‘Goddamn right, it’s a beautiful day’ Eels

Good Eveing friends,

This post is a little later than I intended, but it’s been quite the week!

A few months ago, I saw a poster for Eels by chance in a shop window in Southampton. My boyfriend is a massive fan of theirs, so I knew he’d be thrilled to know that they were performing later on in the summer, and for just £40 per ticket, we jumped right on it!

The months rolled on, and finally, on Tuesday night, August 20th, we made our way across the water to The Southampton Guildhall to watch Eels perform.

Now truthfully, I only know 2 of their songs, but I’ve heard there albums being played at home numerous times, so I knew that I didnt mind their music, and I’m always up for a concert!

Upcoming performances

We arrived just before 7, even though the gig started at 8, grabbed a couple of Pepsi’s, bought an awesome Eels T shirt, and were getting hyped up to see the band.


  • Maxi dress – Boohoo
  • Sandles – New look
  • Jacket – New Look
  • Handbag – Paul Costello
  • Necklace – Wish.com

Eels special guest and 2019 tour opening act was Robert Ellis. The ‘Texas Piano Man’ rocked up on stage at 8pm, in a crisp white suit and hat, ready to get the party started.

Photo courtesy of google images

Robert is an absolutely fantastic musician who played keyboard and guitar, with hilarious, yet meaningful lyrics, with a few curse words thrown in here and there, he had the crowd singing, clapping and cheering along.

If you like the music of Stephen Lynch, then I think you’d enjoy listening to Robert Ellis. Both performers are similar, in their honesty and comedy but Robert is much more P.C, relatable and had deeper lyrics.

Normally I find it hard to rememeber the opening act, but he definitely made a lasting impression.

I’d downloaded and have been singing ‘Passive aggressive, it’s very catchy if you get a chance to listen to it.

As soon as the Californian indie rock band stepped on stage, I was hooked!

They were absolutely incredible performers and entertainers. There was not one song that I didn’t dance along to.

One of those rare gigs where, even if you dont know the musicians songs very well, they still capture you, and get you lost in the atmosphere around you.

Mark Oliver Everette, the original singer and lead member of the band, formed Eels in 1995. Mark is a a fantastic song writer and has released 12 studio albums. I was in awe of him, this man, is incredibly talented, as well as he and his band being such great performers, some of the lyrics are absolutely beautiful.

Mark is now close to 60 years of age, and has been performing for almost 30 years, and although he has had to mix it up a bit by performing with a variety of different band mates, and tragic heart break and loss through out his life, this dude can seriously rock!

I was captivated for the 2 hours, and had wished that I had discovered their music sooner. Eels are such talented artists, I’m thrilled that we got to see them.

Have you seen Eels perform before? And who do you want to want to see perform next?

Kaya •