Boxing Day Swim 2021

Good afternoon there friends,

Blimey, it’s been a few months since I’ve last blogged. I’m back! (Again)

We decided to mix it up a little for boxing day this year, of course we had the standard turkey sandwiches, cheese and crackers and yet another tipple, but before that Callum and I took part in the Annual Boxing Day swim.

I’d always thought people racing into the sea late December were mad, this year something sparked in my head, and it all looked quite appealing!

F it, why not?

This year there were 3 Annual Boxing day swims on The Isle of Wight, each raising money for their chosen charity.

We took part in The Shanklin swim raising money for Sandown and Shanklin Independent Lifeboat

We arrived at The Small Hope beach at noon where The Salix Cafe had Music and entertainment as well as serving hot food and drinks including mulled wine and mince pies.

Tubs of pastel powder were spread out along the beach ready for a explosion of colour before the horn blast for us to race into the sea.

That was the plan – instead handfuls of coloured powder were grabbed and thrown around the beach covering everyone involved. It was hilarious and beautiful.

At 12.30, the horn blasted, myself and about a hundred other rainbow coloured people cheered as we threw ourselves into the sea.

Splashing around in the sea on December 26th, covered head to toe in powder, it was invigorating, and as you can imagine, a little chilly!
I should mention, I was dressed as Wonder Woman. As you do!

I knew from watching previous years people normally dress up, so I dug out a comic con costume from 10 years ago.

We swam, splashed, floated around and enjoyed the waves crashing into us for a few minutes before we ran back to land.

So far an amazing £350 has been raised for the Independent Lifeboat.

And bonus, I won joint 1st prize for best fancy dress. Who doesn’t love a tub of Hero chocolates?

I’m tempted by the New Year’s Day swim, although I may avoid the coloured powder – that took some serious scrubbing, it got ev-er-ry-where!

Kaya •

Blogmas 2020

Blogmas – Christmas Jumper Day 2020

Good afternoon friends,

Last Friday, 11th December was Christmas Jumper Day.

(Excuse the tired eyes in the picture)

Each year, whether at school, work, or just at home, the date rolls round where everyone pulls out their Christmas Jumper.

This day isn’t just about getting into the Christmas spirit – alot of people don’t know the reason behind Christmas Jumper Day, and why we donate our £2’s each year.

For the past 8 years, Save the Children Cause ask for donations, and have raised an incredible £2.2 billion dollars.

Although the day has passed, you can still hold your own Christmas Jumper day, with family, friends, work or by zoom.

You can wear a Christmas jumper, T shirt, tie or make your own? (And if it looks awful, then you can label it a ugly Christmas jumper??)

Whatever you do, and how ever you much you can donate, it’s the thought that counts.

I forgot to donate at work, instead donated online, quick,easy, and not bombarded with follow up questions.


We make sure we can be there to help when children need us most. We have appeals running for Coronavirus, as well as in Yemen and Syria. Our response to the Beirut explosion is set up to provide support immediately through money raised for our emergency fund (read more about the fund here). Whether children are at risk due to conflict or natural disasters, we make sure we’re there providing all we can to ease their suffering and help them to recover.
Take a look at the work we did with donations for our Cyclone Idai appeal.


Last year, the Save the Children movement operated in 117 countries around the world, providing unique care and attention to each child we encounter based on their specific needs.
Whether that is vaccinating children in remote regions, providing anti-biotics for Pneumonia treatment, setting up temporary learning centres after natural disasters strike, or working to bring British children home from Syria, we do all we can to support them.


We are hugely proud of the work we have done in the UK, but also recognise we have a long way to go.
We work in homes, nurseries, schools and communities to narrow the gap between children living in poverty and their better off classmates.
When COVID-19 hit, UK children’s lives turned upside down. To help, we started an Emergency Grant for families worst affected. Already, the grant has helped over 9,000 families. But there’s more to do. ‘

To help the cause, as well as wearing your jumper and donating, you can Can volunteer, and as always, raising awareness and spreading the message is extremely important, to keep this incredibly charity going.

Kaya •


Shoebox Appeal 2020

Good evening friends,

I spent the morning wrapping and filling shoe boxes.
The Shoebox appeal pick up is in 3 weeks, and will be sent to children in need over the world.

The shoe box appeal was first introduced to me through my school, each child would pack a shoe box with our family.

Each year the shoe boxes would be sent to communities in need around the world.

