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Film Review – Bloodshot

Good evening friends!

My boyfriend and I saw an early screening on March 11th and I’ve been meaning to write a review since.

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Marine, Ray Garrison (Diesel) gets caught up in some nasty business that leads him to Rising Zero Tech’s lead Doctor, Dr Emil Harting (Guy Pearce)

Shortly after meeting fellow ‘super soldiers’, Garrison flips out and goes rogue.

You know what you’re going to get when you watch a Vin Diesel film. But I’ll tell you now, it didnt disappoint.

I feel as though I’ll say this everytime, do not watch the trailers! Watch a snippet but not all the way through, because as always, you’ll be watching the whole damn film! Spoilers, end scenes and all!

It’s not the film of the year, but for 109 minutes you can sit back and enjoy the cheesy lines ,explosions, and some pretty bad ass fight scenes.

Scoring system 1 – 5

5. Absof*ckinlutly

4. Fetch

3. Well nobodys perfect

2. As if

1. Kastang! you’re busted

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