Mindfully Made and Peach. Eco-friendly stores

Good morning wordpress friends!

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve discovered two wonderful new shops in Newport, Isle of wight.

The first was, Mindfully Made.

Mindfully Made, is an independent store owned by Gabbie, this store has been open little over a month

This lovely store offers handmade jewellery (made by Gabbie) bathing products, purses, wallets and handbags made from cork, candles, cork travel mugs, dozens of beautiful items.

I was delighted when I saw how much she had to offer, I spent a good half hour looking at each product and talking her ear off asking about how and where the items were made.

Gabbie’s sister and friend were responsible for making the bars of soap, bath bombs, and candles.

That’s a pretty kick ass group of women!

Bathbombs £2.50 each

The first item’s I picked up were the bathbomb’s. I chose Blossom and Baby blue.

Now you may be thinking, girl, is this the first bath bomb you’ve ever used?
No, I haven’t, normally I drop it in the bath, let it fizzle and just enjoy, but to stand there and just stare at it is quite mesmerising. I’ve only uploaded a few pictures, but I took about 50.

The colours were beautiful, and the bath bomb floating around, reminded me of a beautiful (harmless) jelly fish swimming gracefully.

Thankfully, the bathbomb didn’t just look pretty, it felt silky, smelt like palms violets, and after a long soak in the bath, it didn’t irritate or dye my skin… that is, and forever will be, the fear with a bath bomb!

I can’t wait to use my blue bath bomb, and to purchase the other varieties.

*update – the Baby blue bath bomb

Bamboo Toothbrush – £2

The bamboo toothbrush is an item I’ve been after for a few months. I had first seen them sold in Morrisons, but unfortunately the head was the size of a childs tooth brush, and that was a little off putting. I had found a few more online, but again, either the heads were too small, the bristles looked too soft, or the shipping was almost as much as the toothbrush which was a little too costly for a single toothbrush.

I was thrilled when I saw them in the cabinets, at a bargain price if £2! What a steal! The toothbrush has a rainbow head, perfect design for everyone, it also came in a cardboard case, which was a nice touch.
The toothbrush is a good strength, and makes me smile after every use knowing that I’m using one less plastic product.

Peach: Vegan Kitchen and zero waste store.

Peach vegan kitchen and zero waste store. The Island’s first zero-waste store sitting inside a 100% plant-based cafe & coffee shop.

This store was opened just over 2 weeks ago by Steph. Although I haven’t yet had a.chance to eat there, because its always jam packed, they offer an extensive menu filled with delicious treats for all times of the day, a refillable station offering pastas, prices and spiced, and goods.for the home.

Pit Putty – sample sized free gift

(Full size £9.95)

Thursday morning, I saw that Peach was holding a competion on their facebook page, to win a tester tin of their Pit Putty. I entered and a few years later, I was messaged and told to collect my prize.

The pit putty was a brand and a product that if never heard of before.
I was instructed to apply a pea sized around to my arm pits.
I have to admit I added a little more as the consistency was more of a balm, that a petroleum jelly texture that I had imaged and I wanted to make sure the surface was covered properly.

I picked the lemon grass and teatree tin. Maybe I drifted toward it because it smelt just like my morning green tea, so it was fresh and comforting.

The application was smooth, and didn’t leave my fingers sticky at all, and the fragrance was clean and pleasant.
I decided to give it a go for a night out with friends for dinner. And for 3 or 4 hours, there was so issue and I was pleasantly surprised.
Now, the big test was the next day… a full day at work.
After a hot summers day inside, working a 10 and a half hour shift, the ultimate test, I could confidently say, that the Pit Putty did not work for me.
Man, I stank. When I arrived home, I warned my boyfriend before I hugged him. I reeked.

This is such a shame, but I have to say, everyones body is different, and just because it didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it wont for others.
Apart from a roll on deoderant, I hadn’t ever strayed away from my antiperspirant spray, so to try something new for nice, especially where I have sensitive skin, change in products can be a big jump.
My skin was left without any irritation or soreness, but unfortunately not smelling it’s best.
I’m glad that I’ve tried a new product and had a chance to step away from my aerosol, and maybe I’ll find a product that’s a good fit for me.

Bambaw reusable make up remover pads £13.99

I love my eyeliner and sporting a smokey eye, so make up wipes, cotton pads and make up remover works just fine for me.

When I saw these reusable make up pads, I knew I had to give them.a.try, even if they were a little bit more than I had hoped to spend.

For £13.95 you recieve 12 soft bamboo velvet pads, 4 Terry cloth pads, and a 100% cotton mesh bag.

I had visions of the pads being instantly stained.
Well, I couldn’t be more wrong.

I added a bit of warm water and my make up removed to the Velvet pad, to remove my face make up and my eyeshadow.
I then used the rougher pad to remove the rest of my eye make up. I rinsed off the pads with warm water and gave my face the once over again, which left my skin clear and looking fresh.
I used the same amount of make up remover as normal, I didn’t have any redness or itchiness to my eyes, face or neck.
The pads washed well, and can be washed in the washing machine by throwing all the used pads in the cotton bag that is included! No fuss!

(Pads, cleaned, after removing a smokey eye and full face of make up)

Bamboo Straws £1 each.

As I walked to the till, I saw something out of the corner of my eye, Bamboo straws! They came in a variety of sizes, so I grabbed too of the bigger straws. I grabbed two, for my boyfriend and I. Perfect for the summer for smoothies and cocktails.

I’m thankful that these too incredible woman have put the thought and heart behind these independent businesses that offer us exactly what the residents of The Isle of wight need.. hopefully this will open a few people’s minds, and encourage them to start taking better care of our beautiful planet.

I look forward to returning to Mindfully made and peach later this month to treat myself to a piece of jewellery and a lovely lunch.

Have you tried any products similar? Or are there any products that you reccomend?

Kaya •