Sunderland Trip and The Spice Girls Tour 2019 – Spice World

Last Thursday, something incredible happened. One of my dreams came true.

I saw The Spice Girls!

I’ve been a fan of The Spice Girls since I was 6 years old.

I kicked myself last time they toured and I didn’t get tickets as I honestly believed that they’d never tour again… until they made an announcement last year that led me to able to get my hands on 4 tickets.

Okay, so can we put a price on childhood dreams?

Yes. Yes we can. £146 per ticket.

But, come on, its THE SPICE GIRLS!

These incredible women are legendary, and worth every penny.

I was able to purchase tickets for myself and 3 of my girl friends.

The concert would be held at Sunderland football club’s stadium, ‘Stadium of light’. We booked 2 double rooms at The Sunderland Central Travel lodge, which was about a 20 minute walk away from the stadium.

We paid £160 per double room for 1 night, which wasnt bad since we were in walking distance to the stadium, and a 2 minute walk to the shopping mall, bars and restaurants.

Although Sunderland wasnt our first choice of location, it was so quick and easy to get to.

We decided to fly instead of drive or use the train as it was quicker and more straight forward. We paid £130 each for a return flight, from Southampton to Newcastle.

We woke up at 4.30am to travel to the airport for our hour long flight, grabbed a quick Costa coffee, and were ready to depart for our 7am flight. A couple of pages of sudoku completed, and bam, we had landed!

The train station was located next to Newcastle airport. The train only cost a few pounds, and we were travelling for about 40minutes. As you can imagine, we were raring to go, and couldn’t believe what we had to look forward to that evening.

The train station was a 10 minute walk from our hotel, thankfully, we were in need of a quick cuppa!

We arrived at the hotel at 10, but check in wasnt until 3pm so we paid an extra £10 so that we could leave our bags in the room and do a little bit of retail therapy before the concert.

After a quick bite to eat and a few too many shopping bags…. (we kept on having to remind each other that we have to pack all of this away in our carry on luggage), we headed back to the hotel to glam up.

On arrival I grabbed the second room keys, and we headed to our room to shower, and then meet the others in their room to do glam together. Well… didn’t quite happen that way.

We walked into the room, it seemed neat and tidy, quite a good size…walked inti the bathroom, and this is what I found.

A pair of knickers on the floor. Grim. I took a picture, as you do, and skipped down to the front desk, showed them the picture and politely asked them if our room had been cleaned. They apologised and said a stagg member would greet us in our room shortly.

I had just stepped into the room and closed the door when a staff member knocked on the door, she apologised and headed to the bathroom, I turned around to pick something up from my bag. And she was gone. She’d picked up the pants and left!

Now, I didnt want to have to back back down stairs and mess around and ask question weather around bathroom had in fact been cleaned, but at the same time, I didn’t want to shower in their either! So of course, i used my friends shower… no time to dilly dally… I had glitter to apply and a mini bedroom concert to attend!

Clothes, shoes, make up, and glitter…. everywhere. Of course. Many selfies and funny videos were taken, half of the fun of getting ready to go out, is the getting ready with the girls. When we first bought our tickets, I asked the girls if they wanted matching personalised Spice Girl t shirt, obviously, they agreed!

We bought our tops for £10 each from Ebay, that included delivery and the personalised message on the back. How rad is that?

We strutted to the closest bar where we were greeted by dozens of other spice girl fans.

The bar was rammed! We waited for about 15 minutes for our drinks, and by the time we got then we were greatly disappointed. Firstly they had run out of cocktail glassess, so we were given small lemonade glasses, which didn’t make them look half as fun, then when we went to pay, it cost almost 40 for 4 drinks! Apparently the barman had doubled the drinks and charge extra to add lemonade. Okay… yes youd normally get charge for that, but come one!

£9 for a gross drink. Strawberrys and cream… you’d think sweet, summery and luscious. No. It was bitter, sour and tasted cheap.

Although the drinks were grim, the atmosphere was incredible. There was a sea of 90’s outfits, hair and make up, costumes, and finger peace signs.

After our one drink, we headed to Tesco and bought a few of the pre mixed Pimm’s and Gordon’s gin in cans, it did the job!

After a few drinks, we made it to The stadium. The doors opened at 5pm, but we didn’t arrive until 6.30pm.

On arrival, we were given flashing wrist bands which we were told to pull out the tag later that evening.

