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Guest Post with Sophia Myambala

Good afternoon friends,

Today’s post is a little different, as it will be my first Guest post.

I’d love to introduce you to one of my closest friends, Sophia Myambala (or Sunny as I call her)

This is some one who I adore, admire, and am so thankful that I met them.

We have been friends around 7 years now, and she inspires me everytime we talk. You know when someone was destined to come into your life, well that’s Sunny.

What inspires you?

– I’m honestly inspired by nature and elements. As a kid, I loved being outside, staring at the clouds, sun-gazing. We still had snow back then which made me happy. Now that I am an adult, whenever I feel the need to pause, nature always helps me to center and brings me home to my connection with people, animals and Spirit.

Who inspires you?

– Josh Littlejohn! He is this amazing Scottish man who founded the organisation Social Bite. They hire homeless people in their cafes to give them work experience, and their own income. He worked with the Scottish government and other organisations to create the Social Bite Village in Edinburgh, The Big Sleep Out and the Scottish British Awards. These are just a few things he has done that show me what I am capable of, in terms of the impact I could have if I use my imagination.

What change do you want to make in the world?

– Hmmm. I used to want to change the world, however, I’m working on changing myself. I hope to support people healing from trauma, to create safe spaces, and hopefully inspire future generations to be kind to one another.

What’s your last thought before bed?

– I go into meditation and prayer every night, yet I still find myself thinking about what to make for breakfast the next day lol.

What is something you’ve always wanted to learn to cook?

– Lasagna! I have made it a few times but I would like to be able to serve versions of it that meet all dietary requirements because it is such a delicious and filling dish!

What is one skill you’ve always wanted to master?

– Herbalism. I watched a documentary years ago about alternative medicine where I learnt that half the compounds found in medicine are derived from plants and immediately wanted to know more. I’ve learnt a few things along the way; How more common plants are used in teas, tinctures and aromatherapy. I hope to be competent enough one day to use the remedies to take care of family and friends.

What is one film you would recommend and why?

– Scott Pilgrim vs The World. It based on a graphic novel. It’s such a ridiculously funny movie. The protagonist, Scott, has to battle Romona’s seven evil ex’s in hopes to win her hand. It has the perfect blend of ‘coming of age’, romance, action, musical. Great cinematography.

What is your Favourite book?

– Brida by Paulo Coelho. I cried the first time I read it. It’s a story about a young Irish woman being initiated into two magic traditions; The Tradition of the Moon and The Tradition of the Sun – symbols of the masculine and feminine energy in us. We explore her loves, past lives, religion, her connection to the universe and its hidden truths. I fell in love with the book because of the way Paulo writes. I could see myself reflected in all his characters. The book helped me to enjoy reading again. I have read it every year for the past 4 years and keep learning something new.

What location has given you the best memories?

– Essaouria, Morrocco. This city has my heart! Each time I visit, I fall in love with the world and myself a bit more. It’s a white & blue themed artist city right on the coast. I love the music, the smells, the people are so friendly, the beach is so clean. You get this beautiful rush of the Arab and Berber culture, feeling that you’re a part of it instead of just a tourist. The last time I went, I discovered a camel park that is a place that mostly the locals hang out and hiked through it to the outskirts of the city.

What is your favourite quote?

– “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams” – Henry David Thoreau.

I hope you enjoyed my guest post, and a huge thank you to Sophia for sharing her thoughts with us.

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Kaya •


What a weekend

Hello there all, and how was your weekend?

The past 72 hours have been jam packed and just wonderful.


I started my weekend off on a high. After waiting 50 minutes, and repeatedly getting thrown off of the site, it happened. It finally happened.
I got tickets to see The Spice Girls! My poor neighbours! I couldn’t contain my excitement and screamed with happiness.

I managed to buy tickets for the tour from added UK dates, just minutes before I had to leave for work.

Saturday was a hectic day at work, but I was on a high knowing that I was going to see my favorite childhood band with a group of friends next year…. The hotel is booked and the road trip is already being planned.

I can’t remember the last time we had a girl’s night out. I met up with some of my closest friends, we had maybe one too many pitchers and cocktails, hours of catching up, and danced the night away to 80’s and 90’s dance and pop music until 2:30am
We ended the night eating Chinese takeaway at 3 in the morning, in our PJs and watching Friends. A Saturday evening with my favourite ladies was perfection.


We paid our respects and showed our support Sunday morning by attending the 11/11 memorial and giving our minutes silence. We then spent the afternoon supporting local musicians at the Ukele Festival. It was great fun, listening, and singing along to the music before having a Sunday roast dinner at one of my favorite places, The Bargemans’s Rest.


I had Monday off, and indulged in a relaxed yet productive morning.
The afternoon was spent grocery shopping, running errands, doing some chores etc.
We finally settled down to watch The Incredible’s 2 with dinner.

On my days off when I have time to, I prefer to cook as much as I can from scratch. There is nothing wrong with store bought food or from eating from the freezer, but I find I enjoy my food more, when I know that I’ve prepared and cooked it all myself.

For dinner I made pasta with minced beef in a simple red sauce with roasted vegetables.

For dessert I made sweet cream and jam buns. This was my first attempt at making them, and they were absolutely delicious, if I do say so myself.

A weekend full of food, laughter and great conversation, it was just what I needed.

Tell me, what’s your ideal weekend consist of, and what do you have planned for this weekend coming?

Kaya •