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Birchbox January 2021

Good afternoon friends,

2 years ago I bought my first Birchbox, (see links below) and man, I was not a fan.

Birchbox August 2018

Birchbox September 2018

In all honesty, I think all subscription boxes, Birchbox included were hyped up, and maybe influencers and Instagram users would post about how wonderful products were and that they were worth the money and hype.
Now I know I only paid £12.95 each a month for these boxes, but still, I was beyond unimpressed with what I unpacked.

To Birchbox’s credit, the last couple of years their boxes have dramatically improved, and I’ve been tempted more than once to sign back up. And here we are!

Each monthly box contains 5 items, that vary from deluxe mini and full sized. Boxes are £12.95 including P&P

Full sized items are available to purchase in Birchbox’s site, along with a 10% discount if that item was featured in your monthly box.

Anywho, let’s have a look at the January 2021 ‘Trust the magic of a fresh start’ edit.

First off, what a cute little box –

It’s been an emotionally draining year for all of us, I read the message on the top of the box and my eyes welled up, woman, keep it together!

I appreciate the quote on the box, a important message for this year moving forward.

Dr.Botanicals Cleansing Bar – Lemon Superfood Nourishing & Balancing RRP Full Size £7
Exfoliating your skin with this lemon oil hard soap bar. I’m not the biggest fan of a solid soap bar, but I have leaned towards them the past couple of years, and is refreshing to see it in a subscription box.

amika RESET exfoliating jelly shampooRRP £20 full size 140ml (received 20ml)
‘Rebalancing and soothing shampoo for your scalp’ I am not a fan of the thought of a expholiating shampoo, although, the small sea salt is soft and can imagine this feeling amazing. And a little massage on the scalp is great for hair growth.

This Works Morning Expert Hyaluronic Serum RRP £37 for full size 30ml (received 10ml)
This is a deluxe mini sized tube, but only a small amount is needed, very light and glides on well with a soft scent.

Lise Watier Illuminating Primer Luminous Fresh Cream-Gel
RRP £42 for full size (received 7ml)

I love this Illuminating and brightening multipurpose gel. There’s a slight shimmer, that adds a subtle glow on your skin

Marcelle Purifying Mask RRP £17.50 for full size 50ml (received 10ml)

This mask is made to be perfect for cleaning for your pores. I haven’t yet used this product, but always welcome a face mask, especially one that gives a deep cleanse.

Most of the items are deluxe minis, but I’m fine with that. They’re all a.decent size and contain enough product for a few uses.
I did expect a bit of make up, instead of it being skincare heavy, but for the winter, that’s to be expected, and I’ve received items that will benefit my skin during these cold months.

What do you think of this month’s Birchbox?

Kaya •

subscription box

Roccabox Subscription – Party and Pamper Box

Good morning friends,

Boxing day I was on a hunt for a new Subscription box – I spent hours reading and watching reviews of the contents, the price, customer service and consistency of the boxes.

You will not believe how many subscriptions are out there until you start looking… Dozens!

I narrowed it down to 2, Roccabox and Birchbox.

Today we’ll be looking at Roccabox.

When I ordered it wasn’t clear if I was making an early order for the January box, or late order for December.
I received the December ‘Party and Pamper’ box but happy all the same.

Boxes cost £10 a month with £3.95 P&P, I was discounted £2 off my first box, giving a total of £11.95
I ordered on 26th December, and it arrived on 31st December, pretty impressive!

Your subscription rolls over each month, with payment taken on the 1st. You’re not tied in and can log into your account at anytime and cancel

Let’s get into it –

All items in this box are Vegan and cruelty free,apart from Batiste, which is only Vegan (which is disappointing)

SMUG – Silk material Luxury Sleep Mask RRP £15

I’ve been meaning to buy myself a silk face mask, this on is exactly what I’ve been looking for. The most beautiful pearl pink, with a elasticated band, plush, soft and comfy, perfect.

Balance Me – Vitamin C Repair Serum RRP £10 (Deluxe travel size)

‘The ultimate morning after skin remedy’, I’m here for upping my skin care game this year. Instantly my skin felt refreshed, this may of helped due to the subtle lemon grass scent which is stronger than most serums, but I think it’s lovely.

