Christmas/January Sales

Good morning friends,

Each year we know to expect the Boxing day and January Sales, but in December 2020 hundreds of retailers started their sales a few days before Christmas.

As I mentioned on my last post, I am planning to have a ‘No spend 2021’, therefore took the opportunity to purchase a few items in the sale, all products I know I’ll get use out of next year.

Superdrug – Make up Bag – Original Price £5 – Sale Price £1

Superdrug Studio London 12 Day advent calender Original Price £60 – Sale Price £10

Contents –

  • 2 x eyeshadow palette 14.4 g
  • 1 x 3 shades blusher palette 12g
  • 1 x single pressed powder 8g
  • 1 x single loose powder 12g
  • 1 x Eye liner 0.5 g + eyelash set
  • 1 x primer 15g
  • 3 x lipgloss 3ml
  • 1 x lipstick 3g
  • 1 x mascara 12ml
  • 1 x liquid highlight 10ml
  • 1 x blusher brush
  • 2 x eyeshadow brushes

Soap and Glory The Square Necessities Christmas Gift Set Original price £65 – Sale Price £30

  • Clean a colada Hydrating Body Wash 500 ml
  • Drop in the lotion Lightweight Body Lotion 500 ml
  • Clean on me Creamy Moisture Shower Gel 500 ml
  • The Scrub of your life Smoothing Body Scrub 200 ml
  • The Righteous butter Body Moisturizer 300 ml
  • Hand Food – Non-Greasy Hydrating Hand Cream 50 ml
  • Your best shot Coffee & Oat Scrub 180g
  • Face Soap and Clarity 3-in-1 Daily Vitamin C Facial Wash 350 ml
  • Bright & beautiful Radiance-Boosting Mask 29 g
  • The Fab Pore Pore-refining Mask 29 g
  • The Rush hour Scent-sational Dry Shampoo 200 ml
  • Thick & Fast High Definition Mascara in Film Noir 10 ml

H&M boots
Original price £24.99 – Sale Price £7.99

New Look
Red dress Original price £29.99 – Sale price £10

Grey cropped jumper Original price £14.99 – Sale price £6

Cranberry cropped jumper

Original price £14.99 – Sale price £6

The Works Note book Original Price £3 – Sale Price £1

Have you picked up any bargains in the boxing day or January sales?
If so, what did you purchase?

Kaya •

Autumn/Fall Haul 2020

Good evening friends,

What a wet and windy, yet wonderful autumn night.

Autumn/Fall for me is all about Comfort, your home and clothes become a little cosier, embracing the dark nights and chill in the air, and having some much needed downtime.

Here’s a few of my autumn essentials.


Beanies Coffee 50ml £1.99 each (Lidl)

Until last year I never understood the hype of ‘Pumpkin Spiced Lattes’ – and then I got hooked.

I’m not really one for flavoured coffees, but they give that extra warmth this time of year.
Whilst in my local Lidl, I spotted the Beanies Pumpkin Spice instant coffee.

Oh my! It’s been just over a week and I’ve finished a jar. I went back to grab another jar, and picked up Cinder toffee, Caramel popcorn, Nutty hazelnut, Irish cream

Candles £3 each – Gingerbread Cookie and winter Spice (B&M)

I’m all about candles, each season brings a different scent. This year I hunted high and low for spiced candles. Finally I found them in B&M, and how cute are they? And yes, due to the many unsuccessful trips trying to find them, I picked up 3 of each.


Charity shop
George cream short tench coat (New with tags) £5
BM Collection heavy blush pink coat £5

I, like many, love blacks, browns and deep reds for this season, I decided to mix up it up and look out for a few softer shades, and hit the jackpot.

The cream trench coat is a must, simple and chic, but the pink coat, she’s my favourite. Pairing it with a pink handbag, I’d be giving off Umbridge vibes, but I’m okay with that!

Charity shop – Next Knitwear £2 New with tags

I love a dusty Rose pink, especially with black jeans or LBD

Lily Morgan £5 (everything five pounds.com)
A simple black cotton jumper with glitter trim jumper, jazzes up the one of the must haves for this season. This jumper is so warm and fuzzy, it’s become a new favourite

Old Navy £5 (everything 5 pounds.com)

I bought this long cream jumper about 3 sizes to big. It is huge and just hangs off me, it’s so soft and just the right thickness. Not really one to wear out as it is so baggy, but at home with some fluffy socks is just perfect.

