Glossybox June 2020

Good evening friends,

I’ve had this sat in my drafts for a while, and keep on forgetting to actually finish this post.

My bad.

June’s Glossybox had me excited, this happens few and far between as I’ve found Glossybox has lost its charm, and am only signed up for one more box of my year sentance/subscription.

Any who, June’s theme was set around world of beauty.

ModelCo Liquid Metal Eyeshadow Shade Champagne RRP £15

We recieved a similar liquid shadow last December, but this liquid shadow is a staple for every make up bag.

A quick and easy glamorous look with one swoop. With buildable layering, perfect for a top up when you’re on the go.

Huda beauty Life Liner – Very Vanta RRP £18

If you know me, or actually, if you’ve ever seen a handful of pictures of me, you’ll know I love eyeliner. A smokey smudg of soft liner or a cat eye, it’s been my go to for years.

A dual eyeline is a must have, but funnily enough I’ve never managed to find one that is just right.

Both products applied exactly as intended and were long lasting.

This all sounds great doesn’t it?

Before I explain, I’ll introduce the next product.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company – Make up Removing Cloths (pack of 2) RRP £7.99

First things first. Animal print again? Why Glossybox?

Make up Removing cloths that will wipe away all traces without any soap,oils, remover? No way.

Of course I was sceptical but intrigued, but these bad boy’s proved me wrong! Running the cloth under warm water, my foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick and even mascara wiped off without having to scrub my skin too hard, or leaving me with panda eye.

The Huda liquid liner on the other hand. Well, she had other ideas.

In the above photo, all other make up and mascara had been removed but the liquid liner would not budge, not a smudge.

I scrubbed my eyelides for as long as I could bare.

I poured a little make up remover on a cotton pad. Nothing.

Third times a charm.

Eventually the remainder of the liner came off with a wet wipe. My eyelids felt violated! If you want a 48 hour eyeliner, then this ones for you!

Lasplash Cosmetics – Brush set RRP £15

I’m not 100% sure how often you should throw away make up brushes, even though I regularly clean mine, I normally dont own a set for more than 18months. Is that just me or do others get a little grossed out by them?

I wouldnt think a set from a subscription box would be that great, but these brushes are pretty impressive.

These setting and defining eye shadow brush were dense but soft enough for the perfect application.

Beautaniq Beauty – Guardian Angel Eye Mask RRP £5

My skin is awful at the moment. I have no idea if its hormones, the lack of sun and possibly stress? But I am adoring any and all skin care

These eye masks didnt stick very well, they stayed on for around 5 minutes, all whilst I sat still, trying my best to keep my face still.
Once peeling these off, my skin felt a little tacky but with no difference. How disappointing.

Overall, air am happy with the box. I have mixed feeling regarding the Huda beauty liner, and am pleasantly surprised with the make up remover cloths.

Have you tried any of these products before? And what did you think of them?

Kaya •


Glossybox May 2020

Good afternoon friends,

Today we are unboxing the May’s Glossybox, the ‘Wild thing’ Edition.

There were 2 varieties this month, Zebra and Leopard.

I recieved the zebra box, I would of preferred the gold box, but in all honesty, I cannot stand animal print.

It’s just not for me.

I always re-use my boxes as they’re a good size, pretty, and sturdy.So I will pass this box along to a animal print lover.

Today I’ll be blogging about first impressions of the products, check back in tomorrow for my tried and tested post.

Oh! K SOS Printed Sheet Mask RRP £4

I am loving sheet masks recently! This one had me all excited as I saw a little panda at the top of the packaging, so thought it was a panda mask.I was wrong.

It’s a dalmatian mask, which is still fun, but not exactly in the ‘wild thing theme’.

Either way I’m sure I’ll look terrifying.

EOS Sphere Lip Balm RRP £6.50

I’m all about hair, skins and especially lips being soft, smooth and nourished.
Another lip balm is always a bonus.

This small, chunky but funky lip balm is easy to apply without getting your fingertips sticky.

This has a subtle sweet smell and taste.

By the way, does it remind me of Miley Cyrus ‘We cant stop music video’, people went crazy over them after that video!

Mudmask – Hairmask, Scalp Treatment and Miracle Shampoo RRP £21 75ml

This 3 in 1 Mudmask has gotten some fantastic reviews.

I shall wash my hair with it tonight and let you guys know how I get on with it.

Repairs/Strengthens/Hydrates/Moisturizes/Dandruff control

It really does sound like a dream, the only thing that throws me off is that it
Smells like talcum powder.

