Glossybox September 2019

Good morning friends!

My apologies for the lack of posts the past couple of weeks.

It has been ridiculously hectic since the end of August… I’ll catch you all up to speed soon!

Any who, let’s get back into it!

Yesterday I recieved my September Glossybox, my goodness I ripped it open in seconds. I was just a tad excited.

This months box was called the ‘Delicious box’.

Each product was ‘food inspired’, which is very unique, but not quite what I expected for the September box. I’ll explain later.

Colgate Max White – Charcole Whitenin Toothpaste (Full size) RRP £4

Now, I dont want to sound ungrateful, but, a toothpaste in a beauty box isn’t really at the top of my list. Yes I’ll use the product, but I’ve used a variety of charcole toothpastes, and have found that the pricier products aren’t any better than the own brand ones. Ah well, you always need tooth paste!

Mitchell and Peach – Flora No 1 fine edition Eau de Parfum (Deluxe mini) RRP £29.75

Now, who doesn’t love a mini parfum for your handbag?! This isn’t a scent I would normally lean towards, as at first I found the fennel a little over powering, but, I can imagine this scent being perfect for long wear, and would last you the day! I’ll definitely give this a go.

Mayy – Banana setting powder (Full size) £15

I’ve been meaning to try out a setting powder for ages, so I’m thrilled to of recieved one in this months box. I’ve seen other’s be rather heavy handed when applying this, and I always feared that it won’t blend in. I’ve been wearing quite simple and minimal make up recently (my skins been acting up), but I’m keen to give this a go on a full face for a special occasion or night out.

Delhicious Body – Original Black Tea body scrub (Full size) RRP £7.95

This 100% natural exfoliator is a dream! I love love loved using this, my skins feels gorgeous! No doubt I’ll re purchase this item or simular, in preparation for the cooler months approaching. You can never have too many products that soften and protect your skin.

Carex – Hand gel (Full size) £1.55

I recieved a cleansing hand gel in April’s box which was all well and good, but I hope that Glossybox dont make a habit of including one in their boxes every other month. A variety of cleansing and antibacterial hand gels can be purchased cheaply in supermarkets, and stores like Poundland or B&M bargains. Although its handy, It’s a little disappointing to recieve a product like this.

Palmers – Coconut Oil Formula deep Conditioning Protein Pack (Full size) £2.49

The last product is by far my favourite. You know this girl loves anything creamy, that leaves you feeling nourished and smells amazing. My hair… goodness, my hair feels glossy and has one heck of a shine to it. Although I have long thick hair, I only used half of the packet, I’m thrilled, that never happens! I normally have to squeeze out every drop just to get a bit of decent coverage. I cant wait to pick up a couple more of these!

Overall, I was pretty pleased with this months box. My only issue is that, if youre going to theme a box, then maybe tailor it to the month its attached to.

I was hoping for maybe a red, brown, purple or orange make up product, or maybe somthing like a spiced or sweet lip scrub in preparation for Autumn/Fall? As soon as September rolls around, I think of crunchy leaves, knitted clothes, and evenings in with hot chocolate.

I think Glossybox missed a trick here.

It may sound cliche, but some things are just perfect for the change of season.

What do you think? Would you prefere a seasonal themed box?

Kaya •