Although the shoe box appeal still takes place in schools, as an adult I feel as though it is important that I still donate each year. I have my own money, and have friends with children, which I often buy toys for without even thinking about the cost.

We don’t hesitate when buying everyday items, it just happens, toys, make up, a new nail varnish,a take away coffee, it all adds up.

Yes I work hard for my money, but I recognise that I do occasionally waste money and could put it towards a better cause.

Just one shoe box per house hold could change a child’s life.
Text books, and stationary could assist a child to go to school and get an education.

Over the past couple of months I’ve bought items for the boxes here and there to already out the cost, and have bought in bulk online.

This year I’ve packed 12 boxes for 8 girls, and 4 boys.

Each box contains

2x lined exercise books

2x colouring books

Pens and pencils

Erasers and sharpener



Pencil case

Drawstring sports bag



Wash cloth

Bar of soap

Nail clippers

Mini sewing kit

Cutlery set

Tennis ball

Skipping rope

(For the boys) – 3x pull back toy car

(For the girls) – Pony doll, hair clips and headband

It may not seem like anything too exciting, but I’m hoping it will make a difference.

There is a suggested £5 donation, I donate money also, but not £5 per box.

There are multiple drop off points through out October and November, or alternatively if you don’t have time to buy the items, wrap and pack a box, you can buy a pre-filled box online that will be sent on your behalf.

Shoebox Appeal

Give what you can, and pay your love forward to others 💞

Kaya •


Make a difference, if you can.

Good evening friends,

Well. Isn’t this something else?

You’ve already guessed what this post is about.


Oh if only. It would fill me with such joy to wrote about kittens. But no, we’re not there yet.

But hopefully for a split second you had a warmer thought rather than Corona Virus!

Living in the UK at this time, all we can do is wait. Nothing has really happened yet. Nothing has been put in place? A few chains of cinemas and leisure centres have closed, schools will shut on Friday, and a few supermarkets have reduced hours. But for now, all is running the same…. but weirder.

Any who. My real reason for this blog is to talk about giving back.

I know it seems like a scary time at the moment, and that the shelves are emptying from people panic buying and stock piling.

Please rememeber those who may not have the money to buy what they need at a drop of a hat, and that many still rely on food banks.

Not only food, but basic every day toiletries like toothpaste, shower gel, deodorant.

Even an extra 2 or 3 quid to your shop could help others massively in need.

I spent £8.40 in Lidl, to buy a few bits to donate to the Isle of Wight Food bank, it might not look like alot or very exciting, but it’ll still help someone in need.

Kaya •

Blogmas 2019

Blogmas Day 18 – The food bank

Good afternoon friends,

This blogmas post is short, fast but important.

This year, I’m sending out a friendly reminder that Christmas is about love, giving, sharing, and making memories. Well, that’s what it means to me.

For some this season is all about decorations, a tree, presents and masses of holiday food, and if you do or dont decide to celebrate christmas that way, then each to their own, what ever makes you happy.

A christmas dinner I feel, is important its just one meal, with maybe a few treats around it.

This year, the same as last, I’ve been donating to the local food bank.

Buying the trimmings and sweets for Christmas day can really add up, and not everyone is as fortunate to afford it.

A few items whilst shopping, with the intention of donating the few pounds worth to the food bank could make the world of difference to a family for that one special day.

I understand that food banks recieve more at christmas, and then less through out the year, but surely they could, if needs be, put goods by for next month?

From next month, I’m going tintry to rememeber to buy £5 worth of food for the food bank each month. It might not seem like alot, but £60 a year could really make a difference.

Kaya •

Blogmas 2019

Blogmas day 13 – Christmas Jumper Day

Good morning friends,

I’m playing catch up this morning, so get ready for 3 Blogmas posts.

Friday was Christmas Jumper Day.

Man my office looked awesome! Such a variety of Jumpers this year, I think next year I’ll have to find a sonic the hedgehog one.

Each member of staff paid £2 (minimum) to wear a christmas jumper. Money raised on Friday 13th will be donated to the charity ‘Save the Children’

You can take part at school, work, or with family and friends.

If you dont have a jumper you are encourage to borrow a friends, or decorate your own jumper. There’s no need to spend out unnecessarily, it’s for charity, not for your appearance.

This year I rocked an ice skating reindeer. I’ve collected a few over the years but all the jumpers are inexpensive and I’ll rotate between them each year.

Did you take part in Christmas Jumoer day this year?

