30 Day Challenge

Blogging with Nataliec Day 19-30

Hello friends,

My goodness I’ve been terrible at blogging recently but trying my best.

Here’s day 19 to 30.

19. A wishlist.
I don’t really have wishlist’s, Instead I have dozens of screen shots on my camera roll of items I want to purchase.
I have scrolled through and have put a few items on a amazon wishlist so you can have a visual.

Wish List

20. Your favourite lyrics and what they mean to you.
Simply Red – for your babies
‘I dont believe in many things, but you, I do’
Just sweet, simple, and memorable

21. 5 books you recommend

Lauren Conrad – Beauty
Lauren Conrad – Style
Bad dates – Sam Jordison
Gabrielle Union ‘We’re going to need more wine’

And lastly, not a book but a magazine which has become my favourite for the past year – Good house keeping magazine

22. If you win the lottery what would you do?

I would buy a house, pay off my nearest and dearest mortgages, and take us all on a group holiday.
I would travel and book dozens of new experiences
I would volunteer my time to those in need, all around the world

23.What have you learnt today?

Professional dance poles (stripper poles), spin round, not the performer?!? What??

24. An Accomplishment you are proud of
Over coming depression.

25. Create a vision board

Just a sneak peak…

26. Somewhere you’d like to visit and why?
San Diego has been on my list for years, Purely for their Comic Con, but no doubt I’d have an amazing time exploring the city

27. What is something you want to learn?
Learn how to play piano/keyboard
I have a list of pieces of music I’d love to learn.
I have no reason to not learn…

28. Useful resources for someone in your industry
Instead of in my industry, this is just useful resources in general.

Be kind, caring, open minded, and educate yourself

29. Describe yourself in 3 words
Adventurous, thoughtful, funny

30. Your current priorities in life

Improving my Physical and mental health

Kaya •