Pop Culture Mystery Boxes Review

Good afternoon friends,

This week my fiance and I enjoying an escape and a few days away to Winchester (blog to be posted soon).

We walked past HMV as saw a stack of
Pop Culture Mystery Boxes for just £9.99 each

We no longer have a HMV on the Island, and had been meaning to pick up a Mystery box from Amazon

The boxes cost £9.99 each, with a minimum value of £25. You will receive at least 5 items, which are Pop Culture/Licensed merchandise products from Film, music, gaming and more.

Box 1
•A Game of Thrones thermal flask
•Frozen 2 lined notebook
•Frozen 2 Olaf keyring
•Toy Story Woody keyring
•4x Game of Thrones postcards
•Harry Potter A4 poster

Box 2
•The Legend of Zelda mug
•The Legend of Zelda glass Rupee
•Venom Notebook
•A4 wooden Batman plaque
•Facemask Illustration by Steven Rhodes, Concept and art direction by Kellie Taylor

As you’d expect, the Mystery boxes are a bit hit and miss.
We thought the 2nd box was pretty cool and will make use of all of the items – even the Rupee, will be a geeky feature to our shelves that some will be able to recognise.

The 1st box however was a bit of a dud box.
The flask will definitely be used, it is always handy to have a notebook around the house, but the HP card, GOT postcards and the keyrings will either be passed on to a friend or donated

Although you can purchase the boxes online, is suggest grabbing one in-store, as our heavier box had much better items, that may be a winning factor?

Have you tried a mystery box before?
If so, would you recommend it to others?

Kaya •


‘Goddamn right, it’s a beautiful day’ Eels

Good Eveing friends,

This post is a little later than I intended, but it’s been quite the week!

A few months ago, I saw a poster for Eels by chance in a shop window in Southampton. My boyfriend is a massive fan of theirs, so I knew he’d be thrilled to know that they were performing later on in the summer, and for just £40 per ticket, we jumped right on it!

The months rolled on, and finally, on Tuesday night, August 20th, we made our way across the water to The Southampton Guildhall to watch Eels perform.

Now truthfully, I only know 2 of their songs, but I’ve heard there albums being played at home numerous times, so I knew that I didnt mind their music, and I’m always up for a concert!

Upcoming performances

We arrived just before 7, even though the gig started at 8, grabbed a couple of Pepsi’s, bought an awesome Eels T shirt, and were getting hyped up to see the band.


  • Maxi dress – Boohoo
  • Sandles – New look
  • Jacket – New Look
  • Handbag – Paul Costello
  • Necklace – Wish.com

Eels special guest and 2019 tour opening act was Robert Ellis. The ‘Texas Piano Man’ rocked up on stage at 8pm, in a crisp white suit and hat, ready to get the party started.

Photo courtesy of google images

Robert is an absolutely fantastic musician who played keyboard and guitar, with hilarious, yet meaningful lyrics, with a few curse words thrown in here and there, he had the crowd singing, clapping and cheering along.

If you like the music of Stephen Lynch, then I think you’d enjoy listening to Robert Ellis. Both performers are similar, in their honesty and comedy but Robert is much more P.C, relatable and had deeper lyrics.

Normally I find it hard to rememeber the opening act, but he definitely made a lasting impression.

I’d downloaded and have been singing ‘Passive aggressive, it’s very catchy if you get a chance to listen to it.

As soon as the Californian indie rock band stepped on stage, I was hooked!

They were absolutely incredible performers and entertainers. There was not one song that I didn’t dance along to.

One of those rare gigs where, even if you dont know the musicians songs very well, they still capture you, and get you lost in the atmosphere around you.

Mark Oliver Everette, the original singer and lead member of the band, formed Eels in 1995. Mark is a a fantastic song writer and has released 12 studio albums. I was in awe of him, this man, is incredibly talented, as well as he and his band being such great performers, some of the lyrics are absolutely beautiful.

Mark is now close to 60 years of age, and has been performing for almost 30 years, and although he has had to mix it up a bit by performing with a variety of different band mates, and tragic heart break and loss through out his life, this dude can seriously rock!

I was captivated for the 2 hours, and had wished that I had discovered their music sooner. Eels are such talented artists, I’m thrilled that we got to see them.

Have you seen Eels perform before? And who do you want to want to see perform next?

Kaya •


Sunderland Trip and The Spice Girls Tour 2019 – Spice World

Last Thursday, something incredible happened. One of my dreams came true.

I saw The Spice Girls!

I’ve been a fan of The Spice Girls since I was 6 years old.

I kicked myself last time they toured and I didn’t get tickets as I honestly believed that they’d never tour again… until they made an announcement last year that led me to able to get my hands on 4 tickets.

