Blogmas 2019

Blogmas Day 14 – Christmas Carnage at Strings

Last night my other half and spent the evening at Strings bar and venue, for another round of Wrestling!

In the summer, we attended our first wrestling match, and it was fantastic!

The first half was awesome, but we were excited to see my friends Matt (Maxx Carnage)

During the interval the hard rock band ‘Any Road’ performed. They were bloody brilliant. 2 of the members, Jon and Tom, are old school friends, I definitely need to watch them more often. Both of them have incredible voices and are insane on the guitar, and there drummer was equally brilliant. Such a fantastic set!

After the interval Maxx Carnage was announced.

This time round, the wrestlers were even more interactive with the crowd.

When Maxx Carnage stepped into the ring, we knew it was going it be a bad ass match. At one point the wrestlers had stepped out of the ring, pounded upstairs where Maxx had his competitor by the neck threatening to drop him off the balcony into the ring. I loved it! Of course these men are trained but you never know how far they’re going to take it!

For just £7 a ticket, we spent the evening being entertained, cheering and booing, and listened to some superb live music.

A bit of a random Blogmas post this year, but hey ho, it was a great night!

Kaya •


Date night

Good evening friends, and Happy Friday!

This evening, my partner came home and told me to pick out a nice dress and be ready for 6.45, as he was taking me out for date night.


Dress – Matalan

Shoes – New Look

Handbag – Bessie London

Perfume – SJP Lovely Sheer

Tonight, my love took me for a 3 course meal at Pizza Express

For starters we had, dough balls and cheesy garlic bread,

Main, Sloppy Giuseppe pizza and Prosciutto

Dessert, salted caramel gelato and chocolate fudge cake.

Everything was delicious, including the beers and cocktails, the perfect drinks for a friday night date.

You just can’t go wrong with Pizza express!

We’re now on our way to the cinema to watch, The Intruder.

Meagan Goode and Michael Ealy? I’d watch them without knowing what the films about! The trailer for this movie looked brilliant. I haven’t seen a good thriller in ages, especially on the big screen.

We’re trying to go out for a date night twice a month. Who doesn’t want an excuse to glam up and spend a evening having some fun and private time with the one you love

Dinner and a movie might seem cliche, but we love our food and films, it’s perfect!

Do you have a favourite event or location for your date night, and is there any that you can recommend?

Kaya •


My Perfect Sunday, and OOTD

Happy Sunday friends!

After a intense week, I’ve finally be able to have a day to relax and recharge my batteries.

I had a bit of a lie in, and spent the morning catching up with family.
My other half and I walked around town for a leisurely stroll in and out of shops, looking for nothing and everything.

We walked through TK Maxx, which is always dangerous, (I could live in there) and somehow I was drawn to the handbags and picked up a little beauty (more info in a later post)

We worked up an appetite, so we stopped at Town Choice Cafe for lunch, and both ended up indulging in a full English breakfast, and cleared our plates.
*No regrets*

This is one of my favorite places for lunch as it is a friendly and cosy spot to dine, with the option to eat in their beautiful little garden. We were tempted but it was a little bit too breezy out.

This evening I went for a run.
I ran for 4.2 miles, it was a bit of challenge but it was lovely to admire the sunset and to clear my mind after a rather chaotic week.

A few pretty leaves I picked up.

I’m still full from lunch, so I’ve decided to skip dinner. I’m now in my PJ’s with a bag of Flamming Hot Cheetos, intending to snuggle in bed and watch ‘Paranorman’.

Good night all,

Kaya •


OOTD October 9th

Good evening, I hope you’re all well and are cosy on this bitterly cold night.

I probably dressed a little warmer than I needed to today, but it’s been 3 weeks and I still have a chest infection and a cold (I have puffy eyes and a Rudolph nose, which is something you don’t need to see)

  • Slouchy knee high Grey boots : Brand Unknown
  • Burgundy jumper : Peacocks
  • Black and White patterned skirt : New Look

To complete my outfit, I wore my everyday, black Bessie London handbag, and a faux leather jacket.

A simple but cosy and chic outfit.

Kaya •


Autumn OOTD

Good evening all.

Just a quick post today.
I feel as though today is the first day that I’ve been in a head to toe Autumn outfit.

Today, I had a few errands to run, and some friends to see.


  • Brown Ankle Boots, New Look (a few years old but comfortable and still in good condition)
  • Black Skort, New Look
  • Striped long sleeve top, Matalan
  • Brown Leather Bag, Paul Costelloe

I sported a messy bun, warm orange nails, nude lips and orange smokey eyes.

I planned to upload a picture of my make up for today, but laughed so hard earlier that I cried and smudged it off, what’s not to love about that?

Happy Autumn all!

Kaya •