Tried and Tested Glossybox May 2020

Good afternoon friends,Yesterday I received my May Glossybox, Wild Edition.

Today I will be writing my product reviews.

Oh! K SOS Printed Sheet Mask RRP £4

From the moment I ripped the seal, I couldnt stop laughing.

I think sheet masks are fantastic, especially those that have a character or animal on them, as we know, we will never ever look like what is on the packet.

It didnt just make me laugh, it made my skin insanely smooth.


There was a bit of excess serum in the packet which I rubbed into my neck and shoulders.

The mask fit particularly well, and didnt slip off my face at all.

I also love, most likely without intention, that’s there are eyebrow shaped patches above the eyes.

Where can I buy 10 more??

EOS Sphere Lip Balm RRP £6.50

I used this balm through out the day, and was happy enough with it. I do prefer a balm with a tint if colour, but otherwise this products was nice enough although nothing special.

Mudmask – Hairmask, Scalp Treatment and Miracle Shampoo RRP £21 75ml

I have long thick hair, so I am thankful that we recieved a decent sized tube, and I wasnt shy about it

This 3 in 1 hair treatment left my locks smelling and feeling fresh and clean. And the talcum powder smell is extremly subtle which I’m grateful for.

Steve Laurant Wild Side Eye Shadow Palette
RRP £31

I thought I would, and I was right. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this palette.

Super pigmented, minimal fall out, I can make use of every single colour there for there is no waste, and they are long lasting.

Here are 3 quick and easy looks I created with this palette (accompanied by a a few NYX Lip cremes)

Smokey and Sultry. (Lips, NYX Ginger Snap)

Sunkissed Bronzed. (Lips, NYX London)

Metallic Retro (Lips, NYX Istanbul)

I think the last look might be my favourite. I can’t say I regularly wear pink and silver, but, somehow, it just works?

My only issue is if I were to get on with this and like to repurchase, £31 for a 9 pan pallette?

We’ll have to wait and see.

Stargazers – Glitter Eyeliner Pencil RRP £2 (shade Peach)

I attempted to use the eye liner with my bronzed look but the pencil is just complete rubbish.

It has a crumply consistency, which creased into the skin, and as mentioned yesterday, one swoop, and it disappears.

Over all I am extremely happy with this months box, especially since I feel we all need a little pick me up in this current situation.

I hope you’re all staying safe and well.

Kaya •

Blogmas 2019, Glossybox

Blogmas Day 9 – Glossybox December 2019

Good evening friends!

This afternoon I recieved my Christmas Edition Glossybox.

My favourite so far, and what a stunning box to end the year with?

This month we recieved 5 full sized items ready for the party season!

Lasplash Cosmetics – Golden Gatsby 3D Faux Mink Lashes RRP £9.75 (Full size)

These are some serious party lashes! Nowadays I dont often wear fake lashes, but these ones are beautiful. The only downside is, that they dont come with any adhesive glue (odd)… I shall invest in some and get back to you with my review on them this holiday season!

Steve Laurant – Loose Powder Pigment – RRP £14.60 (Full size)

I do love a good highlighter, and this one is the most beautiful ‘Rose Gold’ shade. This powder is multi use and can be used on your eyes for a shimmery festive look.

Bella Pierre – Liquid Shadow Eye Candy – RRP £20 – (Full size)

Wow! There is some shine to this liquid shadow! This shadow is so easy to apply, is thick and buildable. I must say it’s a bizarre consistency to apply to your eye, but, what a beautiful glitzy look!

L.O.V Cosmetics – LIP affair color & care lipstick matte shade – Extrovert RRP £8.90 (Full size)

Well damn, this is quite a lipstick.

First of all, this bullet lipstick is heavy!

Secondly, the cap is magnetic. Once discovered made me smile and I had to show my boyfriend. It’s the little things in life?

And thirdly, I am in love with this colour!

This eye and lip combo is stunning, and could we look anymore glamorous and christmas ready?

Original Source – Sweet Rhubabrd and Raapberry Shower Gel RRP £2.30 (Full size)

I wasnt exactly wowed by this product. Weve recieved Original Source shower gel before, and I loved it, and am actually using a different scent currently. My only issue with this is that, with all the other season and party inspired items, this one seems a little random.

