Autumn Favourites

Good evening friends!

With the evening’s getting darker quicker, cold weather rolling in fast and having to add that extra layer before you leave the house, I wanted to share with you my Autumn Favourites.

Make up

Vegas Nay by Lamia – TK Maxx – £9.99

The beautiful box caught my eye, and the contents inside did not disappoint.

I hadn’t heard of this brand before. But £9.99 for these stunning products, I am hooked!

This eyeshadow palette is incredible!

I’ve used this almost every day for the past month to create looks that are subtle, smokey and saulty and a full on glamourous for a night out. Hopefully I’ll be able to find this pallette again in TK Maxx, as it can be so difficult to find just one pallette that has all the colours you need all in one.

Who doesn’t love a touch of sparkle this time of year?

This nude lipstick is a tad lighter shade than I’d normally go for, but the colour is beautiful. A perfect creamy blend that has a long stay and won’t dry out your lips.


American cream sundae conditioner bar £8

I’m slowly making my way through bar shampoos, conditioners, and soaps to see which ones suit me best. this conditioner bar smells lovely, and for £8, the size has reduced really well considering I’ve been using it about 3 times a week of a month.

Bathbomb, Mindfully Made, £2.50

This white bathbomb is beautiful! Who wouldnt love a glittery snowball? Taking the bath bomb to the next level, I’m definitely going to have to stock up on these for winter!

Spearmint and Patchouli Soap, Mindfully Made £4

I’ve tried a few of the Shambolic Soaps, and this ones just gorgeous. With all of these soaps they leave you bathroom with the freshest scents. Like the others I’ve used, this is fantastic for dry and sensative skin, and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed.


Camel check Skirt, Primark, £8

I love this preppy, ‘Clueless’/Gossip Girl inspired look. Perfect with thick black tights, and a and a snuggly jumper.

Hearts Jumper, Peacock £5.

How adorable is this jumper?
It was originally £18, which I would of paid for it as it’s cute and comfy for autumn/winter.

Stone Handbag, Mia £8

The Mia sale got me again (shocker). But £8 for this gorgeous light grey handbag, how could I walk away?

Mixed print dress, Yoyelle’s £10

Now, this dress is not me at all, and that’s kind of what I love about it!

When I first saw it on he hanger I thought, ‘man that alot going on!’ I had a closer look and realised I love the shape and the colours, just not crazy on the design. Whilst queuing to try it on, I met a lady in the line who complimebet my great taste (she was holding the same dress). It turned out she picked up a large, and I a Medium,so we swapped. The large fit perfectly round my chest, and hips, a little loose on the waist but that’s what belts are for!

I’m planning to par this with black knee high suede boots and a leather jacket.

Ribbed dress, Primark £8.

Simple, versatile and chic, perfect for all occasions and weather.


Stitch hot water bottle, Primark £8

I saw this hot water bottle on the primark website and hunted high and low for one in store! He’s perfect for those cold autumn nights.


Eat Real Hummus chips £0.89p per bag

How? How have I never seen these before? This woman LOVES hummus. Whilst at the till of my local green grocers I saw these out the corner of my eye. Yes I ate 2 bags in 1 day (the bags are only half full), and no I didnt feel guilty, although I did pack up a 3rd bag and stopped myself. These little shells of magic…where have you been all my snacking life?

Thank you for reading guys, what are some of your autumn favourites?

Kaya •

monthly favourites

January Favourites

Good Afternoon everyone and Happy February 1st!

How has a month flown by already?

I’ve been looking forward to sharing my January favourites with you all… Let’s get to it!


2019 Diary
TK Maxx £7.99

Finding a diary is never an easy task, but if you look hard enough you’ll find the perfect one.

This diary ticks all the boxes. The layout is fantastic, it has double paged monthly calendars at the front, and a notes section at the back. More than enough room to write important information for events, reminders, shopping lists, the lot!

Could you be anymore organised? Well with this diary, you can!

Words to Inspire notebook –
The Works £3.00

This second diary is used as my personal daily diary. Every so often then lined pages will change to a different bright/pastel colour with another inspiring quote. I normally prefer a simple black and white lined diary, but when I saw this, I realised, I needed a change.

Blog diary
The works £2.00

Now that’s one hell of a quote.
As I’ve mentioned before my phone is unreliable so I picked up this simple lined notepad to jot down drafts and ideas etc.

Fashion Items.

Black top
Matalan £3.50

I picked up this top half price in the sale last week. What a beauty. This black and flowery top would pair perfectly with a tank top, whether that be black, red, pink, whatever I feel like on the day. This can be worn any season, day or night. Perfect.

Black heels
Matalan £10.00

As I’ve mentioned in my last Primark Haul, I just cannot walk in my old high heels anymore. I’ve since got rid of them and bought myself a new pair of black heels at a more sensible height.

Beauty Products

Quick Fix Facials Face Mask

TK Maxx £2.99

I’ve been wearing this mask 2-3 times a week for the past month. This facemask does have a slight tingle when you first apply it, but it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and soft. I don’t know if it has lifted and firmed my face at all, but hopefully time will tell.

Hair renewing Argen oil of Morocco

TK maxx £2.99

The end of my hair can become dry rather easily. I only use a pea sized amount in my palm, gently run in between my hands and softly smooth it over the bottom third of my wet hair. The texture isnt too greasy and distributed well throughout my hair. Since using this oil my hair has before smooth and glossy.

Coconut Macaroon Indulgent Bath creme

B&M £2.99

Firstly, how pretty is the packaging? Adorable! This thick and silky bath creme is the perfect scent, and provides a ton of fluffy bubbles for that long bubble bath we

Reading Material

Martin Luther King book will be read when my evenings are a little more organized/relaxed so that I can put time by to read his autobiography. I’ve tried, and have found that this is not the type of book that u can read during my lunch break. If prefer to dedicate a few hours in the evening and be able to properly take it all in without any disturbance.

