What’s wrong with me?

Hello WordPress friends, today’s post isn’t exactly what I intended, but out of concern I wanted to share this with you, hoping a light may be shone on the situation.

I’m currently led in bed on my right hand side, staring at the wardrobe and full length mirror. I can’t seem to get myself to get up as any slight movement is making me want to be sick again.

Over the past 3 months I’ve had 3 ‘stomach bugs’. Okay last month my partner and I were both in well at the same time,but otherwise why does this keep happening? I’ve constantly been feeling groggy, run down, with stomach cramps and aches and pains.

Okay, so maybe my immune system isn’t as strong as it used to be, but In the past 6 months, I cannot remember the last time I felt well and healthy for a full week. That’s not right is it? Yes there are bugs, and colds around and this season is yet to pick up from it’s cold, wet and windy days, but honestly?

I will been trying to call the Drs all day but have had no luck. I was hoping to arrange an appointment to perhaps have a blood test, maybe I have a specific food intolerance?

I’m dehydrated, I know that for sure. My attempts to sip water have caused me to feel unwell and my stomach to become ‘swimmy’.

Since being sick last night and this morning,I’ve only be able to eat a banana and a small bowl of white rice, with a few sips of water in-between.

I’m absolutely knackared. My throat hurts, and also my back from jolting. My head hurts from dehydration. I’ve got the sweats but my body is cold to touch, and my insides hurt. My whole torso feels terrible, along with a achy back and limbs.

I’m disappointed that I’ve had to call sick into work, again! I hate the feeling of letting down the team, but at the same time if be furious if a colleague came to work ill and then spread their germs.

Last night I also feel terrible for keeping my boyfriend up for hours on end, as he’s working the next morning, but wanting to help to look after me.

I’m concerned and confused. I live a fairly healthy lifestyle. I drink plenty of water, work out, eat my daily doses of fruit and veg, have home cooked meals for almost every dish that I consume, keep a clean kitchen, and hygienic home.

I don’t understand how I’m constantly feeling unwell.

The silver lining of this, if there is one, is that I finished my book. ‘Down the rabbit hole’, by Holly Madison.

It was dark, juicy, and better than expected. A recommended read for anyone who has a interest in the nitty gritty, and The Secrets of The Playboy Mansion.

Have you ever experienced on going sickness or a poor immune system? And do you have any advice?

Kaya •