Isle of Wight

Cornerstop Café, Isle of Wight

Good evening friends,

Is there ever too many independent eateries? No, no there isn’t!

The Cornerstop Cafe opened 2 weeks ago, and I’ve been excited to visit there since!

Joint owners, Munshur and Jo and Manager Becky (Munshurs wife/Jo’s sister), have created a cosy and friendly cafe in the heart of the Island.

The cafe dines about 20 people, in a vibrant setting with comfy seating, large windows that let the natural light shine through and also gives anyone walking by food envy, with friendly staff and chilled music in the background, we certainly felt as though we had chosen the right spot for lunch.

The cafe offers a menu of hot and cold fresh food and drinks, sweets, and even a ‘soup of the day’. All which were extremely reasonably priced.

As well as trying new independent places to eat, I love trying out new coffee’s.

I’m quite fussy when it comes to coffee, as I like mine to be strong, without that bitter tang.

The Cornerstop Cafe use Puro Fairtrade coffee which is rich, smooth and flavoursome.

‘Puro Fairtrade Coffee is commitment to stop the exploitation of the third world, ensuring fair prices to coffee growers and saving rainforest and its species within coffee producing countries. Money from the sale of Puro is returned into the purchase and protection of rainforest reserves in the very countries our coffee comes from.’

I had a cappuccino, and a Tuna mayo baguette (with a variety of free salad fillings for you to customize your meal) whilst my partner enjoyed freshly made Pancakes with maple syrup, and a cuppa tea.

I had a bite of the pancakes (of course), and they were perfectly light and fluffy.

We couldn’t help it, and were tempted by the home made cakes. We shared 2 between us, the chocolate cake and the lotus biscuit slice.

My goodness, both were scrumptious, but I’d never tasted anything like the lotus biscuit slice, I should of asked for the recipe!

With a variety of alternative milks, gluten free bread, and home made vegan delights there is something avalaible for everyone.

The cafe also has a children’s s play area, and is dog friendly as well, which is perfect for families who want to relax and enjoy without the fuss.

As well as the fantastic menu, they also offer snacks on the go, and a £5 meal deal offer!

Crisps, chocolate, cold drinks and home made sandwiches packed, all ready to go, along with hot sausage rolls. What more could you want?

This delightful cafe is located at Newport Bus Station, and is open Tuesday – Saturday 8am to 3pm.

The freshly made meals, and cakes, the decision to supply alternative milks and breads, and the decision to use a fairtrade coffee supplier, this Independent family business have certainly put alot of love and thought into the cafe.

I wish them much success, and look forward to popping in soon for another slice of Lotus biscuit cake

Kaya •


Board IOW… a different spin on Halloween

Good evening friends and Happy Halloween!

This evening my boyfriend and I spent our Halloween at a new cafe, ‘Board IOW’, The Board Game Cafe.

My partner dressed up as a mummy, and I fashioned a last minute witches costume. The hat and broom helped massively! It was all good fun!

(Pumpkin spiced latte … yes, I have been converted)

For just £8 a ticket per person, your ticket include’s a Halloween themed drink, a snack platter and 3 hours of gaming!

We had an incredible time, playing numerous new games that we’d never heard of. A man dressed as a vampire arrived alone, so we invited him to play with us. That’s just another wonderful feature with this cafe, they offer social nights where you can join tables of others and play with strangers, why not hey?

It’s a brilliant way to interact and to get to know like minded people.

In the day, the cafe also had a child friendly event, which was Harry Potter themed. Wizards, witches and Muggles were all welcome, where they may play a variety of Harry Potter Games or take part in activities and crafts. The owners explained that it had been so popular that they will be hosting a Harry Potter themed event again this coming Saturday.

Although the cafe has only been open a couple of months, it is extremely popular.

The owners and staff are absolulty lovely which is always an added bonus. Everytime I’ve visited I always recieve a warm welcome, and everyone is so keen to offer help regarding picking a game to play… since there is over 125 to choose from. Often a member of staff will walk you through the game so that you’re not spending your time reading through instructions and getting puzzled.

This cafe is truly unique, and another way to spend your days and evening with friends, family, and loved ones

They also have an alcohol licence, so if you want a few drinks but not fancy hitting the bars or clubs then this is the place to be!

I’ve been a few Times with friends for a couple of hours of game play, and some delicious nibbles, but also met a friend for brunch, with no games but a good old chit chat session.

With a menu that’ll keep all the family happy, a wide range of games, cocktails and the most incredible hot chocolates and milkshakes, theres no question of why this has become a favourite place for Islanders to spend their time.

Kaya •