Superdrug Pampering Face Mask Haul

Good morning friends,

Before I started my ‘No Spend 2021’, I stocked up on a few essentials, face masks being one.

I enjoy a sheet mask as much as the next girl, but there’s nothing quite like peel off and creamy face masks to pamper your skin

I’m trying my hardest, where possible to only purchase Cruelty free products

We’re in luck, all Superdrug’s own brand items are Cruelty free, and extremely affordable.

All of the masks below are also Vegan friendly, and just 99p each, and currently 3 for 2!

Superdrug Face Masks

Theres a mask for everyone

  • For all skin types
  • For normal to dry skin
  • For sensitive skin
  • Peel off masks
  • Clay masks

With masks for all purposes –

  • Nourish
  • Revitalise
  • Detoxify
  • Soothe
  • Hydrate
  • Exfoliate

I filled my boots (basket), and bought a variety of each

Superdrug Face Masks

  • Superfruits Exfoliating Face Mask
  • Orange and Lava Exfoliating Face Mask
  • Rescue Strawberries & Cream Moisture Face Mask
  • Skin Rescue Avocado Clay Mud Face mask
  • Cucumber Cooling Clay Face Mask
  • Skin Rescue Coconut Creamy Delight Face Mask
  • Pink Clay Face Mask
  • Sugar & Spice Self-Heating Face mask
  • Skin Rescue Sorbet Antioxidant Peel-off Face Mask
  • Tropical Cocktail Peel Off Face mask
  • Cleansing Manuka Honey Peel Off face mask
  • Fruity Lemon & Tea Tree Peel Off Face Mask
  • Fruity Strawberry & Raspberry Peel-off Face mask
  • Fruity Shea Butter & Bamboo Exfoliating Face mask

Superdrug also off a variety of 6 face masks tubs, 75ml, £3.99 each, and are currently buy one get one free

I bought the Avocado & Oat Face Mask tub, it has a thick consistency, easy to apply and smells fresh, there’s not doubt it’s avacado!

Superdrug Face Mask Tubs 75ml

I’ve tried a majority of these masks before, and have loved them, especially the Strawberries and Cream.

Have you tried these face masks before?

If not, would you give them a go?

Kaya •

Blogmas 2020

Blogmas – Superdrug Black Friday Haul

Good evening friends,

The week leading up to Black Friday, I received dozens of emails, pop ups and Instagram posts with deals. I couldn’t avoid it.

I had no intention to spend, I was staying strong. Then the thought crept in, I could buy now, and use in the future?

A few months ago I decided to have a spend free month, that didn’t go as plan, instead, I’ve decided to have a No spend 2021 (upcoming blog to explain), and to, where possible use only cruelty free products.

In order to top up on the basics and not get carried away, I looked through my make up drawers to check what products I was low on/what is due to expire in the next couple of months, and made a list

Here’s what I bought –

Superdrug Studio London Natural Eyeshadow Palette
Original Price: £6.00/Sale price: £3.00

Perfect shade 12 pan palette for all seasons, night and day.

Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick

Rose Wood 21, Original Price: £2.39/Sale price £1.66

I was originally suckered in my the name, any PLL fans here? But the shade is just beautiful, creamy and long lasting.

B. Flawless Matte Foundation W4 & N4
Original Price: £2.50 each/ Sale price £1.73 each

I purchased these in 2 shades as I’m a little lighter in the winter months, and for that price, why not take your pick.

e.l.f. Expert Liquid Liner Jet Black
Original Price: £3.00/sale price £2.08

I haven’t tried this liquid liner before, but the reviews were fantastic, and is one of the most inexpensive liquid liners I’ve seen.

Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer Original Price: £3.99/ sale price £2.76

I’ve never seen such a big dofer applicator for a concealer, this will give much better coverage and less waste as one or two swoops will do the job.

Revolution Pro Microblading Precision Eyebrow Pencil Choc Original Price £3.99 /Sale price £2.76

I haven’t tried the Revolution brow pencil before, but it’s less than half the price of my normal eyebrow pencil, and almost the same shade.