I wouldnt say this smells like rhubarb and raspberry, but it does smell lovely and sweet.

I guess you need something fresh and sweet to wash away the glitter after a dancing!

I adore this box, and cannot wait to use every single one of these products next weekend for another christmas party!

Kaya •


Glossybox June 2019

Good morning friends!

It’s almost the weekend, and finally time for me to publish my Glossybox review… apologies for the delay!

Pro Perfecting Collagen Touche

Éclat Primer RRP – £85.00

Now, the first product is a dream. This silky, light weight primer allows my make up to glide on effortlessly.

But once I run out, I don’t think it’s likely that I’ll be spending £85.00 on another tube, which is a shame, as this may possible be the best primer I’ve ever used!!!

Meech N Mia

Eyeshadow Chubby Stix – RRP £12.99

Eyeshadow stick is extremely soft and easy to apply considering it looks like a chunky hard pencil. Although I did get long wear from this pencil, and it was full size, £12.99 is a little steep in price for my liking, and I’m sure you could find another pencil just as shimmery and creamy but for a fraction of the price.

Model Co

Lip Creme matte – RRP £15.00

Get out of here…. the lipcreme smells like peaches! The colour is a burnt orange. This isn’t a shade that I’ve really worn before, but is now one that I’ll be keen to reach for.

The perfect shade, beautiful for day and night.

Sleek Make up

Face Form Contouring and blush Palette – £9.99

This pallette was available in two shades, fair or light I recieved the ‘fair’ kit. It’s not often that you can actually make use of all of the products in a kit, and that they all suit your skin tone. This pallette certainly saves some room in my make up bag when I’m out and about, the colours compliment each other beautifully, you get amazing coverage, though it’s not too heavy, and it includes a mirror as well!


Deep Conditioning Treatment – RRP £2.49

I’ve never used a charcoal hair mask before. In all honesty, the mention of charcoal beauty products instantly makes me think of the hundred of videos online of people painfully peeling off a charcoal mask.

Am I the only one who thinks that?

Anywho, I used this treatment in one, and my goodness, my hair felt absolutely glorious! My hair was left looking shiny, silky, and with the most heavenly scent. I’ll definitely have to pick up a few more of these treatments!

Just a side note, take care not to drop any in the shower, and if you do, don’t stand on it… its extremely slippery! Whoopsy!

Safe to say that Glossybox has done it again! I adore the thrill of receiving this pretty pink mystery box every month, and to not only try new brands, but new colours and products that I wouldn’t of otherwise!

Do you subscribe to Glossybox or any other Beautyboxes? And what do you think of them?

Kaya •


Sunday’s are for…

Good evening all, a new week is nearly upon us, how was your Sunday?

Today started pretty well!

My favourite black jeans were in the wash, so I grabbed a pair of blue jeans that I hadn’t worn before as they were a bit snug.

I pulled them on, and to my surprise, they buttoned up and fit like a glove. I love it when that happens!

Nothing like a sunday to try out different make up.

Today I wore ‘They’re Real!, Double the lip’, lipstick and liner in one from Benefit. I wore the shade ‘hot wire pink’.

I do love a pink lip but this one was a little bright for me. Before I could change my mind, we left the house.

The application was simple and creamy, with a subtle liner combination on the top of the lipstick. My lips stayed soft and I was able to wear this lipstick for a few hours before having to gently reapply.

Photo from

My partner and I then headed into town to do a bit of shopping.

Once we got home we did the chores and I started dinner. I made us a turkey joint roast dinner, with all of the trimmings, including homemade fluffy Yorkshire pudding and honey glazed carrots.

I then made my take on Apple Betty. I haven’t found a recipe that I find fully satisfying, so I went rogue and decided to make my own. I often find that too much sugar is used and not enough cinnamon. It was damn good if I do say so myself! We normally enjoy this with a dollop of double cream or custard.

I might share the recipe one day.

We watched How to Train your Dragon in preparation for the third installment that we’ll be watching next week.

Well I can’t tell you the last time a children’s film made me cry like that. It was a bit unexpected! I won’t spoil the ending for anyone, but the last 15 minutes, what a ride?!?

I’m going to attempt to get an early night, failing that, read more of my Holly Madison biography.

How do you spend your Sundays? And do you have a set Sunday routine?

Kaya •