Kaya •

Blogmas 2019

Blogmas Day 8 – Santa Dash

Evening friends, Happy Day 8 of Blogmas!

This morning, my partner, friend and I took part in the Santa Dash.

The Santa Dash is an annual event that raises money for the Mountbatten Hospice.

For £20, plus £3.95 p&p you receive a santa suit which included a jacket, trousers, belt (which I didnt get so I bought my own), hat and beard.

We met at 11am at Ryde Superbowl where we did a warm up, and made sure that everyone was suited and booted and ready to walk, jog, run the 5k along the sea front!

I can’t exactly say we arrived ‘bright eyed and bushy tailed’, but we were enthusiastic, and thankful for the dry and clear weather.

If you’ve read my Day 7 post, you’ll understand that we had quite the night out!

With 5 hours sleep, slightly hungover, half a banana in my stomach and with out having a proper stretch … we didnt do too badly!

I wore my running gear underneath the santa outfit, which caused me to get quite hot, but it was thin and only for 5k!

By the end of it my trousers were in shreds, and so were alot if others.

We ran through the finish line and were presented with medals, water and minced pies by the brilliant Mountbatten volunteers.

I dont know how much was raised, but at a minimum of £20 per person, and hundreds of Santa’s, hopefully we raised a fair bit!

Kaya •

Blogmas 2019

Blogmas Day 1 : Frosty 5k

Good evening friends, and Happy Blogmas!

For the next 30 days I’ll be posting about everything Christmas! I did blogmas last year, my goodness, that was alot, and told myself I wasnt going to do it this year… but, I was having a look at the calendar, and it makes sense to as I have loads of holiday plans, so I thought I’d take you all along for the ride.

Even though this happened last Sunday, I couldn’t not mention it.

The Frosty 5k raises money for The Wessex Cancer Trust, an event that is held all over the county through out winter.

This was the Isle of Wight’s first Frosty 5k and they did pretty well! Over 400 people signed up for the event!

To kick off the event we were called to the barn where we did a 10minute warm up.

Nothing like dozens of santas, elfs, and Christmas jumper wearing folk doing starjumps and lunges to get you in the Christmas spirit!

3 work colleagues and I gave the run a go, luckily the weather was dry with a slight breeze, although it had been raining the days leading up to it, so there were a fair few puddles and a majority of the path was rather muddy, but it was great fun!

Along the way you were cheered on, which was lovely, and a choir who greeted you singing christmas Carol’s to boost moral as you reached the top of a hill, minutes from the finish line.

Although the run was not a race, I was aware of my personal best time, and did keep an eye on my pace… and beat it! Whoop whoop

Although sponsership is still being collected and counted, an incredible £12,000 was raised in just one day!

I cant wait to take part in this run agagin next year, as I said theres many being held in the UK and US… look out for one local to you!

Kaya •


Shoebox Appeal 2018

A very good afternoon to my fellow word pressers!

It’s absolutely freezing cold, and soaking wet here on the Isle of Wight. Winter is officially here.

I’ve had another rather hectic but incredible weekend… I thought that it would be a chilled one, but I’m glad it wasn’t!

This month I took part in the Annual Shoebox Appeal.

As a child I remember our schools would organise this event and would encourage our parents to help. It was a lovely feeling of giving back to another child, one that you’ve never met and never will, but the thought that you’re connecting but this simple act.

Yesterday morning, I dropped off the boxes for the shoe box appeal.

Since collecting the boxes and shopping for the items, my heart ached, I cried many tears, and felt broken that in this day and age that these charities still have to exist for others to receive these boxes!

Packing the boxes with such simple items that we take for granted, like pencils, soap and a toothbrush made my eyes water. We’re so fortunate and lucky that we live in this environment that simple items like this are accessable to us as a reasonable price and that they aren’t considered a treat for Christmas.

I spend around £50 on the 5 boxes, so £10 a box is more than achievable, imagine the outcome if each family could do this.
I was explaining to my nephew, and why we send the boxes and he ran to his toy box and offered to put some of his own toys in the boxes… Of course I didn’t take them but I love that he thought if this himself, what a sweet gesture.

Samaritan’s Purse send these Christmas boxes to children who are victims of war, poverty, famine disease and natural disaster.

Packing these boxes is a reality check, that all the useless crap we whine about day to day, all that we take for granted, that we have it good, we have a roof over our heads, food, water and clothing that others dream of.

Be kind, and be thankful

Kaya •