We sat and took selfies and chatted for a while until the opening act came on stage, Jess Glynn.

I didn’t realise how many of her songs I knew until she started performing, I sang along to almost every track. Although she was brilliant and warmed up the crowd, everytime a song finished I was secretly hoping it would be the last and that the spice girls would perform shortly after, I was too excited.

8pm hit and The Spice Girls dancers hit the stage. Their dancers were absolutely incredible. They hyped everyone up, and had us screaming with excitement. And then I was covered with goose bumps. The Girl band I’ve loved for the past 23 years appeared on stage… and the crowd went insane.

They opened the show with ‘Spice up your Life’, one of my favourites, and since then I didn’t stop singing, dancing and screaming.

Once the sun had set and the sky became darker, we were told to remove the tags from our wrist bands, and the stadium lit up.

The wrist bands were synchronised to the music, and would change to different colours depending on the song and the colours of the stage. The bands also made a Mexican wave, and created rainbows in the stadium, it was a sight to see!

They sang every one of their song’s with pazzaz, they are incredible performers and singers. Everything was so well thought out, each costume change was more beautiful than the next, so was the set changes, the dancers choreography, the confetti cannons, the lot.

The concert was more mind blowing than I ever could of imagined, and I had tingles all over from start to finishh. We girls got a little emotional, we had listened to this music for 20+ years, learnt and made up the dance routines, dressed like them, admired them, and now we can finally say that we’ve seen them.

We walked back to the hotel with thousands of others in the crowd, a fair few of us singing along the way, we got back to the hotel about 11ish, and hit the hay.

The next morning we checked out about 11ish, and thankfully, were able to leave our luggage at the hotel whilst we went for a stroll to find brunch.
The weather was lovely and warm, so we have a good mooch around town and decided to have brunch at a wetherspoons. You cant go wrong.

After refueling, hitting primark, lush and a few other stores, we returned to the hotel for our bags and made our way back to the airport for our 5pm flight.

As soon as I stepped through my front door,my phone was pinging like crazy as our group chat had been filled with shared photos and videos of our adventure away together.

It was truly a one of a kind experience, and one that I’m so thankful I was able to share with people I love.

Are you a Spice Girls Fan? If not, what 90’s band would you like to see perform?

Kaya •


Bank holiday weekend

Happy Bank holiday weekend everyone!

My weekend hasn’t been too exciting as I worked Saturday and Sunday, but I definitely made the most of today.

This morning was as relaxing as humanly possible. I long soak in a bubble bath, floral scented candles and a movie. Perfect start to my day off.

I washed and brushed my hair, bunged it up into a bun, wore a pretty but comfortable dress, and let my skin breath by having a make up free day.

We went to one of my favourite breakfast spots, Town Choice. We bought a voucher from The Price is Wight, for 2 full english breakfast for £5.99! Bargain! Of course, we ordered a side order of pancakes, that came with cream and syrup.

We sat outside in the garden, a beautiful setting and a sun trap.

After brunch, we had a stroll round town, and picked up a few groceries.

My other half wanted to pick up a few comic’s, so we went to our local comic book store.

The man in the comic book store was a fantastic help, I wanted to buy a comic book for one of my friends children’s, and didn’t want it be too aggressive or scary for them, so he helped me to pick one out. He was very patient, I was extremely grateful.

We picked up a couple of other comics. My other half has 1 of the Xmen Age of Ultron volumes, and was looking at the other 3, for £48 for the bundle. The guy did a fantastic deal, all 3 for £20! Incredible! We bough 5 of 6 other comics that only cost a.couple of quid each, and both left with huge smiles on our faces.

We headed home to watch John Wick 2, ready for the new installment later that evening. Theres nothing like watching one gripping film after another, to truly feel how intense it is.

I decided to save a few of my slim fast snacks for the cinema, as the ice cream and popcorn is tempting. I had a strawberry Alpen bar and a bag of frazzle’s.

If you have a chance to, I’d recommend watching John Wick 3!

Man, what a film! You’ll be entertained and in the edge of your seat from start to finish!

I spent the rest of the evening to go on a quick 3 mile run… now shower, and Bojack horseman in bed.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful bank holiday weekend!

Kaya •


Summer Spa Day

Good evening all, and Happy Wednesday!

This morning, one of my closest friends and I, finally went on our spa day together.

