Sunday’s are for…

Good evening all, a new week is nearly upon us, how was your Sunday?

Today started pretty well!

My favourite black jeans were in the wash, so I grabbed a pair of blue jeans that I hadn’t worn before as they were a bit snug.

I pulled them on, and to my surprise, they buttoned up and fit like a glove. I love it when that happens!

Nothing like a sunday to try out different make up.

Today I wore ‘They’re Real!, Double the lip’, lipstick and liner in one from Benefit. I wore the shade ‘hot wire pink’.

I do love a pink lip but this one was a little bright for me. Before I could change my mind, we left the house.

The application was simple and creamy, with a subtle liner combination on the top of the lipstick. My lips stayed soft and I was able to wear this lipstick for a few hours before having to gently reapply.

Photo from Benefitcosmetics.com

My partner and I then headed into town to do a bit of shopping.

Once we got home we did the chores and I started dinner. I made us a turkey joint roast dinner, with all of the trimmings, including homemade fluffy Yorkshire pudding and honey glazed carrots.

I then made my take on Apple Betty. I haven’t found a recipe that I find fully satisfying, so I went rogue and decided to make my own. I often find that too much sugar is used and not enough cinnamon. It was damn good if I do say so myself! We normally enjoy this with a dollop of double cream or custard.

I might share the recipe one day.

We watched How to Train your Dragon in preparation for the third installment that we’ll be watching next week.

Well I can’t tell you the last time a children’s film made me cry like that. It was a bit unexpected! I won’t spoil the ending for anyone, but the last 15 minutes, what a ride?!?

I’m going to attempt to get an early night, failing that, read more of my Holly Madison biography.

How do you spend your Sundays? And do you have a set Sunday routine?

Kaya •