Batiste X Skinny Dip – Dry Shampoo RRP £2 (Full size)

This dry shampoo has a sweet feminine scent, works well with the traditional white powder, gave my hair a quick and easy refresh without having to massage your scalp for too long

Grace & Stella – Dead Sea Mud Mask RRP £8 (Deluxe Travel mini)

A sheet or peel off face mask always leaves my skin feeling vibrant, but I love a mud mask, it’s a deeper cleanse and gives my face the full treatment.

Bellapierre Cosmetics – Heatwave Highlighting Palette RRP £24.99 (Full sized)

Firstly I thought this was a eye shadow palette.
Secondly, ‘Heatwave’, I’d expect rich gold, bronze and orange shades.
No matter, how gorgeous are these highlighters? A picture just doesn’t do them justice
I’ll keep these by for spring and will use them as eye shadows, a soft dreamy pastel eye with a coat of mascara, effortless.

I’m thrilled with my first Roccabox – a great combination of products for under £15, fast delivery, and no ridiculous one use sample sizes.
Hopefully we’re in for the win with this box

Kaya •

Blogmas 2020, subscription box

Blogmas – FabFitFun Winter Edition

Good evening friends,

Yesterday we looked at the Autumn FabFitFun, which I loved, today I’m writing about the Winter Fabfitfun

Each box contains 8 full sized seasonal items with a mixture of beauty, home, fitness and fun.

All members can select 3 of the 8 items, with the option to upgrade and select up to 5 items, with early delivery, and a discounted price of paid for the yearly subscription.

Lilly Pulitzer™ Ceramic Mugs (Set of 2) RRP $42.00
These mugs were one of my choice items, and I didn’t have to take a second to select them. How vibrant, deep and beautiful are these mugs?
For a winter box, I’d imagine warmer tones, but do think they look lovely for all year round, perfect for a fresh winter morning.

Mobile White® Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit $89.99

I jumped back and forth with this product. I’ve tried teeth whitening strip’s before, but never really seen a difference and haven’t been that bothered, but never been tempted by a teeth whitening kit.

This teeth whitening kit comes with 4 gel solutions, and plugs straight into your mobile phone. How odd but clever. I’ll be sure to give this a go, and let you know what I think of it.

Laura Geller® Cinnamon + Spice Eyeshadow Palette RRP $45.00

First off, I love the name Cinnamon and Spice!

A soft pink, orange and brown, 12 pan pallette with a mix of Shimmers and matte shades for day and night looks. This pallette would be perfect for someone who plays with neutral shades, and would like a little extra sparkle, with a added bonus of a decent sized mirror in the compact.

I have a few pallets with similar colours on the go, so wont swatch this yet, but sure I’ll get alot of use out of it by spring.

The next other 5 items were selected at random by Fabfitfun, but I’m thrilled with them all.

TULA SKINCARE Rose Glow & Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm RRP $30.00

This cool balm glides on the skin without tugging and can be used under or on top of make up. I’ve been using under make up, and can’t say I’ve noticed a glow yet, but my under eyes are smoothed, and my concealer does sit under my eyes better, than before without creasing or caking.

eparé® Cutting Board (Set of 4) RRP $19.95

This item seemed a bit odd,but once I unwrapped it, I was actually really happy to receive them. These cutting boards are practical, space saving, hygienic, flexible and easy to clean

B-Low The Belt Croc Card Case RRP $35.00
If you know me, you know I’m not a fan of any animal print or texture, but this card case is gorgeous. I love the colour, and how small and convinient it is.

This year, more than ever, like most people, have gone on more walks than I can count. It’s easy to throw a card and a bit of cash in this pouch, whilst out and about without lugging around a handbag, keeping it chic and simple

Daily Concepts® Daily Facial Dry Brush RRP $20.00

This Nylon bristles, Beechwood handle, cotton cord brush is used on clean dry skin to exfoliate and tone your face and neck.
I haven’t used a brush like this before, but it’s extremely satisfying. I thought this may be a little rough and harsh, but it wasn’t at all. I’ve only been using this for a few days, so can’t yet confirm if my face has become more toned but it is definitely softer and smoother.