We had bought our spa package for The Lakeside Spa and Hotel, a month or so ago, and got a fantastic deal at £80.00, for the two of us.

Our package included

– a delicious sharing platter for 2

– a 25 minute shoulder/neck/back massage each

– full use of the spa facilities

We arrived at 11.45 as lunch was to be served at 12. We were giving robes, towels and a token for the locker.

We were tempted to change into our robes for lunch, but instead, decided to wear what we came in, and would change later.

We were sat at our table, over looking the lake and the beautiful balcony and garden.

Although we were happy to talk away and enjoy the view, we base it wait 25 minutes for our prosecco (which was bought seperarly) and our sharing platter. Since we were expecting a cold platter, and there was only one other table there for lunch, I thought the service would of been a little quicker. We didn’t want to each to close to our massages, which were at 2pm, as we didn’t want to lay on full stomachs.

The sharing platter for two was delicious but as you can see by the picture, it wasn’t the most filling.

Although a basket of bread was included, and fries, you only got 2 small quiches, one boiled egg, one grain, a little bit of cheese, a few olives, a bit of salmon, chicken and chutney. I had just expected something more substantial.

After lunch, we changed into our robes. The changing rooms were spacious, bright and lovely.

Whilst we waited for our massages we sat outside and relaxed in the jacuzzi, which was absolutely incredible. We only saw about half a dozen other women at the spa for the whole day so it was lovely that there wasn’t a wait on any of the facilities.

We headed back to reception for our massages, and were directed to the relaxation room, which is the waiting room before treatments.

The room was cosy with calming music and plenty of magazines to keep you entertained whilst you waited.

After a few minutes, I was taken to my massage room. The room again was warm,with gentle music playing, and a wonderful aroma. The masseuse, gave me an incredible massage, and worked out a few knots for me. The pressure was perfect, and she only asked the need to know questions…. I cant stand it when they have a full blown conversation with you whilst you’re trying to relax.

After our massages, we returned to the swimming pool, by this time we were the only two left at the spa. We enjoyed a good swim, and then relaxed in the sun on the loungers. The seating areas were beautiful, with large wickets chairs, sofas, loungers with dozens of plush pillows. It was so relaxing and we couldn’t have picked a better day the weather was absolutely stunning it was so warm, I was really thankful that we had the option to use the facilities in and outside.

We then sat in the lavender steam room for a couple of minutes, my goodness, that takes your breath away, but it was nice to have a good sit down and sweat out all of the toxin.

We finished the day with one last dip in the jacuzzi for just for a couple of minutes. We headed back to the changing rooms, showered and then headed back to reality.

It was such a lovely experience, we were there for about 3 1/2 hours all together, and loved every second. It’s so nice to trsat yourself and get away every now and then for a pamper.

Were already discussing our next spa day together… I think a full body massage will be booked, and the back/shoulder/neck massage was incredible but it felt like a taster and I was ready for more. I would book a different lunch next time as well.

I have seen that they do amazing afternoon tea for two so I think we would prefer that as it seems to be a slightly more filling lunch and better value for money as well.

The spa was wonderful. All of the staff were polite, the spa facilities, the pamper rooms, the changing rooms and showers were all absolutely spotless. The treatment was fantastic and the whole environment was extremely enjoyable.

I would strongly recommend The Lakeside spa. I am now absolutely exhausted, as I have had quite a long couple of days and haven’t been sleeping well but with a relaxing day and a great massage it’s made me ready to head off to bed

Do you enjoy spa days and massages?

If so what is your treatment of choice?

Kaya •


Glossybox May 2019

Good afternoon wordpress friends,

(And Happy Mothers day to all of you celebrating in the US)

Yesterday I received my May Glossybox, and let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint. The packaging is just adorable, the soft pink box is so pretty and inside we have got 5 full-size products.

Barry M Cosmetics: Chisel Cheeks Contour Cream Kit

RRP £7.99 (Full size)

I am thrilled that I received the flawless chisel cheeks contour kit.The colour’s in this pallet are absolutely stunning.

In the picture below you can see how I’ve created a simple sultry look on my lips, eyes, cheeks and nose (with added winged liner). These are definitely my shades. I love a versatile pallet that can used for more than one feature. The look took 2 minutes to create.

The consistency is so creamy and is so easy to blend. I would definitely recommend this product, it retails at £7.99 which I think is absolutely fantastic price.