Revolution Darling 122 & Heart race 113 Crème Lip & Hustle 119 Crème Lip
Original Price: £3.20 each/Sale price £2.22 each

I’m a sucker for nude and pink shades, who isn’t? All 3 are beautiful, but Hustle is a great show for NYX Abu Dhabi.

Superdrug’s own brand products are now proudly cruelty free.

I did find some absolutly great deals with other brands, but whilst googling if they were cruelty free, the animal testing pictures that popped up, broke my heart and I couldn’t bring myself to pick up a bargain for the expense of an animal.

Subtotal exc. savings£30.97
Promotional Savings- £8.59
Total inc. savings & redemptions £22.38

1×12 pan eyeshadow palette
1xEye brow pencil
1xLiquid liner
1xLip stick
3xLip cremes

Almost a full face of make up for under £23, not bad going at all.

What did you buy in the Black Friday sales?

Kaya •

Blogmas 2019

Blogmas Day 17 – Super Drug Bloom Advent Calender

Hello friends,

There I was, strolling through Superdrug minding my own business, and then BAM!

I’ll be honest I saw the

‘was £70, now £10′

Before I even saw the product, but I was intrigued!

I bent down and peered to the bottom shelf to see this huge, gorgeous, advent calender! The advent calender had some serious weight to it, and contained 24 gift boxes.

I’ve decided to do a ‘no spend January’, and to spend less as I’d like to be able to save more money and eventually buy a house. With that being said, buying offers like this are a great way to stock up and save a little in the long run. And yes it was a treat to myself

Superdrug are seriously pulling it out of the bag this year!

I had a mooch on the back and was wowed by the products. I bought it immediately!

I know that this is a 24 day advent calender, and they traditionally have numbers on the doors/boxes but I kind of love that this ones different. You can pick and choose what size door you want on what day.

Put me on the naughty list … I opened them all at once… you’d do the same!

In this advent calender I recieved


1 x Mandarin and Lime Basil Eau de Toilette 100ml
1 x Pink Peony and Cashmere Eau de Toilette 100ml
1 x Dark Berry and Jasmine Eau de Toilette 50ml
1 x Orange Rose and Amber Eau de Toilette 50ml
1 x Mandarin and Lime Basil Body Lotion 100ml
1 x Pink Peony and Cashmere Body Lotion 100ml
1 x Dark Berry and Jasmine Body Lotion 100ml
1 x Driftwood and Sea Salt Body Lotion 100ml
1 x Orange Rose and Amber Body Lotion 100ml
1 x Mandarin and Lime Basil Shower Gel 100ml
1 x Pink Peony and Cashmere Shower Gel 100ml
1 x Dark Berry and Jasmine Shower Gel 100ml
1 x Driftwood and Sea Salt Shower Gel 100ml
1 x Orange Rose and Amber Shower Gel 100ml
1 x Mandarin and Lime Basil Hand Cream 35ml
1 x Pink Peony and Cashmere Hand Cream 35ml
1 x Dark Berry and Jasmine Hand Cream 35ml
1 x Driftwood and Sea Salt Hand Cream 35ml
1 x Orange Rose and Amber Hand Cream 35ml
1 x Mandarin and Lime Basil Eau de Toilette 15ml
1 x Pink Peony and Cashmere Eau de Toilette 15ml
1 x Dark Berry and Jasmine Eau de Toilette 15ml
1 x Orange Rose and Amber Eau de Toilette 15ml
1 x Eau de Toilette Travel Pouch

Ten pounds people! I told a few of my girlfriends about the boxes, and proceeded to buy 3 more boxes the next day on their behalf.

I believe 2 are going to be kept for themselves and 1 other is going to be given as a present. I know I’d be over the moon if I recieved this for Christmas!

I haven’t heard of Bloom to tell you the truth, but their range is gorgeous.

Their products are sold all year round, I dont know how I’ve missed them. The Eau de Toilette retail at £10 each at 100ml, a fantastic price!

The Eau de Toilette’s are buildable, and with such a variety to choose from you can easily mix and match them to create your signature scent One of the sprays wasn’t quite to my taste, but the rest of them along with the body lotion, shower gel and hand cream were lovely!

Bloom also had a 25 days of Christmas candles set which I’m tempted by… if they’re still in stock… it’s happening!

Kaya •