Aesthetica Liquid Eyeliner RRP $21.00

This black liquid liner is Paraben-free, Gluten-free, Vegan and Cruelty-free
Although a black liquid liner may not seem like the most exciting item to receive, but it’s a staple in my beauty bag, so I was happy to receive it.

A sharp tip, gives a precise, long wearing, black cat eye that is long lasting.

$21 is more than I’d pay for a black liquid liner, but I can’t fault this product.

I’m thrilled with my winter box, and am certain to use every product.

As I said in my last blog, I understand how some people can be disappointed with what they receive, but for £60, of strongly recommend this subscription box!

Kaya •

Blogmas 2020, subscription box

Blogmas – Autumn/Fall FabfitFun

Good afternoon friends,

Today we’ll be reviewing the Autumn/Fall FabFitFun box

I meant to do this month’s ago, but kept forgetting, and then accidentally deleted my note on my phone with my blog post, so it’s a little later than any expected. No worries!

FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box where you can receive, 8 full sized home, fitness and beauty products.

1 seasonal box is delivered every 3 months for $49.99 (around £60 including delivery to the UK), with a value of over £200

You have the option to pay for the yearly subscription of $179.99 for the 4 boxes.

I have decided to pay seasonally, and used a £10 off discount code (just Google it they’re available everywhere).

Each box comes with a magazine explaining what charity they are working with that season, interviews, product breakdowns, and a few discount code cards for your first order, for wines, hello fresh, and florists.

‘Basic Members’ like myself, can customized 3 of my 8 products.

For each customised item, you are given around 4 options to select the item you want.

You do have the option to hand pick a few more of the items, although I think it takes a bit of the fun out of it, as I love a surprise.

I have seen comments on the forum and YouTube videos of customers complaining about the products theyve received, but at the same time, if you have the option to chose a few of the select items, and you decide not to, then you can only blame yourself for being disappointed.

For my first customizable item, I had the choice of a back pack, tote bag, hair curlers or the styling cream.

I didn’t realise certain items aren’t able to ship to the UK, I was so bummed out, but then watched a few YouTube videos and confirmed id made the right choice.

SACHAJUAN Styling Cream + Finish Cream RRP $65.00

‘Make your hair soft and silky with the styling cream, then give your hair a defined texture with the finish cream’

My hair is long, thick, and curly, prone to alot of frizz.

I have found my hair to be a bit flat and dry recently, with greasy roots and curls not in tact.

I am not one to spend $65 on hair products, however, these are hands down the best styling and finishing creams I have ever used.

SOIA & KYO Woven Scarf with Fringe RRP £85

This 66” x 52” scarf-cardigan is versatile, to be used as a scarf, or to throw over your shoulders to keep you wrapped up and warm.

Vitamasques Multivitamin Mask Set RRP $30.00

These nourishing fibre sheet masks are filled with vitamins B3, B5, B6, C, and E.

Lay back for 20minutes and relax, and use and excess product from the pack to Smith over your neck.

Masontops® Glass Water Bottle with Neoprene in Turquoise RRP $35.00

I often, like many forget to stay hydrated. Holding up to 20 ounces, easy to clean, removed the waste of plastic bottles, with removable and reversible teal/black sleeve, I love this glass mason jar bottle.

8 Other Reasons Runway Clip Trio RRP $32.00

These hair clips are absolutely beautiful. 18k gold plated lead-free, nickel-free alloy metal, resin, I’m not really one to wear hair clips, but with these beauties Ill save them for spring and give them a go.

Voesh Pedicure in a Box Duo – Pumpkin Spice RRP $20.00

These 8 sachets of Sea Salt Soak, Sugar Scrub, Mud Masque, and Massage Cream are Vegan, Organic, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Phthalate Free, Aluminum Free, Gluten Free

Made in South Korea, these foot packs leave you relaxed with super soft, delicious smelling feet. Such a lovely idea for a pamper.