Mud Masky: Aftermask Vitamin Serum

RRP £43.00 (Full size)

This is a mask that you apply after a face mask to nourish and feed your skin with vitamins but it also says it can be used day or night on your face. I tried this product last night and this morning and my face doesn’t feel very moisturized or nourished which is a shame, but it may just be because of my skin type? Maybe it’ll work better for others? It does feel very silky and has a lovely but mild tea tree scent, but doesn’t give you that tingle.

Beauty Kitchen: Natruline Natural 0% Petroleum Lip Treatment

RRP £2.99 (Full size)

The next item is the beauty kitchen natural lip treatment which looks similar to a tin of Vasaline (Petroleum Jelly), but is actually 0% Petroleum Jelly. This type of lip product is perfect for soft and smooth lips, and is always handy so I’m not complaining about this one. I’m forever wearing lip products so it’s always a bonus to have another little lip balm to hand.

Annabelle Minerals: Rose mineral blush

RRP £12.50 (Full size)

The next product is the Annabelle minerals powder blush and comes in the shade Rose. It is an absolutely beautiful blush tone I look forward to using this product, the colour is subtle but very pretty

Nailberry: Shade Love me tender

RRP £14.50 (Full size)

The picture of varnish on my nail is actually with just one coat. It dried quickly and left great coverage. This varnish is a very similar colour to the blusher, it is a gorgeous warm soft pink tone which is one of my favourite colours and I think it’s so elegant and subtle and always gives me Audrey Hepburn vibes.

There was a chance this month to win a golden Ticket, which would mean you would win a pair of Remington hair straighteners which I would have loved to have one but it’s it’s quite exciting having something like that Incorporated with the box that you could win extra treats that you could win extra little prices.

I’m really pleased with my box, and will certainly made use out of every product…apart from the serum, I’ll give that to a friend but still.

I look forward to receiving my box for June, and will hopefully receive something slightly glittery and colourful ready for the festival season.

Please do let me know what you think of the products and if you are subscribed to any glossy boxes any beauty boxes any beauty.

Kaya •


A great start and even better finish

Good morning lovely WordPressers!

Today, I wanted to share some exciting news with you.

On Monday, I had my third weigh in since I started my Slim Fast challenge, and have now lost, 1 stone!

14 pounds down!

I didn’t think I’d lose my first stone in just three week, but am absolutely over the moon.

I have had a few ups and downs the last couple of weeks, with the odd glass of wine, slice of birthday cake, flaming hot Cheetos (who can resist those?), But ultimately I’ve stayed pretty strong and tried to balance out those naughty treats.

I will be continuing with Slim Fast for the next 9 weeks, and hope to lose at least another stone and a half.

My goal may be ambitious but, that’s the point right?

My other news is that I completed my Race at your pace 100 miles running challenge!

Last month, I truly fell back in love with running. Maybe the beautiful weather, and stunning sunsets helped? But it was truly a joy to run in April. I achieved a few personal best records, and also beat those too!

I let out, (just a little) scream when my base layer, certificate and medal came.

I have signed up to a 75 mile running challenge for May. I intended to sign up for the 125 miles, but I have alot going on this month, so 75 miles seemed more realistic, as I don’t want to get behind on running, or interrupt plans I’ve made.

What are your goals for May? And what do you want to achieve

Kaya •


Glossybox April 2019

Good afternoon WordPress friends!

Last Saturday I received my first Glossybox!

I’d tried Birchbox twice and was painfully unimpressed… keep on reading to find out what I thought about Glossybox.

Firsty, oh my gosh, how pretty is this floral print box?
‘Let your dreams blossom’ such a lovely little detail… And is now making me think of Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale.

This month I would be sent either the floral or fruity edition of the box, and thankfully I received the one I wanted.

The presentation is sweet, the tissue paper and ribbon is a nice touch.

Also, everything has a bit of pink in it; I love when everything matches/colour coordinates.

Original Source: Raspberry and Rose Shower Gel
RRP £2.30 (Full size)

The first item I picked up was the Original Source Raspberry and Rosewater shower gel and it’s smells absolutely delicious. I’ve used this shower gel a few days in a row, and my bathroom smelt incredible after. One squeeze of this goes a long way, and foams up beautifully. I’ve used the original source products before, but this one is definitely the winner.