I have no issue with this scent… but it will smell as though you’ve tried to dry shampoo/talc your roots?

Steve Laurant Wild Side Eye Shadow Palette
RRP £31

The colours in the palette are stunning.

My perfect palette for a variety of soft smokey eye looks.

I appreciate that the palette includes a mirror, improve when its practical as well as pretty.

I’m so excited to try this out and get glammed up. It’s been a while.

Stargazers – Glitter Eyeliner Pencil RRP £2 (shade Peach)

Well, last time I was this underwhelmed by a Glossybox product was when they sent me toothpaste.

At least that was practical.

With No pride, festivals, Eurovision, Coachella… where exactly am I wearing this?

This also frustrates me because there are different varieties of the boxes which contain much more expensive products.

Now it’s not all about the money, but, instead of the eye pencil retailing at £2, you could recieve a Skin chemist
Rose quart lip plumper (balm and gloss) RRP £29.99

A item retailing a huge £27.99 more than this tacky orange glitter eye pencil.

Also, ONE swipe of the finger over this swatch and you get this.

How disappointing.

Overall, I am happy with the contents of the box, minus the ridiculous eyeliner.

What do you think of this box?

Kaya •

Glossybox, monthly favourites

Glossybox March 2020

Good evening friends,

Its been far to long!

As you can see from the title, this month I’ll be reviewing the March Glossybox, ‘All eyes on me’ edition.

(Find a picture of me at the bottom of the page wearing the products)

Black magic mascara
Deluxe mini 4ml RRP £10 (Full size £19)

I’m not a massive fan of mascara in beauty boxes as they’re just a bit boring, but, you always need one spare I guess.

This mascara is good, non flaking with a decent curved brush, but you’re not able to apply much at a time. Third coat and I was happy with the result, but it’s a bit more effort than I’d like to make with my mascara, I’d prefer a bushier brush and one swift flick.

Ciate London
Stamp and drag liner duo
RRP £15

Firstly the name made me laugh, its an odd one, and secondly, it was a bit*h to get out of the box

I was intrigued as I havent used one of these ‘stamp’ eye liners before.

I see the appeal of the stamp but wasnt overly keen. It’s very hard, especially to press on a sensative part of your fact, and I think the transfer would of been better if it was softer and could adapt to your eye shape.

Any who, it’s a good idea, but not quite sharp enough wing, but the defined pen helped to sort it out.

This eyeline is long wearing which is amazing, but keep that in mind if you make a mistake with your liner as it’s a tough one to get off!

Long Lasting Lipstick in the shade Flawless
RRP £15

This shade of lipsticks is definalty in my top 3, so I was happy to see such a gorgeous colour.

Blush pink is one of my favourites and this one didnt fail to impress. With a long lasting wear, soft and creamy application I’d definitely buy this lipstick again.

Highlighter Palette in shade Copperplate RRP £9.99

This highlighting pallette is full of versatile, subtle warm and light golden shades. It’s a little more on the modest side for highlighters which is what I prefer. The packaging is beautiful and it also comes with a handy brush (hygienic, dont like the thought of brushes floating around a make up bag) and a mirror enclosed.

I used shades 3 and 4 on my cheekbones, nose and eyes for a flowy, sunrises look.

Daily Cleansing Cream
RRP £7.99

Look at the size of that!

I have awful eczema on my body, and am always up for trying a new product
It does have that e45 scent, and you have to rub it in quite well otherwise you’ll have white patches, which isn’t really something youd use in the day time, but maybe when you’re at home you can leave it in to soak.
I have put it on one of my arms for the afternoon to see how it feels later

Update. I wanted to scratch my skin off.
This ones probably a no go for me which is a shame, but I’m glad I had the chance to try a new cream as sensative moisturizer can be so expensive.

Over all I am extremly happy with this months box, Glossybox are finally heading in the right direction

Do you recieve any monthly subscription boxes? And if so, would you recommend them?

Kaya •


Glossybox January 2020

Good evening friends,

And welcome to The first (if only the last) Glossybox of 2020

This months glossy theme is ‘Sleep and Refresh’, and, yes, its a wild one!

Bybi – Strawberry Booster RRP £12 (Full size)

This booster can be applied to clean skin, allowing it to soak into your pours, or mixed in with your foundation. A nice extra touch to your make up each day, but it doesn’t make a massive difference with or without. And although it is ‘strawberry’, I cant smell anything.

