Blogmas 2020

Blogmas – Mad Beauty Minnie Mouse Advent Calender

Good morning friends,

Each year I treat myself and buy a beauty advent calender.

This year there were dozens of options to choose from, and from early as September to purchase them.

I’d been back and forth between advent calender, but the 1st one that had caught my eye was from Superdrug.

The last 3 years I’ve bought The Mad Beauty Disney advent calenders, they’re simple with pretty packaging and reasonably priced. Each year they’ve retailed at £20, before selling at £10, then eventually reduced to £5… Which is when I buy it.

£5 for a 12 day Advent Calender? That works out around 42p per day, you’d be mad not to.

The Minnie Mouse Advent Set contains

  • 1x body wash
  • 1x body lotion
  • 2x bath salts
  • 2x bath fizzers
  • 2x lip balm
  • 1x hand cream
  • 1x body puff
  • 2x nail file

This Minnie advent calender is a lovely gift or treat for yourself, to leave you feeling pampered and put together

Kaya •


Autumn Favourites

Good evening friends!

With the evening’s getting darker quicker, cold weather rolling in fast and having to add that extra layer before you leave the house, I wanted to share with you my Autumn Favourites.

Make up

Vegas Nay by Lamia – TK Maxx – £9.99

The beautiful box caught my eye, and the contents inside did not disappoint.

I hadn’t heard of this brand before. But £9.99 for these stunning products, I am hooked!

This eyeshadow palette is incredible!

I’ve used this almost every day for the past month to create looks that are subtle, smokey and saulty and a full on glamourous for a night out. Hopefully I’ll be able to find this pallette again in TK Maxx, as it can be so difficult to find just one pallette that has all the colours you need all in one.

Who doesn’t love a touch of sparkle this time of year?

This nude lipstick is a tad lighter shade than I’d normally go for, but the colour is beautiful. A perfect creamy blend that has a long stay and won’t dry out your lips.


American cream sundae conditioner bar £8

I’m slowly making my way through bar shampoos, conditioners, and soaps to see which ones suit me best. this conditioner bar smells lovely, and for £8, the size has reduced really well considering I’ve been using it about 3 times a week of a month.

Bathbomb, Mindfully Made, £2.50

This white bathbomb is beautiful! Who wouldnt love a glittery snowball? Taking the bath bomb to the next level, I’m definitely going to have to stock up on these for winter!

Spearmint and Patchouli Soap, Mindfully Made £4

I’ve tried a few of the Shambolic Soaps, and this ones just gorgeous. With all of these soaps they leave you bathroom with the freshest scents. Like the others I’ve used, this is fantastic for dry and sensative skin, and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed.


Camel check Skirt, Primark, £8

I love this preppy, ‘Clueless’/Gossip Girl inspired look. Perfect with thick black tights, and a and a snuggly jumper.

Hearts Jumper, Peacock £5.

How adorable is this jumper?
It was originally £18, which I would of paid for it as it’s cute and comfy for autumn/winter.

Stone Handbag, Mia £8

The Mia sale got me again (shocker). But £8 for this gorgeous light grey handbag, how could I walk away?

Mixed print dress, Yoyelle’s £10

Now, this dress is not me at all, and that’s kind of what I love about it!

When I first saw it on he hanger I thought, ‘man that alot going on!’ I had a closer look and realised I love the shape and the colours, just not crazy on the design. Whilst queuing to try it on, I met a lady in the line who complimebet my great taste (she was holding the same dress). It turned out she picked up a large, and I a Medium,so we swapped. The large fit perfectly round my chest, and hips, a little loose on the waist but that’s what belts are for!

I’m planning to par this with black knee high suede boots and a leather jacket.

Ribbed dress, Primark £8.

Simple, versatile and chic, perfect for all occasions and weather.


Stitch hot water bottle, Primark £8

I saw this hot water bottle on the primark website and hunted high and low for one in store! He’s perfect for those cold autumn nights.


Eat Real Hummus chips £0.89p per bag

How? How have I never seen these before? This woman LOVES hummus. Whilst at the till of my local green grocers I saw these out the corner of my eye. Yes I ate 2 bags in 1 day (the bags are only half full), and no I didnt feel guilty, although I did pack up a 3rd bag and stopped myself. These little shells of magic…where have you been all my snacking life?

Thank you for reading guys, what are some of your autumn favourites?

Kaya •


‘A catch up’ if you will

Good evening word press friends and happy first day of spring!

I apologize for my absence for the past couple of weeks, it’s been a bit hectic.

As I’ve explained few times before, my phone is not behaving at the moment, I had tried to post on word press but I got alot of ‘cannot support this app’, and then crashed. This also happened when I tried to like or comment on others posts… My phone then decided to not ‘support’ any apps at all!
I find it most practical to operate WordPress on my phone as I can write my blogs on the go if needs be, and it is more reliable than my laptop (don’t get me started.)