Pep&Co £12
This Hound tooth dress is perfect for winter. Possibly even a comfy Christmas day look?

Pep&Co £6
And once I saw the dress, I just had to buy the skirt!


Vaseline Intensive care Cocoa Radiant
Body lotion 400ml £3.99

I have dry and sensitive skin, with eczema which flairs up more in the cooler months. This lotion helps to sooth and moisturize my skin without leaving it stinging or feeling greasy.

Poundland Lipscrub ‘Mint to be’ £1

Nothing worse that chapped lips, especially when rocking a dark lip. Pounlands Lipscrub smells, and tastes great, and works just as well as names brands.

NYX Midnight Muse £3.99

I picked up this lipstick thinking it was black, but it is actually a deep navy. Not a shade I’ve worn before but definalty one I’ll be trying this season.

Maybelline Vivid matte Liquid £7.99 (TK Maxx)
20 matte shades for £7.99, that equals 0.39p each. Bargain! Plus all the shades are beautiful, the bright purples and orange may be a little tricky to pull off but I’ll do my best!

Keep an eye out for my vivid matte Lip challenge later this month

What autumn goodies have you purchased recently? And what does Autumn/fall mean to you?

Kaya •

feel unique

Feel Unique Pick & Mix Samples

Afternoon friends,

I hope you’re all well this sunday!

This week I decided to try something a bit different.

Feel Unique’s Pick and Mix.

Each month, you can choose from hundreds of samples, to select 5 items sent to you for just £3.99, including P&P

You can choose men, women or unisex products.

Perfumes, eye creams, foundations, hair and face masks, etc

The sample sizes can vary, but for me this is perfect, plus, I love anything mini… it makes me feel like a giant.

Or is that just me?

Nuxe Nuxellence Eye Contour 2ml

This 2ml may seem like a small amount, but it was plenty for a decent application. I used this last night before I went to bed.

Indeed I woke up with the skin around my eyes soft and silky, but I dont know if I’d purchase this agagin as it didnt seem out of the ordinary.

Narciso Rodriguez for her Fleur Musc Eau de Parfum 1ml

Wow this is is a beautiful scent! 1 or 2 sprays will last you for the day which is incredible.

I adore perfume but have worn the same few for the last couple of years.

I was given 2 SJP Perfumes last year and was unsure at first just because they were new, but one of them has become a firm favourite.

A tester perfume in spritz form is fantastic as you can spray it over a couple of days to see if it take your fancy rather than one spray at the drugstore.

Dermalogica Renewal Lip Complex 1ml

A blend of Avocado oil Shea and Cocoa butters, this is suppose to soften and hydrate dry lips.

Well, this is not what I pictured.

With a very sticky, thick and slightly gritty consistency, I did not want to put this on my lips!

It dod cross my mind that it had gone off, but after a quick google, the texture is correct. Just odd.

I placed this on my lips and had a good rub.

You get enough product for 2 applications, of course I put it all on in one application, oh well.

After my lips were very smooth and soft. I’d be keen to try this again, but in it’s original form. The tester grossed me out a little

Thalgo Hyaluronic Filler: Precise Wrinkle Filler 3ml

A decent sized tested in my opinion considering you dont have to use alot. I applied this for a couple of days and although I didnt visually see my difference, my make up did stay on for a little longer.

Only down fall, this has a very odd medical smell. Not the most pleasent scent for a cream!

Bioderma Sensibio Eye Contour Gel 2ml

I applied this before I put on my face/base Make up. This gel spread easily and soaked into my skin well.

A little goes a long way.

I havent used a eye contour gel before, but for £12 for the full size of 15ml, I might treat myself!

I love a tester as I think they’re so practical and a clever way to test a new product before paying out for something that you might never us again.

I love a sample also for travelling. Well, not for right now, but in general, it’s great to pack a few samples/minus (that you know your body is happy with), so that if you happen to indulge and spend when yoire away on your trip, you have room for goodies instead of lugging toiletries back with you

Have you tried this beauty service before, or one similar?

