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Your Bathbox May & June

Good morning friends,

Another short blog post sharing two previous Subscription boxes.

I’ve been subscribed to Your Bathbox for the past 18 months and have adored every single box, they’re always 5/5. Each monthly box is £9.99 + P&P, and includes 5 items which are handmade in the UK and Cruelty free. There’s boxes are always a joy to receive and a wonderful idea as a treat for yourself or a loved one

May – Secret Garden

• Flower Power Bathbox RRP £3.75

• Plant pot bomb RRP £4

• Cocoa Butter Hand truffle RRP £3.50

• Heather & Herb bath fizzer RRP £3.75

• Lemon Verbena Fizzing bath salts RRP £3.50
Smells like lemon sherbert, looks like lemon sherbert, feels like lemon sherbert. IS NOT LEMON SHERBERT. No they did not send 3 bathbombs, a soap and a bag of sherbert. Put it down

June – Fruit Salad

• Strawberry delight bath bomb RRP £4

• Lemon & Lime Fizzy bathbomb RRP £3

• Pineapple solid Bubble bath RRP £4

• Watermelon Artisan soap RRP £4

• Black cherry dead sea & Epsom bath salt RRP £3.50

Which box takes your fancy?

Kaya •

Blogmas 2020

Blogmas – Mad Beauty Minnie Mouse Advent Calender

Good morning friends,

Each year I treat myself and buy a beauty advent calender.

This year there were dozens of options to choose from, and from early as September to purchase them.

I’d been back and forth between advent calender, but the 1st one that had caught my eye was from Superdrug.

The last 3 years I’ve bought The Mad Beauty Disney advent calenders, they’re simple with pretty packaging and reasonably priced. Each year they’ve retailed at £20, before selling at £10, then eventually reduced to £5… Which is when I buy it.

£5 for a 12 day Advent Calender? That works out around 42p per day, you’d be mad not to.

The Minnie Mouse Advent Set contains

  • 1x body wash
  • 1x body lotion
  • 2x bath salts
  • 2x bath fizzers
  • 2x lip balm
  • 1x hand cream
  • 1x body puff
  • 2x nail file

This Minnie advent calender is a lovely gift or treat for yourself, to leave you feeling pampered and put together

Kaya •


Your Bathbox April Subscription

Good afternoon friends!

I hope you’re all doing well on this beautiful spring Friday.

Today I recieved the loveliest surprise, my first Bathbox subscription.

My boyfriend bought me the year subscription as a surprise this year for my birthday. He knows I love a bathbomb and get through them maybe too quickly?

The parcel came in a beautiful box, and inside was delicately wrapped in tissue paper.

As soon as I tore into the box the sweet smell of bath bombs exploded out.

The contents come with a leaflet that gives a breakdown of the items, directions of use, and price.

This box is £9.99 a month with £2.99 for post and package.

Sparkling Egg Bomb RRP £3.50

This smells good enough to eat.

You instantly think of being in a candy shop and can smell sherbet.
This bathbomb had a small sprinkle of glitter, which I love, who doesn’t want an extra glow after a bath?

Decorative Egg Bomb RRP £3.00

This egg has the most warming scent of Sandlewood. A stronger scent than I’m used to but still gorgeous!

Big Bunny Bomb RRP £4.50

Is this not the most adorable bath bomb you’ve ever seen??
This orange citrus bunny is huge!
I’m in 2 minds.
I cannot wait to drop him in the bath and let him fizz away, but at the same time, poor rabbit!

Spring Bouquet Hand Soap RRP £0.45

This small flower shaped soap smell’s fresh and clean. And in these current times, you can never have enough soap!

Pink Fizzy Bath Sherbert RRP £3.50

Who’s ever heard of ‘bath sherbert’? This sounds and smell so luxurious, with a sweet but subtle scent.

I am so in love with this box, and cannot wait to use every single one of these products.

All products are handmade, cruelty free and extremely good value.

I’d been looking for another subscription box to replace my Glossybox and hadn’t come across this at all. My boyfriend has a good eye!

Have you ever tried this subscription box before or one similar?

Kaya •



Hello friends,

I hope you’re all keeping well, especially through these odd times!

So for the last couple of weeks, everyones weekends have been a bit out of the ordinary.

I’ve developed a bit of a routine which has been comforting as its nice for something to be able to stay the same, especially where I spend a majority of free time with family and friends. Skype, zoom, whatsapp are amazing, but it’s just not the same. Any who, here was my sunday.

Not long after I got up I did my 15 minutes of Yoga

I’ve been absolutely loving yoga for the last couple of weeks. I feel so refreshed through out the day and am sleeping alot better too.

Now, I dont really agree with sugary/gimmicky breakfast cereals (for everyday meals), but when I saw these in B&M yesterday, I basically hugged a box!

Oreo O’s. Man. I have wanted to try these for years and have never seen them in the UK… for under £9 a box.

Sunday cartoons with a bit if a naughty or fun breakfast is something my boyfriend and I love to do.

Easily could of polished off the box. They were so good!

I spent the morning catching up on podcasts as I gave the house a good clean. This included washing my make up brushes.

I get a bit grossed out by them even if they’re clean, if I’ve had them for too long I’ll chuck them. I’ve heard too many horror stories.

I decided to put the new series of Kardashians on in the background whilst I cleaned my vanity and changed the bedding.

Is it just me or are they the most miserable/boring family now?

I haven’t watched the show properly for god knows how many years.

I used to love the show back in the day because it seemed alot more raw, honest, funny and real.

Now they’re picture perfect at all times, only care about they’re appearance and struggle to show a personality. This isn’t just them, this is most tv/youtube/instagrammers nowadays.

Each to their own, but I want to engage with more than just a pretty face, with good highlighter and a filter on every single picture.

Any who.

I then headed out for my daily exercise and go for a run.

My goodness, it was busy. (Obviously not in this picture… took me a minute to get a clear view)

I couldnt tell you the amount of families, cyclists and dogs I saw. I can tell you I saw one flaming idiot not social distancing who almost barged into me if I hadn’t of jumped out the way.

I turned round and stared and he really couldn’t be bothered to even ask others excuse me.

I mumbled angrily to myself for the next 5 minutes like Homer Simpson.

After a decent run, soaking up the Ray’s and taking in the beautiful views… I seriously love the Isle of Wight, I decided to head home.

For dinner, I made one of my all time favourite dishes, Biriyani.

Oh man the kitchen smelt wild!

We spent a couple of hours just chilling, trying to catch up on WordPress and watching Father Ted, my other half ran me a bath. (He’s so thoughtful)

I spent way too long in the bath. But at a time like this, we all need a little pick me up.

After a long bath and a full on pamper session, which included writing out this weeks plans, recipes, who to call on what days, I still need structure, and it relaxes me.

I am currently in bed with my foot pack on ready to watch Captain America Civil war.

My boyfriend and I have been rewatching all the Marvel Films from the beginning.
My goodness, you forget how much there us to take in!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend, and make sure you take care of your mind, body, soul and your loved ones.

Night all.

Kaya •