Another little annoyance was that my glasses broke… I wear contact lenses in the day but need my glasses at night, which was a bit frustrating… And then what happened? Our fridge and freezer broke.

We’d been out to dinner a few nights with friends so hadnt eaten at home, therefore hadn’t realised it had broken. I’m not going to lie, it’s a bit of a bit*h having to throw away the contents of a recently fully stocked fridge and freezer. Oh well.
I am thankful and won’t complain, that we had the money to restock and to purchase another one.

We were looking to buy a new fridge freezer (my goodness that’s a boring shopping trip) which would cost a couple of hundred pounds, when thankfully, we found one online from a seller who wanted to get rid of there’s as they’d recently moved into their new house and decided they now wanted under the counter fridge and freezers instead! Luckily they were able to deliver for free on Saturday, and we only paid £50 for the appliance as he wanted it gone asap ready for his new ones. Bargain!

I had made quite alot of commitments with friends and family, celebrations, and am taking part in the Race at your Pace (75 mile running) challenge again this month, so I’ve had alot to squeeze in.

Also, the exciting news, that happened on Sunday, we had a little get away… To Disneyland Paris!
My upcoming posts will be all about Disney, I cannot wait to share my trip with you all!

We travelled earlier morning Sunday, and only arrived home late last night, so today’s been a bit of a blur.

Today very had to, transfer pictures to my hard drive, wash the bed sheets, wash clothing from our trip, hoover, unpack, go food shopping (to restock the new fridge and freezer), take/crop pictures ready from my next couple of blog posts and Instagram, also meet the girls for afternoon tea, it’s 10.30pm and finally I can relax, all ready for work tomorrow.

With all of that said, in life, it’s all about embracing the ride, being positive and thankful.

I’ve missed all of you on WordPress and am looking forward to catching up with everyone posts over the last couple of weeks.

It’s great to be back!

Kaya •

Blogmas 2018

Blogmas Day 17. Beauty Advent Calendar – Part 2

Day 17. Beauty Advent Calendar – Part 2

I was in superdrug with my boyfriend doing a little bit of shopping when he spotted the Mad Beauty, Disney 90th Anniversary, Mickey Mouse, 12 day advent calender.
He’s so sweet and thoughtful, and insisted that he buy it for me. As soon as we got home he told me to open it straight away as a little early Christmas present.
The calendar was only £3.99, a fantastic price for a calendar and such a lovely idea on his part.

Firstly, how sweet is the box? Gold, black and pink mini Mickey’s, just perfect.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the calender. Each item had lovely Mickey mouse packaging, and were either a creamy vanilla or coconut fragrance, two of my favorites.

1x Vanilla hand cream
1x Vanilla lip balm
1x Coconut lip balm
1x Coconut bath fizzer
1x Vanilla bath fizzer
1x Vanilla body lotion
1x Vanilla body wash
1x Vanilla bath salts
1x Coconut bath salts
1x Mini body puff
2x Mini Mickey mouse nail files

I don’t know what age the calendar was aimed at but anyone between 13-30 would be pleased with such a sweet gift.
The beauty products are all decent quality, daily essentials. At £3.99 for a 12 day calendar, I wasn’t too sure what I would get but it was a lovely gift and an absolute bargin!

Just a heads up… Boots sell a Disney Princess 12 day advent calendar also by Mad Beauty, containing almost identical products, just with a different scent and Disney Princess packaging for £16.00!
I know which one I’d rather buy!

Have you bought a Beauty Advent Calendar this year? If so which one and what is your opinion on it?

Kaya •


Make your own dreams come true

Yesterday morning, something happened.
Something I thought, realistically thought would NEVER happen.
I did it. I let the child come out to play, with the adults bank card, and I booked a holiday to Disneyland Paris!

For years id been toying with the idea. Would it be as magical as I’ve always wanted it to be.

Is it really ‘The happiest place on Earth‘?

My bank account doesn’t think so mid month, but as soon as it was confirmed, I screamed with excitement and with no regrets. Am I taking any children with me? No. This is purely just for my own enjoyment and to experience something I’ve wanted to for as long as I can remember.

The main reason why I thought I may never visit Disney, is because of the cost.
Bills, food, car, dentist, new jeans, home appliances, there always seems to be something to pay for.

You work so hard to be able to be independent and pay your way, and sometimes forget to take time to reward yourself.

I believe that you are never to old to live out what you’ve always wanted to as a child. And a trip to meet Mickey, Minnie, and all the other characters that have given me so many warm childhood (and adulthood) memories, is essential.

Luckily I have a few Disneyland and Disney world friends who are able to advise me, so that I can get the best possible out of my trip.

Recommendations on where to eat, what time to visit certain locations, what to wear for the rides, what to book in advance etc.

This is truly a dream come true, and yes, I will be in Mickey ears from the second I wake until the minute that I arrive home.

Please comment if you have to been to Disneyland or world and can offer any advice or tips.

Kaya •