Okay, so can we put a price on childhood dreams?

Yes. Yes we can. £146 per ticket.

But, come on, its THE SPICE GIRLS!

These incredible women are legendary, and worth every penny.

I was able to purchase tickets for myself and 3 of my girl friends.

The concert would be held at Sunderland football club’s stadium, ‘Stadium of light’. We booked 2 double rooms at The Sunderland Central Travel lodge, which was about a 20 minute walk away from the stadium.

We paid £160 per double room for 1 night, which wasnt bad since we were in walking distance to the stadium, and a 2 minute walk to the shopping mall, bars and restaurants.

Although Sunderland wasnt our first choice of location, it was so quick and easy to get to.

We decided to fly instead of drive or use the train as it was quicker and more straight forward. We paid £130 each for a return flight, from Southampton to Newcastle.

We woke up at 4.30am to travel to the airport for our hour long flight, grabbed a quick Costa coffee, and were ready to depart for our 7am flight. A couple of pages of sudoku completed, and bam, we had landed!

The train station was located next to Newcastle airport. The train only cost a few pounds, and we were travelling for about 40minutes. As you can imagine, we were raring to go, and couldn’t believe what we had to look forward to that evening.

The train station was a 10 minute walk from our hotel, thankfully, we were in need of a quick cuppa!

We arrived at the hotel at 10, but check in wasnt until 3pm so we paid an extra £10 so that we could leave our bags in the room and do a little bit of retail therapy before the concert.

After a quick bite to eat and a few too many shopping bags…. (we kept on having to remind each other that we have to pack all of this away in our carry on luggage), we headed back to the hotel to glam up.

On arrival I grabbed the second room keys, and we headed to our room to shower, and then meet the others in their room to do glam together. Well… didn’t quite happen that way.

We walked into the room, it seemed neat and tidy, quite a good size…walked inti the bathroom, and this is what I found.

A pair of knickers on the floor. Grim. I took a picture, as you do, and skipped down to the front desk, showed them the picture and politely asked them if our room had been cleaned. They apologised and said a stagg member would greet us in our room shortly.

I had just stepped into the room and closed the door when a staff member knocked on the door, she apologised and headed to the bathroom, I turned around to pick something up from my bag. And she was gone. She’d picked up the pants and left!

Now, I didnt want to have to back back down stairs and mess around and ask question weather around bathroom had in fact been cleaned, but at the same time, I didn’t want to shower in their either! So of course, i used my friends shower… no time to dilly dally… I had glitter to apply and a mini bedroom concert to attend!

Clothes, shoes, make up, and glitter…. everywhere. Of course. Many selfies and funny videos were taken, half of the fun of getting ready to go out, is the getting ready with the girls. When we first bought our tickets, I asked the girls if they wanted matching personalised Spice Girl t shirt, obviously, they agreed!

We bought our tops for £10 each from Ebay, that included delivery and the personalised message on the back. How rad is that?

We strutted to the closest bar where we were greeted by dozens of other spice girl fans.

The bar was rammed! We waited for about 15 minutes for our drinks, and by the time we got then we were greatly disappointed. Firstly they had run out of cocktail glassess, so we were given small lemonade glasses, which didn’t make them look half as fun, then when we went to pay, it cost almost 40 for 4 drinks! Apparently the barman had doubled the drinks and charge extra to add lemonade. Okay… yes youd normally get charge for that, but come one!

£9 for a gross drink. Strawberrys and cream… you’d think sweet, summery and luscious. No. It was bitter, sour and tasted cheap.

Although the drinks were grim, the atmosphere was incredible. There was a sea of 90’s outfits, hair and make up, costumes, and finger peace signs.

After our one drink, we headed to Tesco and bought a few of the pre mixed Pimm’s and Gordon’s gin in cans, it did the job!

After a few drinks, we made it to The stadium. The doors opened at 5pm, but we didn’t arrive until 6.30pm.

On arrival, we were given flashing wrist bands which we were told to pull out the tag later that evening.

We sat and took selfies and chatted for a while until the opening act came on stage, Jess Glynn.

I didn’t realise how many of her songs I knew until she started performing, I sang along to almost every track. Although she was brilliant and warmed up the crowd, everytime a song finished I was secretly hoping it would be the last and that the spice girls would perform shortly after, I was too excited.

8pm hit and The Spice Girls dancers hit the stage. Their dancers were absolutely incredible. They hyped everyone up, and had us screaming with excitement. And then I was covered with goose bumps. The Girl band I’ve loved for the past 23 years appeared on stage… and the crowd went insane.

They opened the show with ‘Spice up your Life’, one of my favourites, and since then I didn’t stop singing, dancing and screaming.

