Blogmas 2020

Blogmas – Next Advent calender, tried and tested make up review

Good evening friends,

Today I tried out a few of the contents from my Next Beauty Advent calender.

The items I used

  • 1x pink lipsick
  • 1x pink lipgloss
  • 1x black full size Nx eyeshadow quad
  • 1x full size Nx bronzer
  • 1x eyeshadow brush
  • 1x lip balm
  • 1x full size Nx eyeshadow quad
  • 1x full size Nx bronzer
  • 1x eyeshadow brush
  • 1x lip balm
  • 1x lip scrub
  • 1x 30ml face moisturiser

From the eyeshadow quad, 2 shimmery gold shades, as always, caught my eye first. I thought I’d go for a different look and play around with a pink and purple eyeshadows.

I never sway towards a pink/purple make up look; 1 I love a black/brown/gold smokey eye (all day everyday), and 2, I always think if a purple eye isn’t done properly, you risk the chance of looking as though you’ve gotten a bruised eye.

I used the face moisturizer as a primer, it’s worked well. It is thinner and more of a lotion than a moisturizer, but either way I was happy with it, and my make up glided on well after.

The lip scrub was a good consistency, to most people’s taste I expect, although I do prefer mine to be a little grittier to really work the lips.

The lip balm was pretty standard, but a nice application, and non greasy.

The shimmery lipstick was soft and sheer, whilst the gloss was thick and bright giving it that pow, without being sticky or over the top.

The mascara was pretty standard but decent. I gave my lashes two coats as I normally would and was happy with the outcome.

The Highlight is striking in the pan, but doesn’t show overly well on the skin. I think this is more so down to my lack of skills with highlighter, I’m not 100% the exact place to put it and how heavy handed. It would however look incredible as a eyeshadow.

Over all I was extremely happy with the products, especially where you have almost a full face of make up

Kaya •

Blogmas 2020

Blogmas – Superdrug Black Friday Haul

Good evening friends,

The week leading up to Black Friday, I received dozens of emails, pop ups and Instagram posts with deals. I couldn’t avoid it.

I had no intention to spend, I was staying strong. Then the thought crept in, I could buy now, and use in the future?

A few months ago I decided to have a spend free month, that didn’t go as plan, instead, I’ve decided to have a No spend 2021 (upcoming blog to explain), and to, where possible use only cruelty free products.

In order to top up on the basics and not get carried away, I looked through my make up drawers to check what products I was low on/what is due to expire in the next couple of months, and made a list

Here’s what I bought –

Superdrug Studio London Natural Eyeshadow Palette
Original Price: £6.00/Sale price: £3.00

Perfect shade 12 pan palette for all seasons, night and day.

Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick

Rose Wood 21, Original Price: £2.39/Sale price £1.66

I was originally suckered in my the name, any PLL fans here? But the shade is just beautiful, creamy and long lasting.

B. Flawless Matte Foundation W4 & N4
Original Price: £2.50 each/ Sale price £1.73 each

I purchased these in 2 shades as I’m a little lighter in the winter months, and for that price, why not take your pick.

e.l.f. Expert Liquid Liner Jet Black
Original Price: £3.00/sale price £2.08

I haven’t tried this liquid liner before, but the reviews were fantastic, and is one of the most inexpensive liquid liners I’ve seen.

Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer Original Price: £3.99/ sale price £2.76

I’ve never seen such a big dofer applicator for a concealer, this will give much better coverage and less waste as one or two swoops will do the job.

Revolution Pro Microblading Precision Eyebrow Pencil Choc Original Price £3.99 /Sale price £2.76

I haven’t tried the Revolution brow pencil before, but it’s less than half the price of my normal eyebrow pencil, and almost the same shade.

Revolution Darling 122 & Heart race 113 Crème Lip & Hustle 119 Crème Lip
Original Price: £3.20 each/Sale price £2.22 each

I’m a sucker for nude and pink shades, who isn’t? All 3 are beautiful, but Hustle is a great show for NYX Abu Dhabi.

Superdrug’s own brand products are now proudly cruelty free.

I did find some absolutly great deals with other brands, but whilst googling if they were cruelty free, the animal testing pictures that popped up, broke my heart and I couldn’t bring myself to pick up a bargain for the expense of an animal.

Subtotal exc. savings£30.97
Promotional Savings- £8.59
Total inc. savings & redemptions £22.38

1×12 pan eyeshadow palette
1xEye brow pencil
1xLiquid liner
1xLip stick
3xLip cremes

Almost a full face of make up for under £23, not bad going at all.

What did you buy in the Black Friday sales?

Kaya •

Blogmas 2020

Blogmas – Clippers Tea Advent Calender

Good evening friends,

The last advent calender on my blogmas list is the most inexpensive one I’ve ever found!

