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Blogmas Day 8. My Christmas Playlist

Day 8. My Christmas Playlist

Now, this may seem like a simple blog post, but my goodness it’s taken me some time.

I adore Christmas, and christmas songs bring me so much joy that you can hear me singing and humming them all year round.

I have christmas playlists that last for hours, and I intended to list my top 5, and then laughed at myself because, that was never going to happen. My original post was list of my Top 20, but that seemed a little excessive.

I have compromised (with myself), and narrowed it down to a Top 10. In no particular order, here are my top 10 Christmas songs, and the reason behind my love for them.

Mariah Carey: All I want for Christmas.

I hate to be predictable, but can you even think about Christmas without this song popping into your head? As soon as I hear those first couple of note, hand me a hairbrush, a spatula, a mobile phone, and man, my ‘microphone’ and I need no warning, we are ready to go!

The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl: Fairy Tail of New York.

I can’t say this one warms my heart like many other songs do, but it definitely has some sort of effect on me. It’s like waiting for the Coca Cola advert, as soon as I hear it I can take in a deep breath and think, yes, finally, it’s Christmas.

Ariana Grande: Santa Tell Me

This song is a relatively new favorite, and I only came across it when one of my favorite youtubbers kept singing it, and playing it in her videos. I Spotified the track and was hooked. Ariana’s voice is stunning. The song is catchy and upbeat, and make me feel vibrant and powerful.

Eartha Kit: Santa baby

A sultry, smooth classic Christmas track. In my opinion there is only one version of this song. This song makes me think of having a slow dance with a couple of drinks, on a cold Christmas evening.

Darlene Love: All alone on Christmas

This song will forever remind me of Home Alone 2. As soon as I hear this, I become a child again and thing of all the mischievous events that occur in the movie.

Mairi Campbell: Auld lang syne:

Do you ever hear a song and your eyes instantly fill with tears? Well for me, this is one of those songs. Her voice delivers this song beautifully, but in all honesty, the reason why I tear up is because of what it reminds me of. This version reminds me of a scene from the first Sex and The City Movie. I love, love, love the films, and this scene makes me melt.

Brenda Lee: Rocking around the Christmas tree:

It does exactly what it says in the tin. It makes you want to rock around the Christmas tree. There’s no way that you’ll be able to keep those feet from tapping.

S club 7: Perfect Christmas:

This song takes me back to my teens years. It was the second track on one of their singles. The song is romantic and makes my heart flutter.

Johnny Mathis: It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas:

I don’t know all the lyrics, and had to double check who sang this song, but it’s as essential as hot chocolate, Christmas dinner, and crackers at the table… You cannot have a Christmas Playlist without this song. I trust you all know it, and regardless of how you feel about the track, agree that it goes hand in hand with the season.

Last but not least is a random track, but one of my favorite’s for all year round.

Hanson: What Christmas means to me:

This is not the original version, but I’m telling you now, this is the only one I ever need to hear. Classic Hanson from the 90’s, be prepared to hear me try to hit those high notes.

Do we have any of the same favorite Christmas song? And if not, then what would your top 3 tracks be?

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