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Easter weekend 2019

Good Evening WordPress friends!

Wow, what a weekend. I truly made the most of every minute over the past 4 days, and crammed it in!

Dress – Mia

Sandles – New Look

Sunglasses – Primark


I kicked off the Easter holidays by catching up with friends on Friday night.
I went to the Bargemans Rest Pub to meet a couple of my friends who were visiting the Island for a few days to see family.We decided to sit in the garden area before we ordered our food. We had 25°, clear and dry weather so we relished in soaking up ever ray of sun. The Bargemans Rest is my favorite pub in Newport, as I’ve never had a bad meal, the morish, the portions are large (but who’s complaining?), And the staff are warm and friendly.

We originally planned to meet for dinner, but the conversation distracted us, and all of a sudden 2 hours passed and we’d ordered yet another drink instead of looking at a menu. It was such a fun, beautiful, warm evening that non of us were fussed that we missed dinner. We then decided stroll up to The Castle Inn Pub for a few more drinks. The Castle is another great location for food, with a brilliant atmosphere, and the live music is always guaranteed to have everyone singing along.

We ended the night, dancing and singing to ‘American Pie’, with the band and other locals. Perfect!


I was working all day on the Saturday but managed to finish a little bit earlier than normal, so I managed to get a quick run in before evening engagements.My other half and I then went to a new restaurant called Long Island, for a friend’s birthday. Although we didn’t know any of the birthday girls friends, everyone was lovely and chatty, and by luck we were sat with a couple who had been watching The Staircase, so we were swapping opinions and weather or not we thought he was guilty.

I’m thankful that the conversation flowed as we had to wait quite some time to order and then to receive our meals. We were told our table was booked for 7.30pm, and that we’d have to leave by 8.55pm for another seating. Okay, that’s not too long for a birthday celebration, but at least the food would be prompt? Well, you’d think so?

Our drink orders were taken, but they didn’t take the food order for the 10 of us until 8.15pm.Alot of us has the same idea and didn’t each much in the day, thinking that dinner would be pleasent but prompt. Not so much.9.15pm hit and our food finally arrived. I was starving! What happened to us having to leave by 8.55pm?

The booking had been made for 10 people, and the menu wasn’t very extensive, so I’m not sure what took so long.My partner ordered a beef burger, which was covered in mayonaise. Luckily he doesn’t have an allergy, and if he did, then obviously he would of told them before ordering, but he absolutely hates mayonnaise, so wasn’t impressed after an hour wait that it was covering his food.We checked and it made no mention that there would be sauce on the meat.

I ordered the southern fried chicken burger with dirty fries, and offered him my bun, as I’m not eating bread at the moment and t wasn’t smoothed in sauce. It was however stale. The ‘southern fried’ chicken, although it was a decent size of breast, was very tough, dry and didn’t have a lot of flavour or spice. Also, I paid an extra £2 for fries be dirty fries. This too was disappointing. The portion was fine, but the dollop of minced meet and a sprinkle of cheap cheese isn’t what I expected from ‘Dirty fries’, that I’ve had before.

I hoovered my fries and salad but left most of my dry chicken.Safe to say that we wouldn’t go back to Long Island and we certainly wouldn’t recommend it. Although the atmosphere and the setting there with lovely the food was disappointing and so was the service.

My friend asked if we had a good time and of course I said yes if I didn’t want to be a downer after we waitied an hour and were starving. I didn’t want to give negative feedback to the waiter when they asked at the table as well as we were celebrating a birthday and didn’t want to make it an awkward situation for the birthday girl.
I’m normally very vocal because if you don’t tell someone, then how are they going to get feedback on what they can improve.We went home unsatisfied, watched a few more episodes of The Staircase, and ate a big fruit salad.


Sunday morning we met family and friends for a Easter egg hunt for the children.I may have over bought Easter eggs, but in my defense they were a good price from Tesco last month, and I was a little overexcited.
Anywho, I’d written out clues and riddles for the children to find the Easter eggs.

After the egg hunting, we had our first BBQ of the year. We made quite a lot of barbecue food but of course it was all eaten, as everyone has the mentality of,
‘okay, one more burger’

I had my slim fast challenge in the back of my mind and was quite good with what I ate. I chose to have my one meal as my lunch with loved ones, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.I slightly sabotaged myself, and made a creme egg cheesecake. I thought since it was Easter, I might as well make a Easter themed cheesecake. I bought 10 Creme eggs and scooped out the middle of them and swirled it into the cheesecake mixture also chocolate pieces of the chocolate as well to give the cheesecake a little bit more sweetness. It was delicious and went down very well.

Since we all received a fair few eggs, I was told no one else needed the other half of the cheese cake, so I boxed it up and gave it to my neighbours as I wanted to save the waste, and also didn’t want the temptation in my fridge!

Sunday night, I went for a 6miles run, and then we watched a few more episodes of The Staircase (Never.Ending.)


The family and I went to Southampton to visit some friends who had just bought their first house. We spent most of the morning drinking tea and discussing where furniture would go, where pictures would be hung and planning the parties that we would have there for the rest of the year. We visited the local pub for lunch and sat in the beer garden chatting and listening to the birds chirping away in the glorious heat. We got back to the house and helped build a couple of wardrobes and drawers.

Unfortunately where we had to travel back to the Isle of wight we had to leave late afternoon so that we could get the ferry and home in time for dinner and to get clothes ready etc for the following week. And finally finish The Staircase (wow there were more episodes that I expected!)

I was on a high on Monday from my fantastic weekend with loved ones, and also, from my first weigh in.I’ve had a fantastic first week on SlimFast, and considering Friday night I had a couple of drinks with friends, a BBQ, nibbles and cheesecake, I’ve managed to weight.

A whole 7lbs!

I’m extremely happy, and understand that I shouldn’t expect to lose the same next week but still I think that’s a fantastic start.

I haven’t felt hungry at all, and have made sure that I’ve bought and prepared snacks and meals ready to whip together.

This was a slightly longer blog than anticipated but I hope you enjoyed reading it.
I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. Until next time!

Kaya •


Snickers Birthday Cheesecake

Now who says that a birthday cake has to be a sponge cake?

It’s a well known fact that I’ll cook and bake for just about any occasion, so when one of my friends birthdays is on it’s way, I’m prepared!

Since I knew my friend had a love for cheesecake and Snickers, well I put my hands together and here we have it.

This rather naughty cheesecake is not for the faint hearted, or one who is counting calories.
I made this cheesecake early morning, the day after we had got back from our London trip, and in bit of a rush as we had a full day ahead of us, so I didn’t write down my recipe.

I’d love to share this recipe with you, but you see, I went rogue, it happens alot, and didn’t follow one as I couldn’t find one I liked. Also, I also feel as though the base is never thick enough…. So I doubled it. But here’s a rough idea of what I used.

I made the base by breaking up and conbining chocolate digestive, melted butter and chopped up Snickers.

I then whisked the cream cheese, vanilla extract and icing sugar together and then folded in Snickers. And of course, decorated it with, any guesses? More Snickers!!!

I refrigerated the dream that was my cheesecake for one hour before serving it to the birthday boy and friends.

It went down a treat, and was demolished by the next evening.

Next time I promise will make note of the measurements of the products I use, even when I’m going rogue!

This was such a quick and easy cheesecake to make, and without tooting my own horn, possibly the best cheesecake I’ve ever eaten!

Kaya •