Blogmas 2020

Blogmas – Ginger breadhouse

Good evening friends,

Christmas night, my partner and I, decided to construct our gingerbread house.
I had bought the house a few weeks ago from B&M for £5, which included a bag of white icing, multicoloured sweets, candy sails and candy canes.
I picked a couple more packs of sweets to decorate, and eat on the way.

For years I’ve wanted to play the Christmas hat drinking game.
A Christmas hat is placed on the TV – whenever a Character lines up with the hat to look as though you are wearing it, you have a drink.
We chose Die Hard, and yes, it IS a Christmas Film.

Well, for the duration of the film I had a drink or icing bag permanently attached to my hand.

Constructing the house was a bloomin challenge.

Yes we may of had a fair few drinks, but the sides of the house had crumbed in the box, which we knew would cause an issue when constructing.

The final product (during the few seconds it stayed together)

Yes the resemblance is uncanny

We decided to make the crashing house look deliberate, and eventually poured ourselves into bed at 1.30 in the morning.

The house went straight into the bin the next morning, safe to say it was memorable and a good laugh, maybe it’ll stand for a few minutes next year!

Kaya •

Blogmas 2018

Blogmas Day 19. The Gingerbread House

Day 19. The Gingerbread House

This post isn’t how I visioned it but it was great fun all the less.

If I mention a gingerbread house, you’ll probably have one of 2 images in your head,

A colourful, mismatched Ginger Bread house made with love by children and parents


A picture perfect, Instagram and Pinterest Ginger Bread house decorated with symmetrical patterns, and colour coordinated sweets.

How about a mini Gingerbread house made by one drunk, and one very ill adult?

Filled with alcohol, and the other dosed up on cold and flu capsules, this is the result.

Doesn’t it look just like the picture on the box?

We bought extra sweets to use for decorating, including 2 jelly babies in the house. Adorable right?

The icing was thick but not sticky, it all got very messy, the walls didn’t want to stay up and the roof somehow stayed in place long enough for me to take this picture.
Seconds after it fell apart and it was devoured.

For anyone who would like to construct a small and simple (whatever) gingerbread house, I’d recommend this minature version from B&M for a fantastic price of £1.99!

And when I say minature… The house rest on the palm of my hand. Now that is tiny!

Have you decorated your Gingerbread House? And what was your style?

Kaya •