Not your traditional advent calender, but a lovely idea.

Clipper’s Tea Advent calender for an absolute bargain price of £3.99!

Who doesn’t love a cuppa tea to ‘warm your cockles’?

This Christmas themed box is filled with 24 individually wrapped and numbered tea bags, with 12 different flavours.

2 Liquorice & ginger
2 Peppermint and lemon
2 Green tea
2 Happy Mondays
2 Night night
2 Wild Berry
2 Rose & shine
2 Botox
2 Orange & lemon
2 Calmer chameleon
2 Love me truly
2 Snore & peace

I bought my advent box from Amazon with free deliver. My box was due to be delivered to the post office a few days ago, but has been delayed (which is why I have screen shot the picture from Amazon)

This calender is a great idea for a count down from December 1st for 1 person, or a 12 day count down for 2 people to share the experience.

As I’ve said in a previous post, advent calenders can make great gifts, especially for last minute! A mini tea calender with a tin of short bread, perfect!

What do you think about this alternative Advent calender?

Kaya •

Blogmas 2020

Blogmas – DIY Christmas Wreath

Good morning friends,

As I mentioned, I’m starting Christmas celebrations early this year and have decided to go all out.

Last week we dressed the house ready for the season, which included a few home made decorations and alterations.

Each year I see beautiful garlands and wreaths, I thought, why not give it a go and try my hand at it.

Before ordering any wreaths and accessories online, I thought it’d try a small and simple one.

Off to Poundland I went. I’m all about the reds, gold’s and greens for Christmas, however, maybe mix up the order a little. For £1 per packs, I bought a traditional mix of mini pine cones, Holly, white berries and cinnamon, and a wreath.

Why buy a green wreath when you can have gold?

The wreath is a tinsel construction with a plastic backing, and a ribbon to hang it up, again, only costing £1.

Along with red ribbon I kept from a previously unwrapped present, I glued down my accessories, and left to dry.

I didn’t really envision what I wanted my wreath to look like, but I’m so happy with the end result. A funky spin on a Christmas tradition, and only costs me £4

Have you made a Christmas wreath this year? If so, what style will you be creating?

Kaya •

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Blogmas – W7 Advent Calender

Good morning friends,

Today we’ll be looking at the W7 Advent Calender.

I didn’t realise W7 sold advent calenders, but after purchasing, I discovered they have for the last 4/5 years.

There have been mixed reviews, but here’s my thoughts on it.

The 24 day advent calender was available by dozens of sites, prices ranging between £12-£25, depending on where you purchase it.

I bought mine from Amazon for £12, with an additional £3 P&P, (which works out at around 62p a day) bargain!

The make up is pretty basic in looks and quality, but overall decent.

The Beauty Blast contains:

1 x Mini Big Lash Mascara (Black)
3 x Mega Matte Lip Liner (Red, Pink and Nude
3 x King Kohl Eyeliner (Black, Brown and Blue)
4 x Mini Glam Gloss (Glam Bam!, Super Star, So Hollywood and Too Hot!)
5 x Mini Mega Matte (Smudge, Happy, Hasta La Vista, First Class and Star)
1 x Mini Glowcomotion Highlighter
1 x Mini Honolulu Bronzer
1 x Mini Cheeky Flusher
1 x Mini Banana Dreams
1 x Mini Beam Me Up Illuminator (Volcano)
3 x Loose Glitter Pigment Pots (Super Silver, Gilded Gold and Pretty Pink)

Here’s a closer look at a few of the products.

Firstly,how freaking adorable are these miniature lipglosses?

Perfect size for a small clutch bag, purse, to keep in your drawer in the office,or in the car, when you need a quick bit of glam.

The top 4 glossed are shimmery, whilst the bottom 5 leave a strong but soft shade that lasts for hours.

Perfect trio of Lip liners, for any preference.

Black and brown liners will always be present in my make up stash, but this beautiful navy may give me the confidence to branch out a little and create a blue smokey eye.

You don’t often get a mascara in a advent calender, which in all honestly was one of the selling points.

The wand is thick, and gave me long defined lashes with just one coat.

Is the glitter multi purpose? For make up or nails? Honestly, who cares? It’s Christmas, and we all need a bit of glitter in our lives, now than ever!

Honalulu bronzer – I’ve seen this as a dupe for the Benefit Hoola Lite Bronzer. I didn’t believe it until I tried it, but it’s pretty spot on, and a fraction of the price!

Cheeky flusher – I think that might be a bit much for highlight or bronzer but what a stunning eye shadow.

Glowcomotion is a gorgeous all around soft gold for your cheeks or eyes.

This advent calender will kit you out for a full face of make up and multiple looks (keep an eye out for this at a later date)

I was also pleasently surprised that there were no fillers – not nail file, hair band, or outdated eyeshadow applicator in sight.