Basic Beauty – Tweezers RRP £15.50 (Full size)

Well, tweezers are tweezers. They’re good ones, with a decent grip, and it’s always handy to have a spare pair. But not the most thrilling item for the first box of the year.

ModelCo – Clear Brow Gel RRP £14 (Full size)

What can I say? Game changer.

I lied. It’s clear gel. Calm yourselves.

Beautypro – CBD Oil Infused Mask RRP £5.99 (Full size)

Ive never tried any CBD products, and never been overly intrigued to do so.

But this sheet mask actually left my skin super soft and smelt amazing. It also had a perfect consistency. Not too wet or gloopy, just right.

Context – Micro Derm Regenerator RRP £6.50 (Mini delux)

I can’t really say this product had much of an effect, but I’m always happy to try new skin care. A bit of an anti climax since it was missing from my box, andi recieved it a week later.

Well underwhelmed doesn’t even cover it. This is the blandest box I think you could revieve. Considering the best product was the face mask which was one time use, this box was left uninspiring and boring selection.

Well this is the end of my review, but carry on reading below if you’re interested in the palava it was to recieve the box.

Kaya •

Not the best start to the year (you can say that again), but seriously, Glossybox, what were you thinking?

You will recieve your dispatch email between 5th and 12th of the month. Okay fine. But the 12th rolls round and I hadn’t recieved my email. Neither had how many dozens of others. And I know this, because Glossybox’s instagram comments were full of complaints.

Have a look for yourself, every month they are swarmed with complaints.

And I’m sure a majority of you are thinking ‘just contact customer service’. But we do! I have DM’d them on instagram, emailed them, webchat through their website, and you normally just recieve the same old, slightly patronising, ‘sorry lovely please contact our team’.

Commenting on their instagram posts seems like the best way to get their attention, which is awful!

Its extremly frustrating that.anyone in the ‘Glossy circle’, receives their box right at the beginning of the month, this applies to well know ‘influencers’ also. Sucks for your average person who has to wait for their box that theyve paid for themselves, whilst you have spoilers left right and centre! For example, on the 13th of January, they display the entire contents of the box. Thanks.

As I was saying, the 12th had rolled on by and I hadn’t recieved my email… neither had others, all the whilst Glossybox continue to post on their instagram page about how wonderful the box is.

The 17th hits and I finally recieve my box. With one item missing.

When I contact Glossybox they are reluctant to give me the product in the pamphlet, and instead offer me 20% back or a make up remover.

I declined and asked for the product as shown in the pamphlet. I was then told that it was a printing mistake.

Well it’s not a mistake if I’ve seen people from the ‘Glossy Circle’, recieve this product.

After a fair few emails my original item was sent… a week after my box.

Mid January I see a comment pop up under a photo from Glossybox to a customer. ‘We have been very busy over Christmas as there is a bit of a delay in sending out boxes’

You know how many Glossyboxes to send out to subscribers as you take our money 1st of the month.

Yes Christmas is a busy time, but it’s the same time every year and you’ve taken payments for subscribers on the 1st of the month and if you’re a yearly subscriber then you know how many subscribers you have because you’re taking their money every money without fail!

I’ve I told them I’ll pay you between the 5th and 12th, that wouldnt be acceptable.

If there should been a delay because you havent organised in advanced then you should let the customers know.

The amount if boxes that have been sent out with missing products is embarrassing, whilst their customer service is absolutely shocking!

Have a read of any of their comments on their instagram. It’s terrible!

I’d like to mention, I signed up for a 12 month subscription, but if I hadn’t, I’d been cancelling pronto!

Blogmas 2019, Hauls

Blogmas Day 15 – Boots Advent Calender/Full face of make up

Good evening friends,

I have been a absolutely loving advent calender’s this year!

Last week I picked up this Boots beauty calender online, which includes 24 doors, filled with make up for just £12.50!

I didnt look at any spoilers before I bought it, and said to myself, if I can do a full face of make up with the products, then I will.

Here’s what I got…

A highlighter,blusher, bronzer

Sparkly brown eye shadow, soft light brown, sparkly grey

Eyebrow powder, Eyebrow setting cream

3 lip glosses, pink, peach, light pink

2 nail varnishes – Pewter and Pink

I am seriously impressed with this calender!

For my make up look, I had to use my own primer, concealer and mascara as they weren’t included, but I did use the tools in the calender to apply the make up.


Fresh out the shower, no make up, no filter, and wet hair


The bronzer was a lovely colour but the brush was alot thinner and not as fluffy as my day to day one, so I almost felt as if I was drawing stripes on my face. It took alot to blend!