NatureLab Tokyo Perfect Repair Treatment Masque RRP $16.00

I wish you could smell how delightful this hair masque is. ‘Apply to freshly shampooed hair and leave for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse’, leaves hair soft and glossy without weighing it down.

The Beauty Crop Glow Milk in Blind Date RRP $19.50

I’m not overly keen on highlighters. I know they’re ‘all the rage’ nowadays, but I don’t see the hype. I may use this as a highlighter eyeshadow duo to get more of of the product. No doubt the shimmer is beautiful, as well as being Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Phthalate Free and Aluminum Free

I absolutely loved my first FabFitFit box, it seemed a little pricey at first, but I’d much rather pay for 1 decent seasonal box, rather than 3 monthly ‘so so’ boxes that are filled with delux mini’s

I was shocked at the total of the box when I added it up, although It is worth keeping in mind that as any subscription box, well any products you buy in general, the price will always been increased slightly due to RRP

Total value $302.50

For £60 I’m thrilled with my items

Kaya •

Blogmas 2020

Blogmas – Bathbox November 2020

Good evening friends,

Since April I’ve received the Bathbox Subscription box.
Each month is tied to a theme and contains 3 bath bombs, bath salts and a relaxing treat.
This treat can be soaps, candles, cleansers, but never fail to excite me.

This month is Snow White themed, I didn’t expect it, but what a wonderful idea

Snow White bomb RRP 3.75

The sparkling white bath bomb is fresh linen scented, and big enough to crumble into your bath bit by bit, or use it all in one go for one luxurious bath

Castle bomb RRP £3.75

This bomb was packaged in a white box with a picture of the castle, as soon as you open it, the sweet Peacan pie scent hits you. Such a pretty bathbomb, and again, a decent size.

Poison apple RRP  £3.75

What I first opened it I thought I was broken, to then find this Sweet Apple scented bomb comes in 2 parts how clever is that?

Pedi bomb treat bag RRP £2.50

Yes I squealed a little bit, how beautiful is this little blue bag? It contains a pedi bomb that can be added to warm water to relax and sooth your feet, what a lovely and refreshing idea. The bag is gorgeous, I have no idea what I’d put it in but I may just hang it on my dressing table for display

Spellbound bath salts RRP £3.50

These bath salts with an added fizz smell delightful, add a sprinkle, or the whole bag for a calming bath

Each box I say, ‘this is my favourite
month’, because they just on keep getting better and better. I’ve loved every single product I’ve received this year, which is a rare statement for anyone to say about a subscription box, but honestly, I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Kaya •


Glossybox July 2020

Good afternoon friends,

This is possibly the prettiest Glossybox I’ve received.

Giving me Lilo and Stitch, summer and cocktail vibes.

Naobay Orange Juice Hand Cream (Full size) RRP £11.50

No it is not orange, but yes, it does smell like citrus. I love the packaging especially the wooden lid but have gifted this ti a friend as my skin has been behaving better recently and I didnt want to irritate it.

Give them Lala Beauty Aloha Bronzer (Full size) RRP £19.80
Faint gold sparkles, with a decent sized pan with a mirror. Perfect glow, especially when you’re wearing little make up and you just need that little something.

Jecca Blac Glow Drop Primer (Full size) RRP £16

Have never used such a glowing gorgeous primer. A subtle but beautiful glow.

The Beauty Crop Palm Balm (Full size) RRP £18

This is a weapon if I ever need one. This lip balm has some weight to it, and the glass container could be half the size. Having said that, this leaves a vibrannt yet delicate pink to your lips and cheeks. Who doesnt love a multi use product?

Kocostar Fruit Slice Mask Sheet (Pack of 12) RRP £4

How exciting do these look? The only problem with them is that, it may just be that I’m used to the full face masks, but these seem a little fussy.

I absolutly adored Julys box, fantastic products and value!

Kaya •


Bathbox May 2020

Good morning friends,

Friday afternoon I recieved my second Bathbox. May’s theme is ‘Dreams’.
I’m I’m definate need of a little something special this months, and ove been looking forward to my bathbox since last month!

Dream catcher bomb RRP £3.50

One of the prettiest bath bombs I’ve ever, I dont know if I want to use it. With a sweet sherbet like scent, I think I may wait to use this one when I want a pamper night.