Once the sun had set and the sky became darker, we were told to remove the tags from our wrist bands, and the stadium lit up.

The wrist bands were synchronised to the music, and would change to different colours depending on the song and the colours of the stage. The bands also made a Mexican wave, and created rainbows in the stadium, it was a sight to see!

They sang every one of their song’s with pazzaz, they are incredible performers and singers. Everything was so well thought out, each costume change was more beautiful than the next, so was the set changes, the dancers choreography, the confetti cannons, the lot.

The concert was more mind blowing than I ever could of imagined, and I had tingles all over from start to finishh. We girls got a little emotional, we had listened to this music for 20+ years, learnt and made up the dance routines, dressed like them, admired them, and now we can finally say that we’ve seen them.

We walked back to the hotel with thousands of others in the crowd, a fair few of us singing along the way, we got back to the hotel about 11ish, and hit the hay.

The next morning we checked out about 11ish, and thankfully, were able to leave our luggage at the hotel whilst we went for a stroll to find brunch.
The weather was lovely and warm, so we have a good mooch around town and decided to have brunch at a wetherspoons. You cant go wrong.

After refueling, hitting primark, lush and a few other stores, we returned to the hotel for our bags and made our way back to the airport for our 5pm flight.

As soon as I stepped through my front door,my phone was pinging like crazy as our group chat had been filled with shared photos and videos of our adventure away together.

It was truly a one of a kind experience, and one that I’m so thankful I was able to share with people I love.

Are you a Spice Girls Fan? If not, what 90’s band would you like to see perform?

Kaya •

Blogmas 2018

Blogmas Day 8. My Christmas Playlist

Day 8. My Christmas Playlist

Now, this may seem like a simple blog post, but my goodness it’s taken me some time.

I adore Christmas, and christmas songs bring me so much joy that you can hear me singing and humming them all year round.

I have christmas playlists that last for hours, and I intended to list my top 5, and then laughed at myself because, that was never going to happen. My original post was list of my Top 20, but that seemed a little excessive.

I have compromised (with myself), and narrowed it down to a Top 10. In no particular order, here are my top 10 Christmas songs, and the reason behind my love for them.

Mariah Carey: All I want for Christmas.

I hate to be predictable, but can you even think about Christmas without this song popping into your head? As soon as I hear those first couple of note, hand me a hairbrush, a spatula, a mobile phone, and man, my ‘microphone’ and I need no warning, we are ready to go!

The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl: Fairy Tail of New York.

I can’t say this one warms my heart like many other songs do, but it definitely has some sort of effect on me. It’s like waiting for the Coca Cola advert, as soon as I hear it I can take in a deep breath and think, yes, finally, it’s Christmas.

Ariana Grande: Santa Tell Me

This song is a relatively new favorite, and I only came across it when one of my favorite youtubbers kept singing it, and playing it in her videos. I Spotified the track and was hooked. Ariana’s voice is stunning. The song is catchy and upbeat, and make me feel vibrant and powerful.

Eartha Kit: Santa baby

A sultry, smooth classic Christmas track. In my opinion there is only one version of this song. This song makes me think of having a slow dance with a couple of drinks, on a cold Christmas evening.

Darlene Love: All alone on Christmas

This song will forever remind me of Home Alone 2. As soon as I hear this, I become a child again and thing of all the mischievous events that occur in the movie.

Mairi Campbell: Auld lang syne:

Do you ever hear a song and your eyes instantly fill with tears? Well for me, this is one of those songs. Her voice delivers this song beautifully, but in all honesty, the reason why I tear up is because of what it reminds me of. This version reminds me of a scene from the first Sex and The City Movie. I love, love, love the films, and this scene makes me melt.

Brenda Lee: Rocking around the Christmas tree:

It does exactly what it says in the tin. It makes you want to rock around the Christmas tree. There’s no way that you’ll be able to keep those feet from tapping.

S club 7: Perfect Christmas:

This song takes me back to my teens years. It was the second track on one of their singles. The song is romantic and makes my heart flutter.

Johnny Mathis: It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas:

I don’t know all the lyrics, and had to double check who sang this song, but it’s as essential as hot chocolate, Christmas dinner, and crackers at the table… You cannot have a Christmas Playlist without this song. I trust you all know it, and regardless of how you feel about the track, agree that it goes hand in hand with the season.

Last but not least is a random track, but one of my favorite’s for all year round.

Hanson: What Christmas means to me:

This is not the original version, but I’m telling you now, this is the only one I ever need to hear. Classic Hanson from the 90’s, be prepared to hear me try to hit those high notes.

Do we have any of the same favorite Christmas song? And if not, then what would your top 3 tracks be?

Kaya •