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My hairdressing disaster

Good evening friends, and Happy Sunday!

This ones been in the bank for a few months, and since I’m sat with my hair clipped up waiting for the hair dye to develop, I thought theres no time like the present!

A bit of back story – my hair is long thick and dark brown. For any colour to show on my hair, my hair will need to be bleached. Every now and then I’ll throw on a dark brown/black box dye just to give it a richer colour

I, like many others toyed with DIY hair cuts and colours in the past but decided I’d go to a hair dressers for a few inches off, fringe and highlights. Theyre professionals, right?

I found a local salon, pictures on pinterest of my vision, called and booked. I had told them my hair was long dark and thick but thought best I visited to show them my shirt and my pictures of the desired look. ‘No problem, we can do that, It’ll only take 2 hours.’

The inspiration – the fringe and below the colours.

A week later, the morning of my appointment I popped in just to check 2 hours was enough time as I had my friends hen do/batchellorette party that evening and didn’t want to rush. I was told it was plenty of time and that I’d be out by 6pm

When I arrived the senior stylist and hair dresser took a side of hair each and began highlighting, for my half head of highlights – the 3 of us were chatting away, I confessed I’d cut my own hair goodness how many times (thank you Brad Mondo) and box dyed through out the years as I had had a few bad experiences with hairdressers so was anxious – a few previously being scissor happy and cutting far to much off or not been correctly trained to cut curly hair. The hairdressers themselves spoke about, partners, family, holidays, life stories were shared! 30 or so minutes later the foils were removed and my hair was washed.

It wasnt until I was sat back in the chair, whilst my hair was being blown dried, that the senoir stylist was called over…. the tone in her voice made my stomach flip.

‘The colour hasn’t taken properly.’

They both looked extremly concerned as they ruffled throygh my hair standing back and holding pieces in every direction.

‘Hmmm theres only colour at the roots… have you boxed dyed your hair before?’

Yes I answered – I told you this when I popped in last week, and 2 hours ago before you started highlighting… clearly neither had listened.

The senoir stylist nodded, advised his colleague to blowdry, cut and style my hair, and that I will be booked back in free of charge to correct this – as the colour hasnt quite taken correctly – and we didnt take a strand test.

Strand tests should always be taken before dying as standard apparently – but was missed…

I’m sure you can picture my face.

Why didnt I say something at the time you may ask? Well, the styling chair was next to the window, there was glare and I couldnt quite see how bad it was.

I walked home, as soon as I got in the front door I looked in the mirror and burst into laughter.

You know the scene from Batman (1989), where joker sees himself in the mirror after surgery… that was me.

Oh friends, It wasn’t just that the colour hadnt taken fully, it was that I was now walking around with 3 inch root highlights – it was also that the colour was yellow/brassy instead of warm and subtle caramels. Not to mention the nice big patch of yellow at the back of my head. The cut was fine, but the curtain bangs (thick swooping side fringe) I had asked for was instead a few thin short strands to my chin.

I immediatly called the salon, which was now closed and told them how upset I was and how unacceptable and unprofessional it was. You didnt do a strand test, I had told you I had box dyed my hair, you didnt listen, and now this is my hair?

I was devestated. I half an hour I was supposed to have a night with the girls for a hen do, not to mention my birthday in 3 days time. I felt humiliated.

I couldnt stop looking in the mirrors, taking pictures to send to friends in a panic as didnt know what to do – my friend Katie advised me to buy some root touch up spray, and not dye over it in a panic incase it got worse.

I did exactly that and continued with the night. Next morning I called and facebook messaged the salon, and the owner. Monday morning I eventually got a call from the senoir stylist, yes I got an apology, and he assured me he would be the one to correct my hair, but I declined and said I dont want anyone from your salon touching my hair and want a full refund.

The next day I box dyed my hair back to black, and now am doing this once a month since as the brassy tinge is still coming through in patches.

Safe to say, my fear of hairdressers will continue.

Kaya •


5 thoughts on “My hairdressing disaster”

  1. Omg! I can’t believe that! It looks so much better when you did it yourself. At least you got a refund but even that’s not good enough for all the stress you had to go through.


  2. Oh dear. That was bad. At first, when I was looking at photos, I thought, yes, its not taken hold but its not bad. But as soon as I came to the photo with how it went at the back of your head, that was terrible. I hope you got that full refund. I wouldn’t expect a hairdresser to botch up my hair.

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