Also I use a soft pencil to thicken/fill in my brows, which you can be precise with, the brow powder was easy to apply, but it was far too light for my brows, and just covered a large patch instead of allowing me to give the front of my brows a more natural look.

The lip glosses didnt really have a difference in shades but that’s fine. I used the stronger pink which was a silky soft application, and was non sticky.

Blush isn’t really a product I gravitate to, but I quite like the rosy cheeks look.

I went for a discrete eye look, as I didnt think silver glitter was appropriate for sunday lunch?

I applied the glittery brown, lightly to my lids, and under my lower lashes, the silver in the corners of my eyes, the brow powder along my lash line as I didnt have an eye liner, and a little of the brow setting cream on my brow bone.

I think this look is simple but pretty. I’m going to get use out if all of this products, the only think missing would be a mascara, and then I’d be happy to rock this look solo.

Blush, bronzer, highlighter, lips, eye shadows, nail varnish’s and beauty appliances is amazing, an absolute steal!

This is a great advent calender for any age, skin tone, and level of experience with make up.

Have you used any Beauty advent calender before? And would you reccomend it?

Kaya •


Autumn Favourites

Good evening friends!

With the evening’s getting darker quicker, cold weather rolling in fast and having to add that extra layer before you leave the house, I wanted to share with you my Autumn Favourites.

Make up

Vegas Nay by Lamia – TK Maxx – £9.99

The beautiful box caught my eye, and the contents inside did not disappoint.

I hadn’t heard of this brand before. But £9.99 for these stunning products, I am hooked!

This eyeshadow palette is incredible!

I’ve used this almost every day for the past month to create looks that are subtle, smokey and saulty and a full on glamourous for a night out. Hopefully I’ll be able to find this pallette again in TK Maxx, as it can be so difficult to find just one pallette that has all the colours you need all in one.

Who doesn’t love a touch of sparkle this time of year?

This nude lipstick is a tad lighter shade than I’d normally go for, but the colour is beautiful. A perfect creamy blend that has a long stay and won’t dry out your lips.


American cream sundae conditioner bar £8

I’m slowly making my way through bar shampoos, conditioners, and soaps to see which ones suit me best. this conditioner bar smells lovely, and for £8, the size has reduced really well considering I’ve been using it about 3 times a week of a month.

Bathbomb, Mindfully Made, £2.50

This white bathbomb is beautiful! Who wouldnt love a glittery snowball? Taking the bath bomb to the next level, I’m definitely going to have to stock up on these for winter!

Spearmint and Patchouli Soap, Mindfully Made £4

I’ve tried a few of the Shambolic Soaps, and this ones just gorgeous. With all of these soaps they leave you bathroom with the freshest scents. Like the others I’ve used, this is fantastic for dry and sensative skin, and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed.


Camel check Skirt, Primark, £8

I love this preppy, ‘Clueless’/Gossip Girl inspired look. Perfect with thick black tights, and a and a snuggly jumper.

Hearts Jumper, Peacock £5.

How adorable is this jumper?
It was originally £18, which I would of paid for it as it’s cute and comfy for autumn/winter.

Stone Handbag, Mia £8

The Mia sale got me again (shocker). But £8 for this gorgeous light grey handbag, how could I walk away?

Mixed print dress, Yoyelle’s £10

Now, this dress is not me at all, and that’s kind of what I love about it!

When I first saw it on he hanger I thought, ‘man that alot going on!’ I had a closer look and realised I love the shape and the colours, just not crazy on the design. Whilst queuing to try it on, I met a lady in the line who complimebet my great taste (she was holding the same dress). It turned out she picked up a large, and I a Medium,so we swapped. The large fit perfectly round my chest, and hips, a little loose on the waist but that’s what belts are for!

I’m planning to par this with black knee high suede boots and a leather jacket.

Ribbed dress, Primark £8.

Simple, versatile and chic, perfect for all occasions and weather.


Stitch hot water bottle, Primark £8

I saw this hot water bottle on the primark website and hunted high and low for one in store! He’s perfect for those cold autumn nights.


Eat Real Hummus chips £0.89p per bag

How? How have I never seen these before? This woman LOVES hummus. Whilst at the till of my local green grocers I saw these out the corner of my eye. Yes I ate 2 bags in 1 day (the bags are only half full), and no I didnt feel guilty, although I did pack up a 3rd bag and stopped myself. These little shells of magic…where have you been all my snacking life?

Thank you for reading guys, what are some of your autumn favourites?

