Glossybox August 2019 – Birthday Edition

Good morning friends,

This morning I got a surprise in the post… My August Glossybox,

‘The Birthday Edition’!

I’ve been looking forward to receiving this box for weeks!

I’ve kept away from any spoilers, and only found out that we’d recieve a Huda beauty item, through social media, so the rest of the box is a complete surprise!

I adore all of the pink, the shimmer, and how everything matches including the bow!

Huda beauty Lip Strobe in shade Fearless
RRP £17.00 (Full size)

This is a gorgeous colour, no doubt.
My issue with it is, that although I like to branch out with my colours, I think a purple may of come at better use in the height of summer before festival season. I would of loved the Angelic Rose, Ritzy Champagne or Boujee Coral as they’re versatile colours, and would of been more suited for me.

This vanilla scented (in my opinion), lip strobe is beautiful, but I dont know how often I’ll wear it. Maybe for when I’m feeling a little more adventurous, for a night out with a soft eye look?

Beautypro – Eye Therapy, under eye mask.
RRP Deluxe mini 3.5g worth £1.65 (recieved)
RRP Full size 10.5g £4.95

Who doesn’t love a face mask? Especially one for under the eyes, and one with collagen and green tea?
I did wake up with tired eyes this morning, so this came at the perfect time.
These are the most comfortable under eye masks I’ve ever worn. Some can become tight around the eyes, too drying, or much too sticky and slidy.

Furr – Rose gold Lash Curler RRP £15.00

My eyes lit up when I saw the box, it took up a majority of the Glossybox, and my first thought was a perfume.
Unfortunately I don’t curl my eyelashes, and am personally not a fan of rose gold.
I bought eyelash curlers for the first time about 6 months ago, from Superdrug, and they just didnt do much for me.
The curlers only cost me £1.49, and came with the replaceable rubber strip, which the Furr ones, did not.
I unfortunately won’t be using this product so I will give them to a friend.

Imperial Leather – Foambust Ulitmate Moisture Golden Amber & Coconut oil
Deluxe mini 75ml RRP £2 (recieved)
Full size 200ml RRP £5

I’ve used foam bodywashs in the past, mostly novelty ones at Christmas, or other holiday’s, and they’ve been fun. A foam body wash wouldn’t be my go to, but, they have made me squeaky clean, left me smelling amazing and skin feeling soft.
This product was okay.
On the pamphlet and on the bottle, it does tell you that it is great to use for shaving, which is awesome, multi use and all, but it looks and feels just like a foam shaving gel, not a toiletries bathing products.
My skin was left soft and sweet smelling, and a little does go a very long way, but I wasnt keen on the consistency, as it felt like I covered my body head to toe with shaving foam.

Bang beauty – Felt tip liner
Full size – RRP £15.75

The last product in the box is by far the best.
I wear liquid liner almost every day, and cannot tell you how many different ones I’ve tried. Although I dont usually use a felt tip liner, this one works brilliantly.
The tip has a slight softness to it so you can create that effortless winged liner look without dragging the applicator.


After wearing this product for 5 or 6 hours it did start to flake and became more of a grey, compared to the black shade that I had applied earlier which was disappointing.

Friends, I hate to say this.

But I’m disappointed.
Yes of course there was alot of hype over this box because it was the ‘Birthday Edition’, and also I’d geared myself up for the best box yet!

I expected, possibly an eye shadow pallet, maybe something birthday cake scented or themed, or products that would have more of a celebratory theme. There just wasnt really anything special.

I have to say, since subscribing 5 months ago, I’ve had the odd item that I wasnt as crazy about, but it’s good to try new products, but this month was seriously lacking.

Hopefully next months box will be better.

Have you received this box, if so what was your opinion on it?

Kaya •