Merci Handy : Flower Power Hand Cleansing Gel
RRP £3.00 (Full size)

Next, we have the Merci handy flower power love and hand cleansing gel. It has a subtle but sweet and clean smell. The packaging is a nice change to most pocket sized antibacs, a little more feminine and small but still a decent size.
The gel has a mild scent and leaves your hands clean, without them feeling dried out.

Dr.Paw Paw: Hot Pink Balm.
RRP £6.95 (Full size)

From the description I though the balm
would be a soft blush but it’s quite a strong, bright hot pink. A tiny dot is plenty for a rosy summer tint to the cheeks.
I much prefer a creme blush rather than a powder, but haven’t found the right shade yet, this little beauty is perfect though. I’m looking forward to trying a sweep of this on my lips in the summer.

Dr.Botanicals: Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask
RRP Deluxe mini 30ml worth £14, Full size 50ml RRP £19

The next product is one that I’ve received before from Birchbox. I wasn’t blown away by it but was happy enough. This is what I wrote in my Birchbox review for the product.

The cream had a very faint scent, which unfortunately smelt nothing like sweet pomegranate. I used this mask on my face twice in the week, and it left my face feeling refreshed, very soft and hydrated. The mask was thick and silky.
I would recommend buying this cream, although it was slightly on the pricey side, retailing at £14.90 for the 30ml (full size) tube.

Nivea: Micellair Professional Makeup Remover
RRP £3.99 Full Size

I LOVE this make up remover! I will definitely be buying it once I run out.

It is the gentlest and quickest remover I’ve ever used. To remove a dark smokey eye, and layers of black mascara, I only had to use 2 cotton pads on each eye, to leave my eyes refreshed, and without scrubbing or irritation. Amazing!

Jeanne Arthes: Let your dreams blossom Eau De Parfum

£20.99 Full size

The last product, is my favourite.
It is a 30 ml glass spray that is sweet, light, floral, and the perfect size for my handbag. A lovely scent for summer that’s not overpowering, but has a long lasting scent. I’ve only had to use 2 spritz to have the scent stay with me all day.

I couldn’t be more pleased with this beauty box. I’m extremely impressed with not only the products, but the quality of them. To receive them in such a beautifully presented (and sturdy) box, is a bonus, it was like opening a birthday present.

I received my first box at a discount price of £7 + £3.25 postage and packaging.

Every month onwards, subscription costs £10 per month + £3.25 postage and packaging.

I’d recommend this beauty box, not only for the quality of the product but the fantastic price as well.

I can’t wait to see what I’ll receive in my May box… But of course, I’ll let you know!

Kaya •

Cooking at home with Kaya

Easter weekend 2019

Good Evening WordPress friends!

Wow, what a weekend. I truly made the most of every minute over the past 4 days, and crammed it in!

Dress – Mia

Sandles – New Look

Sunglasses – Primark


I kicked off the Easter holidays by catching up with friends on Friday night.
I went to the Bargemans Rest Pub to meet a couple of my friends who were visiting the Island for a few days to see family.We decided to sit in the garden area before we ordered our food. We had 25°, clear and dry weather so we relished in soaking up ever ray of sun. The Bargemans Rest is my favorite pub in Newport, as I’ve never had a bad meal, the morish, the portions are large (but who’s complaining?), And the staff are warm and friendly.

We originally planned to meet for dinner, but the conversation distracted us, and all of a sudden 2 hours passed and we’d ordered yet another drink instead of looking at a menu. It was such a fun, beautiful, warm evening that non of us were fussed that we missed dinner. We then decided stroll up to The Castle Inn Pub for a few more drinks. The Castle is another great location for food, with a brilliant atmosphere, and the live music is always guaranteed to have everyone singing along.

We ended the night, dancing and singing to ‘American Pie’, with the band and other locals. Perfect!


I was working all day on the Saturday but managed to finish a little bit earlier than normal, so I managed to get a quick run in before evening engagements.My other half and I then went to a new restaurant called Long Island, for a friend’s birthday. Although we didn’t know any of the birthday girls friends, everyone was lovely and chatty, and by luck we were sat with a couple who had been watching The Staircase, so we were swapping opinions and weather or not we thought he was guilty.

I’m thankful that the conversation flowed as we had to wait quite some time to order and then to receive our meals. We were told our table was booked for 7.30pm, and that we’d have to leave by 8.55pm for another seating. Okay, that’s not too long for a birthday celebration, but at least the food would be prompt? Well, you’d think so?