Kaya •


Glossybox October 2019, Part 2, tried and tested

Good afternoon friends,

This post is a little different to how I normally review my Glossybox. I’ve already reviewed this months box, but since there were so many products I wanted to try I thought instead of editing my last post, I’d create a new one so you can read about how I’ve been getting on with the products.

First things first. This hot chocolate was de-licious! I’m a classic chocolate kind of girl and dont steer away to other varieties… but if you must give me a litre of this, then so be it!

The next product I tried was the bath salts. I was slightly disappointed as I expected them to foam up a little more than they did. Yes they foamed slightly, but not enough that you could use this as your only source of bubbles for a bath. The scent was beautiful though, and for that, I enjoyed it.

Whilst in my long bubble bath, (it was certainly needed), I tried the face mask.

My apologies for the poor lighting, but I had a candle lit bath, and my priority was to relax, not to fiddle around and get the perfect picture.

You can see a light glittery sparkle. This mask left my face soft to the touch with a slight comfortablt tightness, I’d defiant recommend this and use it again.

I love love love this make up look. I’ve decided on a orange look on one eye, and a pink and red look on the other, both with black eye liner and accompanied by a red lip.

This pallette is so versatile, and you can definitely create more than 2 looks with it, especially if you smoked it out a little with other shadows.

The eyeliner was great, but it did fade a little quicker than I hoped, but it was still alot better than others I’ve recieved.

This lip crayon was so creamy and had a long lasting wear. I did put a little lip balm on my lips before hand, but even so, my lips stayed moisturised and without the colour bleeding at all.

I can see this eyeshadow pallette and lip crayon becoming a firm favourite this winter.

By far, this is the best Glossybox I’ve recieved so far, and cant wait for next months!

Kaya •


Glossybox April 2019

Good afternoon WordPress friends!

Last Saturday I received my first Glossybox!

I’d tried Birchbox twice and was painfully unimpressed… keep on reading to find out what I thought about Glossybox.

Firsty, oh my gosh, how pretty is this floral print box?
‘Let your dreams blossom’ such a lovely little detail… And is now making me think of Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale.

This month I would be sent either the floral or fruity edition of the box, and thankfully I received the one I wanted.

The presentation is sweet, the tissue paper and ribbon is a nice touch.

Also, everything has a bit of pink in it; I love when everything matches/colour coordinates.

Original Source: Raspberry and Rose Shower Gel
RRP £2.30 (Full size)

The first item I picked up was the Original Source Raspberry and Rosewater shower gel and it’s smells absolutely delicious. I’ve used this shower gel a few days in a row, and my bathroom smelt incredible after. One squeeze of this goes a long way, and foams up beautifully. I’ve used the original source products before, but this one is definitely the winner.

Merci Handy : Flower Power Hand Cleansing Gel
RRP £3.00 (Full size)

Next, we have the Merci handy flower power love and hand cleansing gel. It has a subtle but sweet and clean smell. The packaging is a nice change to most pocket sized antibacs, a little more feminine and small but still a decent size.
The gel has a mild scent and leaves your hands clean, without them feeling dried out.

Dr.Paw Paw: Hot Pink Balm.
RRP £6.95 (Full size)

From the description I though the balm
would be a soft blush but it’s quite a strong, bright hot pink. A tiny dot is plenty for a rosy summer tint to the cheeks.
I much prefer a creme blush rather than a powder, but haven’t found the right shade yet, this little beauty is perfect though. I’m looking forward to trying a sweep of this on my lips in the summer.

Dr.Botanicals: Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask
RRP Deluxe mini 30ml worth £14, Full size 50ml RRP £19

The next product is one that I’ve received before from Birchbox. I wasn’t blown away by it but was happy enough. This is what I wrote in my Birchbox review for the product.

The cream had a very faint scent, which unfortunately smelt nothing like sweet pomegranate. I used this mask on my face twice in the week, and it left my face feeling refreshed, very soft and hydrated. The mask was thick and silky.
I would recommend buying this cream, although it was slightly on the pricey side, retailing at £14.90 for the 30ml (full size) tube.

Nivea: Micellair Professional Makeup Remover
RRP £3.99 Full Size

I LOVE this make up remover! I will definitely be buying it once I run out.

It is the gentlest and quickest remover I’ve ever used. To remove a dark smokey eye, and layers of black mascara, I only had to use 2 cotton pads on each eye, to leave my eyes refreshed, and without scrubbing or irritation. Amazing!