Sparkling Dreams Bomb RRP £4.50

I can’t say I’ve tried an orange scented bath bomb before as never too sure on lemon or orange for skin care but this bitter orange one smells insane, perfect when you need a bit of get up and go.

Man in the moon bomb RRP £3.50

This bathbomb is incredibly heavy, smells deliciously and is sprinkled in glitter.
This was the first one to meet my bath, and wow. The most calming floral scent, leaving me with a slight body shimmer after, it was perfect right before bed.

Lavender dream bag RRP £0.99

Now this is exactly what I needed, without knowing.
I think we can agree we’re all a little stressed at the moment. Now this might just be a placebo, but ivw had this little bag tucked into my pillow the last few nights, and I’ve never slept better.

Sleep Easy Salts RRP £3.50

I havent used these yet, or finished my last ones, but looking forward to treating myself with these luxurious lavender Epsom salts.

I am absolutly in love with this subscription box. The quality, the price, the fact that so much thought and care has been put into it and that its always tied to a theme, instead of just random bits and bond thrown together. The perfect gift

Kaya •


Your Bathbox April Subscription

Good afternoon friends!

I hope you’re all doing well on this beautiful spring Friday.

Today I recieved the loveliest surprise, my first Bathbox subscription.

My boyfriend bought me the year subscription as a surprise this year for my birthday. He knows I love a bathbomb and get through them maybe too quickly?

The parcel came in a beautiful box, and inside was delicately wrapped in tissue paper.

As soon as I tore into the box the sweet smell of bath bombs exploded out.

The contents come with a leaflet that gives a breakdown of the items, directions of use, and price.

This box is £9.99 a month with £2.99 for post and package.

Sparkling Egg Bomb RRP £3.50

This smells good enough to eat.

You instantly think of being in a candy shop and can smell sherbet.
This bathbomb had a small sprinkle of glitter, which I love, who doesn’t want an extra glow after a bath?

Decorative Egg Bomb RRP £3.00

This egg has the most warming scent of Sandlewood. A stronger scent than I’m used to but still gorgeous!

Big Bunny Bomb RRP £4.50

Is this not the most adorable bath bomb you’ve ever seen??
This orange citrus bunny is huge!
I’m in 2 minds.
I cannot wait to drop him in the bath and let him fizz away, but at the same time, poor rabbit!

Spring Bouquet Hand Soap RRP £0.45

This small flower shaped soap smell’s fresh and clean. And in these current times, you can never have enough soap!

Pink Fizzy Bath Sherbert RRP £3.50

Who’s ever heard of ‘bath sherbert’? This sounds and smell so luxurious, with a sweet but subtle scent.

I am so in love with this box, and cannot wait to use every single one of these products.

All products are handmade, cruelty free and extremely good value.

I’d been looking for another subscription box to replace my Glossybox and hadn’t come across this at all. My boyfriend has a good eye!

Have you ever tried this subscription box before or one similar?

Kaya •


Glossybox Easter Egg (Limited Edition)

Good afternoon friends,

This morning I recieved my Glossybox Easter Egg.

This Limited edition egg was £25 (for subscribers), and £30 for non subscribers.

The egg contains 10 items and the egg comes in 4 colours, yellow, blue pink and gold.

There isn’t a card to tell you the value so I have googled the RRP so the prices may not be exact.

Barry M Candy Culture Nail Paint in the shade ‘Blueberry Bonbon’
RRP £3

Possibly the ugliest colour nail varnish?
It’s like a murky grey
It doesn’t really go with the easter theme?

Also the nail polish is scented. I feel about 15 years old, and dont think we should be encouraging people to sniff nail varnish… and yes I just did. It smells like nail varnish.

Illamasqua Animatter Lipstick in the shade ‘Meteor’
RRP £20 (currently on sale for £16)

This lipstick is stunning. One of my favourite shades.
This lipstick glides on so well and is so creamy.

