Glossybox, monthly favourites

Glossybox March 2020

Good evening friends,

Its been far to long!

As you can see from the title, this month I’ll be reviewing the March Glossybox, ‘All eyes on me’ edition.

(Find a picture of me at the bottom of the page wearing the products)

Black magic mascara
Deluxe mini 4ml RRP £10 (Full size £19)

I’m not a massive fan of mascara in beauty boxes as they’re just a bit boring, but, you always need one spare I guess.

This mascara is good, non flaking with a decent curved brush, but you’re not able to apply much at a time. Third coat and I was happy with the result, but it’s a bit more effort than I’d like to make with my mascara, I’d prefer a bushier brush and one swift flick.

Ciate London
Stamp and drag liner duo
RRP £15

Firstly the name made me laugh, its an odd one, and secondly, it was a bit*h to get out of the box

I was intrigued as I havent used one of these ‘stamp’ eye liners before.

I see the appeal of the stamp but wasnt overly keen. It’s very hard, especially to press on a sensative part of your fact, and I think the transfer would of been better if it was softer and could adapt to your eye shape.

Any who, it’s a good idea, but not quite sharp enough wing, but the defined pen helped to sort it out.

This eyeline is long wearing which is amazing, but keep that in mind if you make a mistake with your liner as it’s a tough one to get off!

Long Lasting Lipstick in the shade Flawless
RRP £15

This shade of lipsticks is definalty in my top 3, so I was happy to see such a gorgeous colour.

Blush pink is one of my favourites and this one didnt fail to impress. With a long lasting wear, soft and creamy application I’d definitely buy this lipstick again.

Highlighter Palette in shade Copperplate RRP £9.99

This highlighting pallette is full of versatile, subtle warm and light golden shades. It’s a little more on the modest side for highlighters which is what I prefer. The packaging is beautiful and it also comes with a handy brush (hygienic, dont like the thought of brushes floating around a make up bag) and a mirror enclosed.

I used shades 3 and 4 on my cheekbones, nose and eyes for a flowy, sunrises look.

Daily Cleansing Cream
RRP £7.99

Look at the size of that!

I have awful eczema on my body, and am always up for trying a new product
It does have that e45 scent, and you have to rub it in quite well otherwise you’ll have white patches, which isn’t really something youd use in the day time, but maybe when you’re at home you can leave it in to soak.
I have put it on one of my arms for the afternoon to see how it feels later

Update. I wanted to scratch my skin off.
This ones probably a no go for me which is a shame, but I’m glad I had the chance to try a new cream as sensative moisturizer can be so expensive.

Over all I am extremly happy with this months box, Glossybox are finally heading in the right direction

Do you recieve any monthly subscription boxes? And if so, would you recommend them?

Kaya •


Glossybox October 2019, Part 2, tried and tested

Good afternoon friends,

This post is a little different to how I normally review my Glossybox. I’ve already reviewed this months box, but since there were so many products I wanted to try I thought instead of editing my last post, I’d create a new one so you can read about how I’ve been getting on with the products.

First things first. This hot chocolate was de-licious! I’m a classic chocolate kind of girl and dont steer away to other varieties… but if you must give me a litre of this, then so be it!

The next product I tried was the bath salts. I was slightly disappointed as I expected them to foam up a little more than they did. Yes they foamed slightly, but not enough that you could use this as your only source of bubbles for a bath. The scent was beautiful though, and for that, I enjoyed it.

Whilst in my long bubble bath, (it was certainly needed), I tried the face mask.

My apologies for the poor lighting, but I had a candle lit bath, and my priority was to relax, not to fiddle around and get the perfect picture.

You can see a light glittery sparkle. This mask left my face soft to the touch with a slight comfortablt tightness, I’d defiant recommend this and use it again.

I love love love this make up look. I’ve decided on a orange look on one eye, and a pink and red look on the other, both with black eye liner and accompanied by a red lip.

This pallette is so versatile, and you can definitely create more than 2 looks with it, especially if you smoked it out a little with other shadows.

The eyeliner was great, but it did fade a little quicker than I hoped, but it was still alot better than others I’ve recieved.

This lip crayon was so creamy and had a long lasting wear. I did put a little lip balm on my lips before hand, but even so, my lips stayed moisturised and without the colour bleeding at all.

I can see this eyeshadow pallette and lip crayon becoming a firm favourite this winter.

By far, this is the best Glossybox I’ve recieved so far, and cant wait for next months!

Kaya •

Glossybox, Hauls

Glossybox October 2019

Good evening friends, and happy Glossybox day!

This month we were sent either a Angel or Devil addition of the box. I recieved the box I crossed my fingers for… The devil box.

First off this box is gorgeous. I do love the original baby pink, but this box just screams Kaya!

I have recieved 5 full size products, and an ‘extra treat’

Whittard of Chelsea – Sticky Toffee Pudding White Hot Chocolate – RRP £2.00

I have never tried a hot chocolate of that description! It sounds sickly, but delicious!
And the packaging is awesome. Day of the dead themed. I love it. I was thinking about a glass of wine in the bath, but what the hell, bring on the hot chocolate!

And a 20% off voucher when you spend over £25 in store or online.

McoBeauty – Eye define crayon liner – Full size – RRP £15.00

I know that some people arent crazy about receiving black eye liners in beauty boxes, and to be fair, I agree at times. But when you recieve one that’s the perfect consistency to what you use/want, then bring it on!
My only question for this liner is that even though its soft, which I love, on the box under directions it states ‘ if the tip of the liner feels a little blunt, sharpen it with the built in sharpener’. What does that mean? Because I cant see one? I might just be being silly?!

STY London – Devil Velvet Touch Palette – Full size – RRP £15.00

Could they of made a more autumnal looking palette? I think not! These colours are amazing, With a mix of shimmer and matte, these shades are just delicious for autumn!

