Sunday Beauty Haul

Good evening friends,

How has this beautiful Sunday been treating you all?

I rocked tights, skirts and jumpers this week, yes you heard right, come at me Autumn!

I headed to town this morning to buy dental floss and conditioner but of course I ended up purchasing more than expected, but I grabbed a few bargains.

Pound Stretcher are closing down, and I decided to pick up a few cleaning products, bits and bobs, and toiletries including 20% off of everything

Fragrance by liberty candles
Uniform Sparkle and Sugar Plum Pudding £1.99 each

Large Yankee Candle style Smells like winter, and a sweet candle for my long bubble baths

Home Sanctuary Bath Bombs
Lavender, Rose, Ocean 69p

You guys know I’m a sucker for bathbomb, so picking up 6 seemed like the right thing to do.

Skin Treats Sheet masks, No prob llama & Pink flamingo £1.49 each

I love a sheet mask, especially ones that freak me out a little at first glance qhen you are wearing a face on a face on a face

Skin Treats – Rose Gold Foil two part face mask £1

I’ve never worn a foil mask, let alone a 2 Park mask but it makes sense as they are forever creasing and falling down.

Beauty Formulas
Multi-mask face treatment (for dry skin) £1.49

T zone, C zone and U Zone. Is it just me, or have you never heard of your C or Z zone? 3 steps to glowing skin, ill let you know.

Skin Treats Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel Face Mask £1.49

A Thick squishy and emerald gel sheet, definalty an ‘instagram worthy’ mask.

Beauty Formulas Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask £1.49

With extracts of Blueberry, Mulberry and Acai Berry,

Goodiez Wooden Cotten ear buds £1.49 (300 pcs)

Cotton Buds with wooden stems, one less plastic product,we can all do our bit to help out

Next we nipped into Poundland

Bourjois and Rimmel Make up for £1 each? My eyes lit up, and I had a good rummage.

Bourjois Paris Effecr 3D Shade Rogue £1, RRP £7

Who doesn’t love a Glossy juicy vibrant red lip?

Rimmel Rita Ora Collaboration Shade Rita Red £1, RRP £4

What a striking and stunning red… I mean, Rita Ora’s signature look, what more could we expect?

Rimmel The only one lipstick Shade One of a kind £1, RRP £4

Cherry scent, gorgeous, bold, perfect for the autumn

Bourjois Paris 123 Perfect Foundation £1,RRP £7

A deeper shade than I would be able to pull off. I forgot that I’m much paler than I normally am this time of year due to lack of sun

Sugu Calm and Cool Sheet Mask, with Cucumber & Moisturising Sheet Mask with Avacado £1 each

I picked up these Korean beauty sheet masks because of the packaging. Hey they’re just plain white masks but I’m digging the Korean skin care atm.

Pep&Co Black lace bra £3.50

Picked up a basic black and lace bra, fits like a glove.

Superdrug Coconut water and Coconut oil masque £3.99 each or 2 for £4

My hairs been a bit dry recently, and has needed a bit more nourishment and hydration, and coconut is my go to.

Have you guys found any beauty Bargain’s recently?

Kaya •

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