Jeanne Arthes: Let your dreams blossom Eau De Parfum

£20.99 Full size

The last product, is my favourite.
It is a 30 ml glass spray that is sweet, light, floral, and the perfect size for my handbag. A lovely scent for summer that’s not overpowering, but has a long lasting scent. I’ve only had to use 2 spritz to have the scent stay with me all day.

I couldn’t be more pleased with this beauty box. I’m extremely impressed with not only the products, but the quality of them. To receive them in such a beautifully presented (and sturdy) box, is a bonus, it was like opening a birthday present.

I received my first box at a discount price of £7 + £3.25 postage and packaging.

Every month onwards, subscription costs £10 per month + £3.25 postage and packaging.

I’d recommend this beauty box, not only for the quality of the product but the fantastic price as well.

I can’t wait to see what I’ll receive in my May box… But of course, I’ll let you know!

Kaya •

Blogmas 2018

Blogmas Day 11. Statement Party Lips

Day 11. Statement Party Lips

Now, tis the season and all, so statement lipstick, glitter and just a dash too much sparkle is essential.

The past few weeks I’ve been donning bold lips when out for drinks, meeting friends, at work, or even at the supermarket.

I love make up, and a bold lip colour can complete your outfit in seconds. Here are my favorite 4 this holiday season.

No7. High Shine Lipgloss – ‘Roaring Red

Christmas red, glossy shine and a touch of shimmer. Well, ladies and gents I think we’ve found the perfect season lip wear right here! This lipgloss doesn’t stick, but glides on, smells incredible, and give that ready to go, party look!

NYX – ‘Siren’

I’m a huge fan of NYX and can’t tell you how many of their products I’ve bought over the years. This colour is maybe a little more daring, but stunning. The lipstick is a deep purple with a creamy base that won’t dry out your lips. This would go well with a simple winged liner look, or a smokey grey eye.

Primark, PS Lustre – ‘Smitten’

This shade was much lighter than I expected but I love it. This lipstick is a powerful, dark pink. I assumed it would be crimson, but since I’ve worn dark reds over the years, this one was a pleasant surprise to wear a deep red/pink.

Mac – ‘Amplified’

I bought this shade as it reminded me of one of my all time favorite Mac Lipsticks, Double Shot. This lipstick has a rich formula with long lasting wear and a beautiful colour.

I wear this shade often, it is bold but also able to pair with any look to give you that perfect pout.

What’s your favorite ‘go to’ lipstick for this season?

Kaya •


My October Favorites

Happy November Wonderful bloggers!

These posts always interested me, as I love to see what essentials people buy each month or what catches their eye.

So here’s a little run down of my October monthly favourites.

Revolution Eyeshadow Pallets

I picked 2x revolution eyeshadow pallets for Superdrug. I’ve struggled to find eye shadows recently that are matte as most nowadays are glittery. Don’t get me wrong, glitter eyeshadows are beautiful, but for the right occasion. Day to day, for me, glitter shadows make me feel as though I look like a disco ball. It’s a little ott.
These pallets are affordable at £8 each with matte and a few shimmer colours.

Large glass Ikea candles

Well I can’t say that I needed these candles buy, at less than £2 each, how can you resist?
I picked up a gorgeous sweet apple and warm vanilla candle.

Forever 21 Cardigan

A friend of mine visited New York the beginning of the month, and bought me this beautiful cardigan from Forever 21.
The cardigan is a sheer, versitile, everyday cardigain, which has kept me cosy and stylish this past month

Vintage Gloves

My family and I went to a 1940’s/1950’s event where there was Live music, vintage clothing, tea and cakes, and a raffle. I bought these beautiful vintage leather gloves for a bargain of £5.

Audrey Hepburn Book

I’ve always had a love of Audrey Hepburn.
I bought this book for a bit of light winter reading on this extrodinary woman.
eBay, £7

Leather Paul Costello Handbag

I walked through TK Maxx twice, and the second time round, I couldn’t resist but to have a look at the handbags. I was in need of a everyday bag, and then I found this beauty. I decided to treat myself. I work hard for my money, and prefer to spend on staple pieces that will last and that I will get a good wear out of. The RRP price was £225.00, I bought it for an incredible £59.00 in TK Maxx.

Gold cake stand

This was another TK Maxx find. I’ve been looking for a cake stand for some time now, and then saw it sitting there on a shelf in the wrong section.
I picked this up for £12.99
This stand was the centre piece, and. Perfect for our Great British Bake off Party.

What did you buy this October and have you started your Christmas shopping?

Kaya •