My 30th Birthday

Good Afternoon Friends!

Yesterday something exciting happened, it was my 30th Birthday!It wasnt the day that had been planned originally, but it was still wonderful all the same.I woke up with birds singing, the sun shining, and messages from loved ones.

My boyfriend was preparing breakfast, so I decided to do my morning yoga routine and have a shower. There is nothing more refreshing!

My boyfriend’s so thoughtful, I came into the living room to find bacon and cream cheese bagels and bubbly, with The Sex and The City movie ready to play in the background.

What more could you want for your birthday?!I had a super chilled morning relaxing and doing my nails.

Midday hit and my family video called to sing Happy birthday whilst my boyfriend brought out my birthday cake.

They’re all so thoughtful!

After possibly too much cake, we went for a stroll, it was lovely to stretch our legs, get some fresh and and feel the sun beating down on our skin.

Side note – I was feeling creative the night before my birthday, so decided to liven up my hair a bit. I dyed it dark red, cut in a long fringe and layers. My hair feels so lighter and bouncier for it.

When we got home a few friends called to drop off presents separately,I said thank you and waved from down the road, because obviously we are social distancing!

Also one of my closest friends Katie dropped off a Giant Chocolate Cupcake.

How beastly does that look???

My other half made one of my favourite dinner’s, Seafood gnocchi. Oh my goodness, I dont know how he does it?

After dinner and a few drinks, and an incredible pamper session, we got into bed to snuggle down and watch a movie.

Even thought my 30th birthday wasn’t spend the way we had planned, it was wonderful and I’m incredibly thankful!

By the way does anyone have instagram? If so, feel free to follow me. As much as I love reading your blogs on wordpress, it’s another way to be abke to connect to you guys 🙂

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I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Kaya •


It’s Baby Shower time!

Good evening friends,

This afternoon I spent a lovely couple of hours with work friends celebrating our friends surprise baby shower. I’ve been to quite a few and hosted a couple myself, so why not have a chat about it and share some tips.

Make a budget, and stick to it.

There’s no need to break the bank. Although pinterest and instagram are wonderful sources for ideas, not everything has to be picture perfect.

If it’s not in your budget then don’t worry about it.

The idea of the baby shower is to celebrate the mum and baby. Show them that you love and care for them with your presence and the effort you’ve put in, not the amount you’ve spent.

Poundland and Ebay are your friends! You can often pick up decorations, games, plates, cutlery etc from poundland and stores similar. Or if you prefer, look on Amazon to see if you can buy in bulk. This can make it quick, easy and have everything delivered in one go. And if you see something you like but can’t afford to buy, dont be afraid to make it yourself!


If you’re throwing a surprise baby shower, make sure you find out who to invite. Make a list and then triple check it with loved ones close to the mum to be. This may include friends, old friends, new friends, work colleagues, neighbour’s.

Also which family members, as not everyone is that close, aunties, cousins, etc. You dont want to throw a shower and then the mum to be to recieve a message from a friend who’s upset that they weren’t invited.


Stalks, alphabet blocks, babies, Disney, cartoon characters, or a traditional pink or blue

Food and drinks

It goes without saying that it’s wise to check if anyone has any allergies or dietary needs, and also, make sure the mum to be isn’t having an inversions to food. Last thing you want is a poorly pregnant lady!

Catering for a group can get expensive quickly, so why not ask everyone to bring a dish?

  • Sandwiches
  • Sausage rolls
  • Cheese and crackers
  • chips and dips
  • Shlur and fizzy drinks etc

I held a baby shower for a friend a few years ago and we decided on a ‘Afternoon Tea’ theme.

We planned months in advance to cut down the cost. Home made scones, with individual jams were a win, with crust less cream cheese and salmon sandwiches, and other delights.

The Cake

There doesn’t always have to be a cake, but, 1, who doesn’t love cake? And 2, it’s a nice centerpiece for the table.

Either buy one, or if youd like to bake one, go for a traditional style cake or google ‘baby shower cake’ for thousands of ideas. Some sweet, some funny, and some wildly inappropriate! (Google at your own risk!)

A few I’ve made –

Triple chocolate

Chocolate sponge with vanilla

Victoria Sponge with jam and butter icing, Winnie The Pooh themed (with real honey in the ‘hunny pot’)

Party games

It all really depends on the mum to be. I think it’s a lovely idea, but not everyone is big on games. Here’s a few incase you’re tempted.

  • Measure mummy’s tummy (each guest has to guess the measurement of the mum to be’s tummy)
  • Baby food game (treat your guests to a variety of baby foods to try, to guess what they are eating)
  • Pin the dummy on the baby (as you would with a tail on a donkey)
  • Whos the Baby? (Each guest brings a picture of themselves as a baby and you have to match it to the adult)


Gifts really depend on the person.

If guest’s are happy to, then you could ask for a collection towards a gift voucher, which may help to buy a crib, cot, pram etc.

A hamper is always a lovely gift which you can again, ask guests to buy gifts for ahead of time. A useful box, some tissue paper and a bow, and you’re all set!

Baby clothes are essential. Whether you buy for a new born, a nice outfit for a different season or special occasion, it’ll all is appreciated.

Finishing touches

A few banners, food signs on the table and photo props are nice finishing touches.

I also bought mini gift boxes, and filled them with personalised love hearts. They weren’t the cheapest, but they were a lovely thought, and everyone enjoyed them.

Have you got any tips for a baby shower? And are you attending one this spring?



First achievement of the year

A very good morning and happy Saturday WordPress friends!

We are almost 3 weeks into this new year and I’m pleased to say that I have completed my first achievement on my 2019 list.

I passed my driving theory test!
To some this may not seem like much of an achievememt, but for me it is a huge step in the right direction for my future.

Let me tell you know, the information you retain regarding driving… Well I didn’t think I had anymore room in my brain. I studied hard! Goodness me!

As I walked out of the test center I gave a little squeal! I’m hoping to book in for my driving test next month. Fingers crossed!

Also, I would like to acknowledge that in my previous post, I did say I would post a Primark Haul, which I will, but my phone is currently flashing with errors and won’t let me access my photos and notes (where I’ve written a draft of my Primark Haul post) hopefully I’ll be able to access it at some point, or rewrite it and will have to take new pictures using WordPress. We shall wait and see!

Had a wonderful Saturday all!

Kaya •