Kaya •


Blogmas Day 26 – I only went out for milk… Boxing day Haul

Good evening friends,

Okay, I had no intention, not one, to leave the house on Boxing day, I planned to spend the day in Batman Pjs, eating left overs, cereal and playing video games… but we needed milk.

And in order to buy milk we walked into town, and through Boots, and past the Soap and Glory section. And then things happened.

Soap and Glory

Original Pink Collection Tin £10, £5

Make your smooth £5, £2.50

Paper Place

2020 Calender Afternoon Tea Calender and diary £5, £1.50

Being organised and encouraged to bake? Yes and yes!

The works

Pocket diary 2020 £3, £1.50

Mad Beauty

Disney, Bath Fizzer Trio £4, £0.99

I Heart Revolution

I heart revolution vending machine £50, £20 (£20 in Superdrug, but £15 on the revolution website)

For £20, you get alot for your money! And I was incredibly impressed with the variety of products –

2 mini eyeshadow palettes (chocolate salted caramel, dark, white)

1 blusher palette,

1 bronzer pallette

Make up blending sponge

3 mini eye brushes

3 x lipglosses

Kabuki brush,

Powdered Sugar loose baking powder,

Mini Pink Lemonade setting spray

Did you treat yourself in the boxing day sales? And if so, what did you buy?

Kaya •

Blogmas 2019, Hauls

Blogmas Day 10 – NYX Haul

Good evening all,

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, then you know that I’ve been reviewing Glossybox for the last 9 months.

Glossybox give you the option to complete surveys on the monthly box and individual products. Once doing this, you can earn credit to spend in the ‘Glossy Lounge’ (online store), or on the ‘Look Fantastic’ website.

I didnt realise that I had built up £20 to spend and then was given an additional £10 from Look fantastic to all Glossybox subscribers on Black Friday.

With £30 to spend, I thought I’d treat myself to a few new lip products.

As I scrolled through, I saw the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream at £4.68 each and the Suede lip pencils at £3.12 each and that they were also 3 for 2, mix and match!

Well, I treated myself, didnt I?!

I bought 5 Soft Matte Lip Creams and 4 suede pencils for a total of £26.52 with free delivery!


Now, this was a bit more of a Barbie Pink that I expected, but I love it! The NYX lip creams are long wearing, so I know that this colour will stay strong and not flaked, giving me the confidence to rock such a candy pink!

Abu Dhabi

Ive bought this lip cream quite a few times before. It’s a staple, a perfect nude brown.


This lip cream is a bit brighter in person but I didnt want to mess around editing the picture. It is a lighty more dark peach colour, something a little different but still beautiful.


The perfect red! Again, the shade is slightly deeper/stronger but I didnt want to mess with the settings. I adore this red. I’ve been looking for this shade for the longest time, and with the formula it is just perfect.


Well, I couldnt not buy a dark red could I? This one again, is a much deeper richer shade.

The 4 suede lip pencils I bought were equally gorgeous.

Although not all of them matched the lip cream perfectly, they will suit other lip products I own.

From top to bottom

Respect the pink

Rose the day

Cherry skies


I’m thrilled that I was able to buy these 9 products, without actually using any real money… if that makes sense? It’s always nice to treat yourself, and especially around Christmas, and it helps that I can have a good clear out of make up in december/January, knowing that the products are a year old and are on their way out.

Do you use NYX products? And do you have a favourite shade of the lip creams?

Kaya •


Mini Weekend Haul

Good afternoon friends!

Nothing like a mini haul to brighten up and a wet and windy autumn day.

NYX Lingerie ‘Confident’ £7 Boots (currently £5.60 in the black friday sale)

A subtle brownish nude lip goes with any look. I normally apply a little bit of lip balm before wearing these lip products as they can dry out your lips. I love that matte finish, and with this shade it gives you such a effortless look, a hint of colour, but without the statement pout.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipstick ‘Cool Brown’ £6 TK Maxx

This colour is almost exactly the same as one of my all time favourite lipsticks, ‘MAC Double Shot’.

A perfect deep chocolate brown with no hint of red, no fade, and leaves a long lasting creamy finish on your lips.

Sleek lipcream ‘Birthday Suit’ £4.99 Boots

This shade is damn fine! A perfect every day blush toned lipcream. I always find it difficult to find a shade that you can wear each and every day.

