Oh what a night

Would it be terrible to tell you that only this afternoon, had I recovered from Saturday night?

It’s was quite a night.

One of my closest friends and I went for a girls night out.

I haven’t had a night out with her in years. Unfortunately life can get in the way.

We began the night getting ready at mine, listening to early 2000’s RnB and dance tracks, drinking a tad too much wine perhaps, well, certainly whilst you’re trying to do your hair and make up, some may think you should focus at a time like that?!

I did her hair and make up, we sat and took selfies, because you can never have too many pictures! Although I’m not a fan of Snapchat filters, we did snap a few cute ones.

We headed to town for about 9ish, and from then on we spent the next 5 and a half hours drink, laughing, bumping into old friends, and dancing.

Thank goodness my new shoes were comfortable since the DJ had us on the dance floor for most of the night.

When I say I’d only recently recovered, I don’t just mean from the wine, and the shots, also the disarano, and possibly the rum as well? (Hey, we hadn’t seen in each other in ages!?)

But my legs!? Wowsers. Almost 6 hours strutting around in 4 inch heels, swaying to the music and loving life, that’s great and all but when you’re not used to it let me tell you your legs will ache the next day!

We agreed a night out dancing is now a requirement once a month, and I can’t wait.

Kaya •

Blogmas 2018

Blogmas Day 21 – College Meal

Blogmas Day 21 – College Meal

Some of my closest friends are ones that I met at college. Since graduating, we all agreed to stay in touch and meet up as much as possible. You know how it is, people move away, get full time jobs, new relationships, start families, so we see each other less and less. Although we’ve all become so busy, every year we get together for a Christmas meal, and this year we celebrated our 10th year.

We ate at a restaurant in Cowes called The Coast. We’d been their previous years, and although it’s a favorite for some, I can’t say I’m keen. No massive faults, but there’s better food and service other places
Since we met so close to Christmas, and that there was 12 of us we could only get a sitting for 8.30pm my partner and I had been out during the day for a 3 course meal, so we didn’t join the others in their 3 course Christmas feast, and ordered off of the standard menu.
We had called weeks before to confirm what we would order from the normal menu, but of course when we arrived, they stressed because they had lost our orders (they clearly liked when they said they wrote it in the diary), and then I was told that my dish wasn’t available on the menu anymore.
I was just a tad irritated since they had made such a fuss about me picking the dish before hand, but luckily in the end they said the chef could still ‘whip it up’… Well I bloody well hope so!

Although we had arrived at 8.30, and they knew the group’s menu choices, the starters didn’t arrive until 9.15, which meant we didn’t receive our mains until 10, and then dessert about 10.45.
By the time we paid our bill, we left about 11.15, which was a bit of a drag.

Now I understand that it can take time, but waiting 45 minutes for pate and a piece of bread, is a bit longer than we expected to wait.

It was also I shame that although we had a big party we were crammed in the corner. One side of chairs was up against the window, with a large table in the middle and a long sofa on the other side right up against another table. Considering we waiting a fair while for our food, we struggled to move seats to get to and talk to one another as we were squished in, budging past one another and other diners.
I struggled talking to the friends either side of me as it was very loud so we were shouting at each other and nodding rather than responding.

It wasn’t quite the 10 year celebration I had hoped for. I think next year we will have to book somewhere earlier and a bit more spacious.

Although the night wasn’t quite what I expected, I felt like a million bucks.
I was originally going to wear a little black dress with a sparkly bag and heels, until I saw a gorgeous black and gold sequin dress….
I found this dress surprisingly, in Lidl of all places!

The dress was around £10.00 and was designed by Heidi Klum. What a bargin!
Why not treat yourself and wear something sparkly because if you’re not going to at this time of year then you certainly won’t be doing it any other time the year!

The dress was comfortable, chic, a good length and hugged in all the right places. I paired it with some black heels and black tights as it was rather cold outside that day and little leather jacket.

Kaya •

Blogmas 2018

Blogmas Day 7. Festive Friday with Friends

Day 7. Festive Friday with Friends

Why is it that we wait until we are shocked that the year is almost over, for us to meet up with friends and have that long awaited catch up?

Friday night, my partner and 3 friends met up for dinner.

We went to a cosy, and quaint Italian restaurant. I’d never visited there before, but this certainly won’t be the last.

Tonino’s was the setting for a wonderful evening with great friends. As soon as we walked in, were welcomed by the owner, an friendly staff members.

The atmosphere was relaxed and felt as if you we were walking into someone’s living room, so cosy, beautiful and welcoming you felt like you were back in Italy


The food, drink and dessert was delicious. I finished a bottle of wine to myself, which to some may not seem like a lot, but for someone who doesn’t drink much that often, well, The hangover the next day was very real, and a good reminder on why I don’t drink heavily.

We spend 4 hours, drinking, eating, talking, but mostly laughing.
We had a really incredible night, the wine, and great conversation flowed. These are the type of lovely people who are honest, that you can appreciate, they give you such encouragement, and that they are upfront and you can be yourself and open and honest with them. Those are the kind of people that I want to surround myself with and make time for.

How has your December been so far?

Kaya •


What a weekend

Hello there all, and how was your weekend?

The past 72 hours have been jam packed and just wonderful.


I started my weekend off on a high. After waiting 50 minutes, and repeatedly getting thrown off of the site, it happened. It finally happened.
I got tickets to see The Spice Girls! My poor neighbours! I couldn’t contain my excitement and screamed with happiness.

I managed to buy tickets for the tour from added UK dates, just minutes before I had to leave for work.

Saturday was a hectic day at work, but I was on a high knowing that I was going to see my favorite childhood band with a group of friends next year…. The hotel is booked and the road trip is already being planned.

I can’t remember the last time we had a girl’s night out. I met up with some of my closest friends, we had maybe one too many pitchers and cocktails, hours of catching up, and danced the night away to 80’s and 90’s dance and pop music until 2:30am
We ended the night eating Chinese takeaway at 3 in the morning, in our PJs and watching Friends. A Saturday evening with my favourite ladies was perfection.


We paid our respects and showed our support Sunday morning by attending the 11/11 memorial and giving our minutes silence. We then spent the afternoon supporting local musicians at the Ukele Festival. It was great fun, listening, and singing along to the music before having a Sunday roast dinner at one of my favorite places, The Bargemans’s Rest.


I had Monday off, and indulged in a relaxed yet productive morning.
The afternoon was spent grocery shopping, running errands, doing some chores etc.
We finally settled down to watch The Incredible’s 2 with dinner.

On my days off when I have time to, I prefer to cook as much as I can from scratch. There is nothing wrong with store bought food or from eating from the freezer, but I find I enjoy my food more, when I know that I’ve prepared and cooked it all myself.

For dinner I made pasta with minced beef in a simple red sauce with roasted vegetables.

For dessert I made sweet cream and jam buns. This was my first attempt at making them, and they were absolutely delicious, if I do say so myself.

A weekend full of food, laughter and great conversation, it was just what I needed.

Tell me, what’s your ideal weekend consist of, and what do you have planned for this weekend coming?

Kaya •