Isle of Wight

Carisbrooke Castle

Good afternoon friends,

I hope you’re all keeping well this beautiful Monday!

Yesterday morning, my family and I went for a social distancing at

‘The Castle’… Carisbrook Castle.

This beautiful 12th century castle was the location of where Charles I was held prisoner, before being beheaded.

The castle is currently closed to the public due to the global current events.

Standard Admission for the castle grounds is around £12.50 for adults and £7.50 for children.

Inside the grounds includes A chapel,museum, the well house, with a working well, operated by Donkeys, And many other rooms to explore.

In all honesty I havent been in the castle for years, the merchandise and the admission fee are over priced,but the site is beautiful to view from the outside also.

Leading up to and around the castle walks are extremly popular with all, and you can enjoy it for free.

Children and adults riding their bikes, walks with the family, visiting the horses on the adjacent fields, or just parking up outside the castle to take in the view

Walking around the moat of the castle, which you can run up and down of (great fun for sledding when it very rarely snows)

Beautiful old walls around the castle, with the most beautiful views over looking Newport,

A variety of pathways leading off of the path to local footpaths to and other ventures.

With many hidden windows and doors around the site, you cant help but peak through, and maybe attempt to wiggle the handle.

I’m forever thankful for our island, the sites, the nature, the history and all that is there to be discovered.

Kaya •


It all happens at once

Good morning friends,

Wow what a ride!

Firstly I’d like to explain and apologies for the lack of posts and interaction with you all the past couple of weeks.

This past month has been one of the busiest since I can’t tell you when!

The past couple of weeks have been jam packed but in the most positive ways.

As I’d mentioned previously, I’ve been participating in The Race at your Pace monthly running challenges. I love it! Over the summer I combined this with the slim fast diet for 12 weeks, which I completed, and then moved on to healthy eating and calorie counting.

Last month I calorie counted, meal prepped (definitely had a few naughty days), and completed my Race at your Pace, 125 mile challenge. Man, that was alot of running!

Don’t get me wrong there were some days that were a struggle where I didn’t want to run or measure out my food, but the majority of the time I did.
I completed my challenge, and am now a comfortable size 14 in Jeans.
I cannot tell you the last time I felt that confident in that size, I’m absolutely thrilled, and hope that by Christmas, I’ll be a size 12! Fingers crossed!

I’ve been learning to drive since last summer, it’s taken alot longer than I expected, as it was difficult to fit lessons in between shifts, especially when they’re not consistent. Also, £28 per hour can rack up pretty quickly, but a gap in lessons can make you rusty. Finally… I booked in for my test, but no pressure, if I were to fail my test, my next one would be in November as there weren’t anymore dates available. Which would mean I’d have to carry on with lessons until then. So I powered through and hoped for the best!

Thankfully, just over 2 weeks ago I passed my test first time!

That’s definitely a weight off of my shoulders! Its incredible that I can now drive, and have enjoyed cruising around this beautiful island, and a bit of night driving. I’m so happy!

So, along with running, meal prep and driving, I got a new job!

I left the cafe and went back to what I know and love… working in an administration role.
Regular hours and days off, no shift work, room for progression, being able to challenge myself and grow. I’m thrilled!

A leaving present from a friend at work, a triple chocolate cake

And last but not least… (theres too many little fun things in between) I have started writing for a magazine!
The Local directory magazine

The Local Directory, a magazine that was released at the beginning of the year, was created exclusively for island businesses. The local directory includes articles, adverts, and addition information for local businesss on the Isle of Wight.

I had previously written about Mindfuly Made on wordpress, a local eco friendly store in Newport.

When I was asked to join the magazine, I was told that I could write about whatever interested me as long as it was relevant to the Island.

Picture from The Local directory

I decide to expand on Mindfully Made,which then became my first pubished article!

I didnt even think of this being in the cards so as you can imagine I’m over the moon that I’ve been given this opportunity.

August was incredible, but I’m rather looking forward to a slightly more relaxed an spread out September and end of 2019!

Kaya •