Poundland Ginger Bread and Vanilla difuser £1

This was given to me by a friend who bought it and instantly decided they didnt like it once smelling it. I thought I’d give it a go. I love Christmas and especially gingerbread men!

I currently have this on the mantle in my bedroom, and it is lovely! That warm winter welcoming scent that has a little bit of spice. To be honest I’d never think of poundland for a defuse, but I’ll definitely think of them in the future.

If you’ve read one of my Haul blogs before you’ll know that I’m a sucker for TK Maxx, I would say I shouldn’t be aloud in there unsupervised… but I was with a dear friend, who encouraged me to buy these products… I blame him for his good taste.

Face and neck roller £14.99 TK Maxx

I have seen these jade rollers for a while now but have always been hideously pricey… but found this beautiful pink face roller for a bargain price. I’m not going to lie the colour caught my eye, and then I got excited about the interchangeable heads. Genius!

I used this last night after placing it in the fridge for 10 minutes. It is the weirdest sensation but wow my face and neck felt great afterwards.

Bio Marine by Sea of Spa, Delicate Face and Eyes Cleansing Milk £2.99 TK Maxx

Okay, so I didn’t need this… right now… but I find it hard to find a cleanser that doesn’t make me break out, has a good scent, and soaks into my skin well without it feeling greasy, and this ones perfect.

I have a few more cleansers to finish, but I cant wait to start using this one daily.

What are your plans this weekend and have you used any of these products?

Have a wonderful weekend all!

Kaya •


Autumn Favourites

Good evening friends!

With the evening’s getting darker quicker, cold weather rolling in fast and having to add that extra layer before you leave the house, I wanted to share with you my Autumn Favourites.

Make up

Vegas Nay by Lamia – TK Maxx – £9.99

The beautiful box caught my eye, and the contents inside did not disappoint.

I hadn’t heard of this brand before. But £9.99 for these stunning products, I am hooked!

This eyeshadow palette is incredible!

I’ve used this almost every day for the past month to create looks that are subtle, smokey and saulty and a full on glamourous for a night out. Hopefully I’ll be able to find this pallette again in TK Maxx, as it can be so difficult to find just one pallette that has all the colours you need all in one.

Who doesn’t love a touch of sparkle this time of year?

This nude lipstick is a tad lighter shade than I’d normally go for, but the colour is beautiful. A perfect creamy blend that has a long stay and won’t dry out your lips.


American cream sundae conditioner bar £8

I’m slowly making my way through bar shampoos, conditioners, and soaps to see which ones suit me best. this conditioner bar smells lovely, and for £8, the size has reduced really well considering I’ve been using it about 3 times a week of a month.

Bathbomb, Mindfully Made, £2.50

This white bathbomb is beautiful! Who wouldnt love a glittery snowball? Taking the bath bomb to the next level, I’m definitely going to have to stock up on these for winter!

Spearmint and Patchouli Soap, Mindfully Made £4

I’ve tried a few of the Shambolic Soaps, and this ones just gorgeous. With all of these soaps they leave you bathroom with the freshest scents. Like the others I’ve used, this is fantastic for dry and sensative skin, and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed.


Camel check Skirt, Primark, £8

I love this preppy, ‘Clueless’/Gossip Girl inspired look. Perfect with thick black tights, and a and a snuggly jumper.

Hearts Jumper, Peacock £5.

How adorable is this jumper?
It was originally £18, which I would of paid for it as it’s cute and comfy for autumn/winter.

Stone Handbag, Mia £8

The Mia sale got me again (shocker). But £8 for this gorgeous light grey handbag, how could I walk away?

Mixed print dress, Yoyelle’s £10

Now, this dress is not me at all, and that’s kind of what I love about it!

When I first saw it on he hanger I thought, ‘man that alot going on!’ I had a closer look and realised I love the shape and the colours, just not crazy on the design. Whilst queuing to try it on, I met a lady in the line who complimebet my great taste (she was holding the same dress). It turned out she picked up a large, and I a Medium,so we swapped. The large fit perfectly round my chest, and hips, a little loose on the waist but that’s what belts are for!

I’m planning to par this with black knee high suede boots and a leather jacket.

Ribbed dress, Primark £8.

Simple, versatile and chic, perfect for all occasions and weather.