What did you think of the calender and would you buy it

Kaya •

Blogmas 2020

Blogmas – Mad Beauty Minnie Mouse Advent Calender

Good morning friends,

Each year I treat myself and buy a beauty advent calender.

This year there were dozens of options to choose from, and from early as September to purchase them.

I’d been back and forth between advent calender, but the 1st one that had caught my eye was from Superdrug.

The last 3 years I’ve bought The Mad Beauty Disney advent calenders, they’re simple with pretty packaging and reasonably priced. Each year they’ve retailed at £20, before selling at £10, then eventually reduced to £5… Which is when I buy it.

£5 for a 12 day Advent Calender? That works out around 42p per day, you’d be mad not to.

The Minnie Mouse Advent Set contains

  • 1x body wash
  • 1x body lotion
  • 2x bath salts
  • 2x bath fizzers
  • 2x lip balm
  • 1x hand cream
  • 1x body puff
  • 2x nail file

This Minnie advent calender is a lovely gift or treat for yourself, to leave you feeling pampered and put together

Kaya •

Blogmas 2020

Blogmas comes but once a year… Or 37?

Good evening friends,

I was certain this year I wouldn’t take part in Blogmas, but here we are.

The last couple of years, December has been joyous but hectic, with numerous events, Christmas meals out and about, going to gigs, weekends away etc… I have a feeling this year is going to be different.

Not only will I be taking part in Blogmas this year, but I’ll be starting a week early.

Why not?

This year, for everyone, has been bizarre. Yes it’s been a bit if a rollercoaster ride, but at times it’s been spectacular.

Not only is blog a but if fun, but also, I need to take control and get back into a routine of blogging.

Join me for the next 5 weeks whilst we celebrate Blogmas and throw ourselves into the season

Kaya •


Shoebox Appeal 2020

Good evening friends,

I spent the morning wrapping and filling shoe boxes.
The Shoebox appeal pick up is in 3 weeks, and will be sent to children in need over the world.

The shoe box appeal was first introduced to me through my school, each child would pack a shoe box with our family.

Each year the shoe boxes would be sent to communities in need around the world.

Although the shoe box appeal still takes place in schools, as an adult I feel as though it is important that I still donate each year. I have my own money, and have friends with children, which I often buy toys for without even thinking about the cost.

We don’t hesitate when buying everyday items, it just happens, toys, make up, a new nail varnish,a take away coffee, it all adds up.

Yes I work hard for my money, but I recognise that I do occasionally waste money and could put it towards a better cause.

Just one shoe box per house hold could change a child’s life.
Text books, and stationary could assist a child to go to school and get an education.

Over the past couple of months I’ve bought items for the boxes here and there to already out the cost, and have bought in bulk online.

This year I’ve packed 12 boxes for 8 girls, and 4 boys.

Each box contains

2x lined exercise books

2x colouring books

Pens and pencils

Erasers and sharpener



Pencil case

Drawstring sports bag



Wash cloth

Bar of soap

Nail clippers

Mini sewing kit

Cutlery set

Tennis ball

Skipping rope

(For the boys) – 3x pull back toy car

(For the girls) – Pony doll, hair clips and headband

It may not seem like anything too exciting, but I’m hoping it will make a difference.

There is a suggested £5 donation, I donate money also, but not £5 per box.

There are multiple drop off points through out October and November, or alternatively if you don’t have time to buy the items, wrap and pack a box, you can buy a pre-filled box online that will be sent on your behalf.

Shoebox Appeal

Give what you can, and pay your love forward to others 💞

Kaya •

Blogmas 2019, Cooking at home with Kaya

Blogmas Day 27 – Beef Stew

Good evening friends,

Winter is all about food… that’s a lie, life is all about food! And, this is a simple but delicious meal for all the family, especially in the winter months.

I love a beef stew, my recipe changes slightly almost everytime, and I litrally throw everything together, but this is roughly what I’ve been using the past couple of months.


800g of Beef

4x large Potato (peeled and diced)

4x Carrots (peeled and diced)

2x large onions

2x beef stock cube in 400ml of hot water

2 table spoons of tomato puree

1 tea spoon of each – salt, pepper, paprika and cumin

1 half squeeze of a lemon

Method –

I tend to have a few saucepans/frying pans on the go at a time.

  • Peel and dice the carrots and potatos, and boil in a large saucepan until soft.
  • Dice and fry the beef and onion until tender/soft.
  • Defrost the peas
  • Stir the beef stock cubes in 400ml of hot water until they disolve
  • Add all ingredients, stock mixture, seasoning, and the lemon juice to the large saucepan.
  • Put the lid on lightly, lower the heat and let simmer for 1 hour.

The meat and veg will fall apart and warm you through. And a chunk of buttered bread accompanies it nicely.

Kaya •