Our drink orders were taken, but they didn’t take the food order for the 10 of us until 8.15pm.Alot of us has the same idea and didn’t each much in the day, thinking that dinner would be pleasent but prompt. Not so much.9.15pm hit and our food finally arrived. I was starving! What happened to us having to leave by 8.55pm?

The booking had been made for 10 people, and the menu wasn’t very extensive, so I’m not sure what took so long.My partner ordered a beef burger, which was covered in mayonaise. Luckily he doesn’t have an allergy, and if he did, then obviously he would of told them before ordering, but he absolutely hates mayonnaise, so wasn’t impressed after an hour wait that it was covering his food.We checked and it made no mention that there would be sauce on the meat.

I ordered the southern fried chicken burger with dirty fries, and offered him my bun, as I’m not eating bread at the moment and t wasn’t smoothed in sauce. It was however stale. The ‘southern fried’ chicken, although it was a decent size of breast, was very tough, dry and didn’t have a lot of flavour or spice. Also, I paid an extra £2 for fries be dirty fries. This too was disappointing. The portion was fine, but the dollop of minced meet and a sprinkle of cheap cheese isn’t what I expected from ‘Dirty fries’, that I’ve had before.

I hoovered my fries and salad but left most of my dry chicken.Safe to say that we wouldn’t go back to Long Island and we certainly wouldn’t recommend it. Although the atmosphere and the setting there with lovely the food was disappointing and so was the service.

My friend asked if we had a good time and of course I said yes if I didn’t want to be a downer after we waitied an hour and were starving. I didn’t want to give negative feedback to the waiter when they asked at the table as well as we were celebrating a birthday and didn’t want to make it an awkward situation for the birthday girl.
I’m normally very vocal because if you don’t tell someone, then how are they going to get feedback on what they can improve.We went home unsatisfied, watched a few more episodes of The Staircase, and ate a big fruit salad.


Sunday morning we met family and friends for a Easter egg hunt for the children.I may have over bought Easter eggs, but in my defense they were a good price from Tesco last month, and I was a little overexcited.
Anywho, I’d written out clues and riddles for the children to find the Easter eggs.

After the egg hunting, we had our first BBQ of the year. We made quite a lot of barbecue food but of course it was all eaten, as everyone has the mentality of,
‘okay, one more burger’

I had my slim fast challenge in the back of my mind and was quite good with what I ate. I chose to have my one meal as my lunch with loved ones, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.I slightly sabotaged myself, and made a creme egg cheesecake. I thought since it was Easter, I might as well make a Easter themed cheesecake. I bought 10 Creme eggs and scooped out the middle of them and swirled it into the cheesecake mixture also chocolate pieces of the chocolate as well to give the cheesecake a little bit more sweetness. It was delicious and went down very well.

Since we all received a fair few eggs, I was told no one else needed the other half of the cheese cake, so I boxed it up and gave it to my neighbours as I wanted to save the waste, and also didn’t want the temptation in my fridge!

Sunday night, I went for a 6miles run, and then we watched a few more episodes of The Staircase (Never.Ending.)


The family and I went to Southampton to visit some friends who had just bought their first house. We spent most of the morning drinking tea and discussing where furniture would go, where pictures would be hung and planning the parties that we would have there for the rest of the year. We visited the local pub for lunch and sat in the beer garden chatting and listening to the birds chirping away in the glorious heat. We got back to the house and helped build a couple of wardrobes and drawers.

Unfortunately where we had to travel back to the Isle of wight we had to leave late afternoon so that we could get the ferry and home in time for dinner and to get clothes ready etc for the following week. And finally finish The Staircase (wow there were more episodes that I expected!)

I was on a high on Monday from my fantastic weekend with loved ones, and also, from my first weigh in.I’ve had a fantastic first week on SlimFast, and considering Friday night I had a couple of drinks with friends, a BBQ, nibbles and cheesecake, I’ve managed to weight.

A whole 7lbs!

I’m extremely happy, and understand that I shouldn’t expect to lose the same next week but still I think that’s a fantastic start.

I haven’t felt hungry at all, and have made sure that I’ve bought and prepared snacks and meals ready to whip together.

This was a slightly longer blog than anticipated but I hope you enjoyed reading it.
I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. Until next time!

Kaya •