Stitch hot water bottle, Primark £8

I saw this hot water bottle on the primark website and hunted high and low for one in store! He’s perfect for those cold autumn nights.


Eat Real Hummus chips £0.89p per bag

How? How have I never seen these before? This woman LOVES hummus. Whilst at the till of my local green grocers I saw these out the corner of my eye. Yes I ate 2 bags in 1 day (the bags are only half full), and no I didnt feel guilty, although I did pack up a 3rd bag and stopped myself. These little shells of magic…where have you been all my snacking life?

Thank you for reading guys, what are some of your autumn favourites?

Kaya •


Glossybox August 2019 – Birthday Edition

Good morning friends,

This morning I got a surprise in the post… My August Glossybox,

‘The Birthday Edition’!

I’ve been looking forward to receiving this box for weeks!

I’ve kept away from any spoilers, and only found out that we’d recieve a Huda beauty item, through social media, so the rest of the box is a complete surprise!

I adore all of the pink, the shimmer, and how everything matches including the bow!

Huda beauty Lip Strobe in shade Fearless
RRP £17.00 (Full size)

This is a gorgeous colour, no doubt.
My issue with it is, that although I like to branch out with my colours, I think a purple may of come at better use in the height of summer before festival season. I would of loved the Angelic Rose, Ritzy Champagne or Boujee Coral as they’re versatile colours, and would of been more suited for me.

This vanilla scented (in my opinion), lip strobe is beautiful, but I dont know how often I’ll wear it. Maybe for when I’m feeling a little more adventurous, for a night out with a soft eye look?

Beautypro – Eye Therapy, under eye mask.
RRP Deluxe mini 3.5g worth £1.65 (recieved)
RRP Full size 10.5g £4.95

Who doesn’t love a face mask? Especially one for under the eyes, and one with collagen and green tea?
I did wake up with tired eyes this morning, so this came at the perfect time.
These are the most comfortable under eye masks I’ve ever worn. Some can become tight around the eyes, too drying, or much too sticky and slidy.

Furr – Rose gold Lash Curler RRP £15.00

My eyes lit up when I saw the box, it took up a majority of the Glossybox, and my first thought was a perfume.
Unfortunately I don’t curl my eyelashes, and am personally not a fan of rose gold.
I bought eyelash curlers for the first time about 6 months ago, from Superdrug, and they just didnt do much for me.
The curlers only cost me £1.49, and came with the replaceable rubber strip, which the Furr ones, did not.
I unfortunately won’t be using this product so I will give them to a friend.

Imperial Leather – Foambust Ulitmate Moisture Golden Amber & Coconut oil
Deluxe mini 75ml RRP £2 (recieved)
Full size 200ml RRP £5

I’ve used foam bodywashs in the past, mostly novelty ones at Christmas, or other holiday’s, and they’ve been fun. A foam body wash wouldn’t be my go to, but, they have made me squeaky clean, left me smelling amazing and skin feeling soft.
This product was okay.
On the pamphlet and on the bottle, it does tell you that it is great to use for shaving, which is awesome, multi use and all, but it looks and feels just like a foam shaving gel, not a toiletries bathing products.
My skin was left soft and sweet smelling, and a little does go a very long way, but I wasnt keen on the consistency, as it felt like I covered my body head to toe with shaving foam.

Bang beauty – Felt tip liner
Full size – RRP £15.75

The last product in the box is by far the best.
I wear liquid liner almost every day, and cannot tell you how many different ones I’ve tried. Although I dont usually use a felt tip liner, this one works brilliantly.
The tip has a slight softness to it so you can create that effortless winged liner look without dragging the applicator.


After wearing this product for 5 or 6 hours it did start to flake and became more of a grey, compared to the black shade that I had applied earlier which was disappointing.

Friends, I hate to say this.

But I’m disappointed.
Yes of course there was alot of hype over this box because it was the ‘Birthday Edition’, and also I’d geared myself up for the best box yet!

I expected, possibly an eye shadow pallet, maybe something birthday cake scented or themed, or products that would have more of a celebratory theme. There just wasnt really anything special.

I have to say, since subscribing 5 months ago, I’ve had the odd item that I wasnt as crazy about, but it’s good to try new products, but this month was seriously lacking.

Hopefully next months box will be better.

