiled

Good afternoon friends,

This post is untitled as I dont know what to call it.

Monday night I cracked. It was all too much. I was fed up. Felt worn out and unappreciated.

I’ve rewritten this 6 times now. And for now I’ll just leave it at this.

Remember to take care of yourself. Your mind, body, soul. Your home, let yourself sleep, take a breather. Put your all into your work and your love.

And never let anyone make you feel bad for taking care of yourself. You can help others as much as you want, but sometimes people need to help themselves, and you need to look after yourself too.

Kaya ▪︎


Blogmas Day 29 – No better day to clean and organise

Evening friends! Can you believe theres only a few days left of 2019, of this decade?Today I made a list of all that I need to tie this year up in a now… not that I’ll achieve it all, but a list is a good place to start.I cleaned out my friend and freezer, wiped it all down and rearranged the contents (red meat in one drawer, chicken in another etc)It sounds simple and quick, but it’s a job that I dont do enough.

What is with tuppawear? Seriously, there isn’t one person in the world who has the correct amount of tubs to match the lids?I’m not a wasteful person, but some snacky food items were left in the cupboard, and they’re easy to pick on, but hardly any left, so I threw them away. Clean and healthy cupboards all set for the new year.Next on the list took me to my beauty products.I’m pretty good at keeping on top of throwing out old make up, but I cant say the same for other beauty items and accessories.What better way to have a clear out than chuck it all on the bed??

I’m not keen on everything being out on display, so pretty storage boxes are always a great option, and arent too much of an eyesore.Yes, I’m one of thise people that keeps spare charges, phones, etc, just incase. But you never know when you might need one!

An old copy of Vogue, a little note from a friend, and some old pictures distracted me long enough that I decided I needed a cuppa tea.

Last but certainly not least, was my T shirt drawer. I probably have about 40 T shirts (now nearly rolled), in my drawer. Seems excessive but I have some for running/lounging/perfect fit to pair with skinny Jean’s, and others that I just throw on with whatever else.

Clothes, kitchen, beauty items… we’re getting there!

Have you started a New Years clean yet?

Kaya •


Blogmas Day 28 – Preparing for the new year

Good evening friends,

Do you ever get an overwhelming feeling that you need to clean your house head to toe, every nook and cranny?

Yes me too! But who has the time???

Christmas has been wonderful, and I’ve seen almost everyone that I’ve wanted to, but along with working full time and only have 2 days off for Christmas, my home has taken a back seat, and needs a deep clean!

I also need to get my dates in the diary, get back on track with fitness, do a big food shop ready for January, buy a new hoover, tackle the pile of clothes washing, drop off bits to the charity shops.

I have a half day on the 31st, so I intend to have a good tidy then, but I have to admit, I’m exhausted!

I’m not complaining that I am extremly fortunate to have so many people in my life that care for me, a wonderful job, and am able to make plans, but I just need a minute to breath.

How are you prepping for the new year?

Kaya •