Date night

Good evening friends, and Happy Friday!

This evening, my partner came home and told me to pick out a nice dress and be ready for 6.45, as he was taking me out for date night.


Dress – Matalan

Shoes – New Look

Handbag – Bessie London

Perfume – SJP Lovely Sheer

Tonight, my love took me for a 3 course meal at Pizza Express

For starters we had, dough balls and cheesy garlic bread,

Main, Sloppy Giuseppe pizza and Prosciutto

Dessert, salted caramel gelato and chocolate fudge cake.

Everything was delicious, including the beers and cocktails, the perfect drinks for a friday night date.

You just can’t go wrong with Pizza express!

We’re now on our way to the cinema to watch, The Intruder.

Meagan Goode and Michael Ealy? I’d watch them without knowing what the films about! The trailer for this movie looked brilliant. I haven’t seen a good thriller in ages, especially on the big screen.

We’re trying to go out for a date night twice a month. Who doesn’t want an excuse to glam up and spend a evening having some fun and private time with the one you love

Dinner and a movie might seem cliche, but we love our food and films, it’s perfect!

Do you have a favourite event or location for your date night, and is there any that you can recommend?

Kaya •

Blogmas 2018, Cooking at home with Kaya

Blogmas Day 9. Date Night with a twist

Day 9. Date Night with a twist

At the beginning of the year I wrote a list of all that I wanted to achieve and experience.

Wine tasting was on my list, bow this may not seem as though it would take alot if planning, but if I was going to experience it, then I wanted it to be perfect.

I took my partner to Italy in the spring for his birthday. We had a jam packed trip, and although we were in holiday for a week, we didn’t have time to book a wine tasting.

Don’t get me wrong, we drank, alot of wine… daily. When in Rome!

There are a few Vinyards on The Isle of Wight that I had contacted, but I wasn’t overly impressed with what they had to offer. Either they were charging ridiculous amounts for a short amount of time for a private session, or you’d be in large groups, again for not a great amount of time.

I always say, why settle? Options are there for a reason.

The evenings are cold and dark, the thought if getting a taxi to and from the venue, I thought I’d put my own twist on wine tasting, and to throw a wine tasting/5 course dinner at home.

Sunday night, I told my partner that I’d be taking him out for a date night. We don’t go out for dinner often, so I thought it would be a nice winter treat…. Little did he know we would be eating in our dining room.

We both dressed up, and at 6.30 made our way out the door… To then turn around and enter our door again.

I had laid out the table, lit the room, and prepared to wine and dine my partner.

I read that you’re not supposed to eat meals whilst wine tasting, but it’s my evening, so my rules.

I bought 5 bottles of wine and paired them each with a light dish to bring out the flavours. We had water to sip and light crackers to eat in between meals to help cleanse the pallet. He waited with excitement as I brought out another bottle and another surprise dish.

Chenin Blanc White wine with, Chicken Pate with soft bread rolls and granny Smith apples

J.P Cheney White wine with Soft bread rolls with Gouda Cheese

Zinfadel Rosé Wine with Tuna and Goats cheese salad

Ruby Cabernet Red wine with marinated mince lamb shoulder, with roasted courgettes

Cabernet Sauvignon Red wine with Dark chocolate cake topped with blackberries for dessert.

We sat for hours, talking, drinking, and discussing the flavours of the wines.

By no means was this intended to be a professional wine tasting, but my fun spin on it.

We both had a great evening, such a simple but thoughtful date night, and it turned out even better than I could of imagined. And there no better time than a Christmas evening to indulge with the one you love.

Do you have a favorite wine, and have you been wine tasting before?

Kaya •