Have you received this box, if so what was your opinion on it?

Kaya •


Mini Primark Haul

Good Morning friends,

Summers in full swing, so last week, I picked up a couple more essentials.

Highlighter £2.50 – ‘Brunch club’

Okay, so the name caught my eye before I’d even seen the colour. But once I swatched it, I fell in love. How gorgeous is this highlighter? This can be used for a soft and subtle look and is buildable for a more summery glow.

Velvet Matte Lip crayon – £2 ‘mushroom’

This Long lasting, beautifully creamy crayon has become one of my go to lippies! The shade ‘mushroom’ is stunning, and pairs well with a soft, smoky or striking eye look.

Matte lipstick – £1.50 – ‘salsa’

I cannot fault Primark on their lipsticks, and this may be quite a statement, but I’d put them up there with NYX lipsticks!
For a bargain price (even for primark) of just £1.50, I encourage you to stock up if you find a shade you like.

Foundation stick – £2.50

I decided to use this foundation stick as a concealer. I love how chunky the stick is and how creamy and easily blendable it is.

Dry shampoo – £1

I unfortunately have greasy roots and dry ends, it’s a battle, but with the assistance of this dry shampoo, it makes it so much more manageable. A perfect size, and ever better price, easy to slip into my handbag to give my hair a bit of help when I’m out and about after a long day.

Disney Princess face mask – £3

What can I say? I’m a sucker for beauty products and Disney, it was a necessity

Lace briefs – £1 each

Now, in my opinion, it’s a bit of an over share to show you what I’m wearing, but, I had to show you how pretty these pastel colours are, and the striking electric blue. Gorgeous!

Bikini – £2 per item

I like to mix and match colours and patterns in the summer, and there’s nothing like a beautiful, bright bikini to make that summer tan pop.

Sunglasses – £3

I have a bad habit of scratching, losing or breaking my sunglasses, but who doesn’t? These glasses are chic and gave me ‘Frenchie’ from Grease vibes.

Black platform pump – £8

I was originally looking for a navy or a burgundy red colour but had no luck. Black goes with everything, and these comfy low tops are a must for the summer

What are you summer essentials?

Kaya •


Mia’s End of Season Sale

Arriving at a sale as soon as the doors open, not to miss a good deal, isn’t really my bag.
Until today.

Mia is a boutique with beautiful clothes, shoes, handbags and jewellery, that are good quality and at an affordable price.

This morning they held a sale where all items were £10 or less.
Of course, you’d think, that’s insane, and that they’d have left over unwanted stock in all the wrong sizes that no-one wants. But this was not the case. There were some lovely pieces in the sale, but there was only one or two of each size of the item, this is something I realised quickly, and man, I got some absolute bargains!

The first item to catch my eye was this beautiful navy patterned halter neck dress. The dress is full length, so it’ll keep out a draft on breezier days, in the last few weeks of summer. And If I don’t get a chance to wear it, then it’ll be a new piece for next summers wardrobe.

The next item I found was one that I’ve seen many times, but never had the guts to wear.
Although it is a simple jumper with a shirt and collar, I would look at this item and instantly think ‘school girl’. And the fact that it has a detailed collar, is way out of my comfort zone. Another style that I’ve wanted to try but always looked too ‘preppy’. The beaded collar was pretty nd delicate, and s e elling point. I’m thrilled with my purchase and to try 2 new looks in 1.

A cardigan is my go to look for autumn and winter. I pair them with jeans, dresses, skirts, with boots, or heels, they’re the perfect go to item. I had a few colours to choose from, but thought I’d get the most wear out if a classic striped black, white and cream cardigan.

My last, and favourite piece is this Navy and white blazer. I’m a sucker for blazers. They’re smart, effortless and a key item for every wardrobe. I’ve never been brave enough to own one that isn’t just a block colour, but I thought this one was a beauty. When I was taking pictures, I did burst into laughter when it hits me that it reminded me of Bettlejuice.
(One of my favourite films, with one of my favorite actors, with an iconic suit… So is it really a bad thing?)
Anyway, I look forward to strutting in this for every occasion I can get away with.

The sale was well worth it, and the four items cost an amazing £36.00! What a steal!

Let me know what items are your weakness in a sale, and what you look for first.

Kaya •