Blogmas 2020

Blogmas – Boxing day at home

Good morning friends,

I hope this holiday season is treating you all well.

Most boxing days are spend with family and friends, with a buffet of Turkey and stuffing sandwich’s, board games, kids showing their new toys and bikes, and maybe a trip to town for the sales to pick up a few more treats.

Although this Boxing Day had non of the above, we made it our own, and still had a wonderful time.

After a long lie in, we had left over stuffing, pigs in blankets, and apple sauce in breakfast wraps with a few roasties. My goodness.

We spent a few hours cleaning the house, with Christmas movies playing in the background, and countless cups of tea!

For lunch we had a cheese board with home made sour dough loaf, crackers, Christmas cheeses, and more pigs in blankets.

We always seem to over buy on cheese at Christmas, not that this is a negative, in the slightest, but it’s hard to know when to stop!

After lunch we made a few calls to family and friends to catch up, and I did a little online boxing day sale shopping.

The weather’s been so cold, wet and windy and today, we decided to snuggle up in Bed and watch a bit of Wallace and Gromit… well, that was the intention.

2 hours later, we woke up after an unexpected nap? All of a sudden it was 5pm, dark outside, and feeling a little confused.

For the rest of the evening we played a few video games, The Graham Norton show, researched Wallace and Gromit and ate handfuls of chocolate coins

Why do they always taste better in coin form?

No dinner was needed, we were stuffed to the brim and about ready for bed again by 11.

How did you spend your boxing day?

Kaya •


Blogmas Day 26 – I only went out for milk… Boxing day Haul

Good evening friends,

Okay, I had no intention, not one, to leave the house on Boxing day, I planned to spend the day in Batman Pjs, eating left overs, cereal and playing video games… but we needed milk.

And in order to buy milk we walked into town, and through Boots, and past the Soap and Glory section. And then things happened.

Soap and Glory

Original Pink Collection Tin £10, £5

Make your smooth £5, £2.50

Paper Place

2020 Calender Afternoon Tea Calender and diary £5, £1.50

Being organised and encouraged to bake? Yes and yes!

The works

Pocket diary 2020 £3, £1.50

Mad Beauty

Disney, Bath Fizzer Trio £4, £0.99

I Heart Revolution

I heart revolution vending machine £50, £20 (£20 in Superdrug, but £15 on the revolution website)

For £20, you get alot for your money! And I was incredibly impressed with the variety of products –

2 mini eyeshadow palettes (chocolate salted caramel, dark, white)

1 blusher palette,

1 bronzer pallette

Make up blending sponge

3 mini eye brushes

3 x lipglosses

Kabuki brush,

Powdered Sugar loose baking powder,

Mini Pink Lemonade setting spray

Did you treat yourself in the boxing day sales? And if so, what did you buy?

Kaya •