First achievement of the year

A very good morning and happy Saturday WordPress friends!

We are almost 3 weeks into this new year and I’m pleased to say that I have completed my first achievement on my 2019 list.

I passed my driving theory test!
To some this may not seem like much of an achievememt, but for me it is a huge step in the right direction for my future.

Let me tell you know, the information you retain regarding driving… Well I didn’t think I had anymore room in my brain. I studied hard! Goodness me!

As I walked out of the test center I gave a little squeal! I’m hoping to book in for my driving test next month. Fingers crossed!

Also, I would like to acknowledge that in my previous post, I did say I would post a Primark Haul, which I will, but my phone is currently flashing with errors and won’t let me access my photos and notes (where I’ve written a draft of my Primark Haul post) hopefully I’ll be able to access it at some point, or rewrite it and will have to take new pictures using WordPress. We shall wait and see!

Had a wonderful Saturday all!

Kaya •