First Aid Beauty – Facial Radiance Polish 28.3g
RRP £14

Help exfoliate, Brighten and Purify (safe for sensative skin)

It does have a bit of a odd smell, not sweet or floral, maybe a tad masculine?
I am currently wearing a face full of make up, so I wont try this yet, but I look forward to tonight after removing my make up.

Minimo Skin Essentials – Candy Edible Lip Scrub 30ml
RRP £9.60

Oh I’m just about to run out of my lip scrub!
This is the biggest tub of lip scrub I think I’ve ever seen.
Full to the brim and smelling like watermelon. Yes please!

GlamGlow – Instamud 7ml – I couldnt find a price but the 50ml is £30

I think this may be more of a one use/sample product.
Its tiny!

I love that is mud is purple. How awesome?
I’ve never tried a mask that you only wear for 60 seconds though? This should be interesting

Bare Minerals Lashtopia Mascara in the shade – Ultimate Black 6.5ml (deluxe mini)
RRP for the 12ml £18

I have a couple of mascara open at the moment so I’ll save this one for another day.
Although this is a deluxe mini, this is still a very good size

St Tropez Prep & Maintain Dual Sided Velvet Mit

I appear to be missing the St Tropez self tanner. And well, these two kind of go together??

The missing tanning product

Patchology Mood Patch Downtime
Calming Tea Infused Aromatherapy eye gels
Lavender/Evening Primrose
RRP for a pack of 5 £12

I’ve only used under eye patches a few times but I love trying out new ones, and have never tried a tea Infused one before.
I think we all need a little bit of self love pampering at the moment!

Q+A Ginger Root Daily Moisturizer 75ml RRP £8.50

If you love ginger then you’ll adore the scent. Wow that is strong! This is another new product that I’ve never used/heard of before. Although the scent isn’t quite to my liking, this day/moisturizer is thick and looks nourishing, I’m looking forward to trying it!

Well friends, apart from the missing item, I am thoroughly impressed with this seasonal treat!

Even without knowing the exact value of the products, I definitely have got my moneys worth!

Kaya •


Glossybox April 2020

Good afternoon friends,This box came at the right time because I am ready for a full on pamper!Nothing like coming back from a morning run to find your Glossybox waiting for you!This months Glossy theme was Bloom. Packed full of ‘essentials you need to bloom’ for April.Avant – Gentle Rose Beautifying Face Exfoliant RRP £92 (Full size)First off, this smells insane. What a dream!
I haven’t used too many face exfoliators, because they are often too rough and chunky.
This one though, this is perfect.
The light scent, the small sand like beads are gentle as they scrub and soften your face. I also put this on my lips which left my whole face soft and refreshed.Sportfx – Coconut Lip Balm – £4.99 50mlI haven’t heard of this brand before, the packaging is unusual, it looks like a little lightbulb, but I quite like it!
This balm is perfect for an easy application without getting your fingers messy, and also has a ton of benefits.

  • Vitamins C,E & F
  • Natural ingredients
  • SPF 15
  • Paraben Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruelty Free

A good amount of product, great price and incredible benefits.HaskDeep Conditioning Mask RRP £2.49Oh I love a hair mask!
No better feeling than your hair smelling nice and feeling soft and Glossy. I recieved this mask last June as a charcole mask, which was one of the options and absolutely loved it.
I always appreciate the size of these hair masks as I have thick long hair, and it allows me to cover a decent amount without skimping on product.Nails Inc – Blossom Kisses Nail Polish RRP £11 (Full size)This Nail varnish is such a beautiful colour.
We recieved a similar shade from May last year (Nailberry love my tender) and it was the colour I wore more than any other in 2019.This soft bubble gum pink is a staple for my spring and summer nails.Rituals Cosmetics – The Ritual of Sakura Shower Scrub RRP £4.60 (Deluxe Mini 70ml)Who doesn’t love a body scrub?Everything in this box (apart from the nail varnish), smells absolutely scrumptious!This rice based scrub is perfect for this time of year where your skin may be a little dry for the lack of sun.A little of this scrub goes a long way, I can definalty see myself purchasing this in the future!This box is one of the best for a long time. I love every product, have found a use for them instantly and think this is a lovely and versatile box for anyone.Kaya •