Instead, I will be reading, Holly Madison, Down the Rabbit Hole. I bought this book for £2 on eBay.

The series Girls of the Playboy mansion was huge when I was in my late teens, and I love it! The series was so lighthearted, funny and entertaining, that you could have on in the back ground while you painted your nails or did some chores.
At the time, Holly was Hugh Hefner’s no1 girlfriend (strange and creepy I know), and although you saw all of the parties, photoshoots and fun times, we all know that there was more to the Playboy mansion than that!

Woman and Home Magazine

Sainsburys £4.75 (available in a variety of newsagents and supermarkets)

Now, when I showed a friend my newest purchase she laughed at me, as I’m in my late 20’s and joked that I had ‘matured’.

Now I take this as a compliment. Firstly, have you had a look at what magazines are out there at the moment? Well there’s some absolute trash. Gossip, and that’s what it is, gossip, not news. Fashion that I would never wear, and for extortionate amounts. The
word entertainment and celebrity is used very loosely nowadays!

In late November, after walking up and down the magazine aisle and eyerolling at the same front covers, I finally came across Woman and Home. Now this is my kind of magazine, travel, interviews with interesting people, affordable and luxury clothing, home decor and recipes, to name just a few of the contents! Also, for a decent sized magazine which isn’t made up mostly of adverts, for £4.75 I was pretty impressed!

Lastly, I wanted to mention something, that isn’t exactly a favorite, but this is something I discovered which has changed my day to day life. This may sound awful, but I was spending so much time in my phone. It’s easily done, you’re looking at a beauty product, then you may see a trailer for a new film, and then a cake recipe… It’s never ending, before you know it you’ve been scrolling through your Instagram for 20 minutes… Or longer. but I put a 30minute reminder on my Instagram.

This isn’t a favourite but more of a January recommendation I shared with family and friends.

What have your January favourites been? And have we purchased any items the same?

Kaya •


5 skincare products that have changed my life.

Although we’ve been lucky enough to have such beautiful summer days, Autumn is round the corner, and my skin can feel it. The last couple of weeks, my skin has begun to feel a bit dry, irritable and crack again. Before I continue to write this blog about my skin care products and eczema, at first I need to explain everything that has gone along with it that has caused such problems for my skin.

I am a generally happy person who tries to have a positive outlook on life. Since I was a child I’d suffered from depressing (I may open up and write about this at some point) The past 4 years I’ve come leaps and bounds and have finally been able to take control. I was very anxious, I was sad, negative, very cautious, upset and it could cause eczema to flair up occasionally. I would struggle to sleep and would stir in my sleep would wake up to find that I’d been scratching and hacking at my arms and legs without realizing it.

Since being able to handle my depression, my skin has become so much better. Unfortunately, when I do feel overwhelmed, I get a wave of old thoughts and old habits trickle into my mind of memories and feelings which causes my ezcema to flair up again and terrible rashes, which then causes a vicious circle.
Last year I had a particularly hard time where for over 6 months my body was in agony from my skin. Even if it was blazing hot outside I’d have my hands, arms and legs covered as I was mortified with anyone seeing the condition of my skin.

Ive heard dozens of wonderful reviews about E45 and Lush’s Dream Cream. Everyone has different skin types, and it isn’t always wise to go with the flow and use what others are. neither of these products worked for me.
The E45 was bareable for a while but still caused irritation and the Dream Cream caused me to almost burst into tears as soon as it was rubbed into my skin as it felt like it was burning.

A picture of my skin today.

Below are the products I used which helped dramatically with healing my skin.

Sudacrem (£3, 125ml tub)
This is a classic, and a must have in every home. This product reminds me of my childhood, sudacrem was the answer to everything. I would use this a few times daily. It would dry out my skin is ways, but whilst it was cracked and broken, that’s exactly what I needed.
I’d go to bed with thick white sudacrem over my hands, arm, and thighs, with a few patches over my lower legs. This won’t stain your sheet, but it will leave a hell of a mess on your bedding.
I bought a small tub for my handbag, so that I could apply this when I was out and about.

Simple Body Wash (£1-£2 for a 250ml bottle)
I wish I had found this product sooner, it’s a good send’ It is affordable and perfect for a calming, soothing soak in the shower as it is creamy with a slight scent. I would use this, and only this product everytime I showered as it would clean and calm my skin.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising lotion (£7, 12 ounce bottle)
A few months down the line, once my skin had begun to heal, and I was left with mostly red patches and dry skin, I decided to replace my daily routine of Sudacrem with the Aveeno lotion.
The lotion was a little bit more expensive than other products, but with such a thick, creamy and cooling consistensy, it was worth every penny.
I only use about half a pump of the product on my whole arm as a little product goes a long way.
I still used Sudacrem at night before bed but no where near as much as before.

Vaseline advanced repair and
Vaseline cocoa radiant with real cocoa butter (both £3 each for 400ml bottle)
My skin was finally able to manage slightly more scented and thinner lotions. These lotions smelt great, are easy to apply without leaving white marks on clothing or bedding, and had a light consistency that hydrated my skin.
I use two varieties, and swap between the two depending on which I fancy.

Over the course of Winter and Spring last year, my skin was terrible. But early April this year it started to finally heal. I have a few patches of dry skin on my hand (the picture inserted earlier), but hopefully it won’t get much worse than this. I plan to be stricter with myself and my routine this year, and continue to have happy and healthy skin.


These are my own opinions and reviews on products that have worked for me. If you have similar issues then you may be advised to speak to your doctor who could help to perscribe a treatment.

Please comment if you have any similar skin problems and have found any products that have helped.

Kaya •