Lord & Berry – Maximatte Lipstick Crayon – Devil Red – Full size – RRP £15.00

Man, this is creamy! I do love a good red statement lip. This soft and chunky lip crayon helps to accentuate the perfect statement look.

Que Bella beauty – Plumping Gold Peel off Mask – Full Size – RRP £2.49

Yes yes yes. How glamorous is this mask? This plumping, exfoliating and tightening mask contains real gold powder and organic rose water.

Bubble T Cosmetics – Devils dust Foaming Bath Powder – Full size – RRP £4.99

This’ll be my first time using a foaming bath powder.
Did anyone ever used to use those little disposable bath Pearl’s? If you know what I mean then you’ll know the scent, and this is exactly what this smells like. The scents described as fruity, but I’d say it’s a soft rose.

I havent heard of any of the brands before, but love them all. The last couple of months theres been a few products that I was underwhelmed and unsure about, but this box is perfectly themed, and quite possibly, my favourite Glossybox so far!

Glossybox, you did good!

Did you purchase a glossybox this month? If so, which one did you recieve?

Kaya •


Glossybox May 2019

Good afternoon wordpress friends,

(And Happy Mothers day to all of you celebrating in the US)

Yesterday I received my May Glossybox, and let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint. The packaging is just adorable, the soft pink box is so pretty and inside we have got 5 full-size products.

Barry M Cosmetics: Chisel Cheeks Contour Cream Kit

RRP £7.99 (Full size)

I am thrilled that I received the flawless chisel cheeks contour kit.The colour’s in this pallet are absolutely stunning.

In the picture below you can see how I’ve created a simple sultry look on my lips, eyes, cheeks and nose (with added winged liner). These are definitely my shades. I love a versatile pallet that can used for more than one feature. The look took 2 minutes to create.

The consistency is so creamy and is so easy to blend. I would definitely recommend this product, it retails at £7.99 which I think is absolutely fantastic price.

Mud Masky: Aftermask Vitamin Serum

RRP £43.00 (Full size)

This is a mask that you apply after a face mask to nourish and feed your skin with vitamins but it also says it can be used day or night on your face. I tried this product last night and this morning and my face doesn’t feel very moisturized or nourished which is a shame, but it may just be because of my skin type? Maybe it’ll work better for others? It does feel very silky and has a lovely but mild tea tree scent, but doesn’t give you that tingle.

Beauty Kitchen: Natruline Natural 0% Petroleum Lip Treatment

RRP £2.99 (Full size)

The next item is the beauty kitchen natural lip treatment which looks similar to a tin of Vasaline (Petroleum Jelly), but is actually 0% Petroleum Jelly. This type of lip product is perfect for soft and smooth lips, and is always handy so I’m not complaining about this one. I’m forever wearing lip products so it’s always a bonus to have another little lip balm to hand.

Annabelle Minerals: Rose mineral blush

RRP £12.50 (Full size)

The next product is the Annabelle minerals powder blush and comes in the shade Rose. It is an absolutely beautiful blush tone I look forward to using this product, the colour is subtle but very pretty

Nailberry: Shade Love me tender

RRP £14.50 (Full size)

The picture of varnish on my nail is actually with just one coat. It dried quickly and left great coverage. This varnish is a very similar colour to the blusher, it is a gorgeous warm soft pink tone which is one of my favourite colours and I think it’s so elegant and subtle and always gives me Audrey Hepburn vibes.

There was a chance this month to win a golden Ticket, which would mean you would win a pair of Remington hair straighteners which I would have loved to have one but it’s it’s quite exciting having something like that Incorporated with the box that you could win extra treats that you could win extra little prices.

I’m really pleased with my box, and will certainly made use out of every product…apart from the serum, I’ll give that to a friend but still.

I look forward to receiving my box for June, and will hopefully receive something slightly glittery and colourful ready for the festival season.

Please do let me know what you think of the products and if you are subscribed to any glossy boxes any beauty boxes any beauty.

Kaya •


Glossybox April 2019

Good afternoon WordPress friends!

Last Saturday I received my first Glossybox!

I’d tried Birchbox twice and was painfully unimpressed… keep on reading to find out what I thought about Glossybox.

Firsty, oh my gosh, how pretty is this floral print box?
‘Let your dreams blossom’ such a lovely little detail… And is now making me think of Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale.

This month I would be sent either the floral or fruity edition of the box, and thankfully I received the one I wanted.

The presentation is sweet, the tissue paper and ribbon is a nice touch.

Also, everything has a bit of pink in it; I love when everything matches/colour coordinates.

Original Source: Raspberry and Rose Shower Gel
RRP £2.30 (Full size)

The first item I picked up was the Original Source Raspberry and Rosewater shower gel and it’s smells absolutely delicious. I’ve used this shower gel a few days in a row, and my bathroom smelt incredible after. One squeeze of this goes a long way, and foams up beautifully. I’ve used the original source products before, but this one is definitely the winner.

Merci Handy : Flower Power Hand Cleansing Gel
RRP £3.00 (Full size)

Next, we have the Merci handy flower power love and hand cleansing gel. It has a subtle but sweet and clean smell. The packaging is a nice change to most pocket sized antibacs, a little more feminine and small but still a decent size.
The gel has a mild scent and leaves your hands clean, without them feeling dried out.

Dr.Paw Paw: Hot Pink Balm.
RRP £6.95 (Full size)

From the description I though the balm
would be a soft blush but it’s quite a strong, bright hot pink. A tiny dot is plenty for a rosy summer tint to the cheeks.
I much prefer a creme blush rather than a powder, but haven’t found the right shade yet, this little beauty is perfect though. I’m looking forward to trying a sweep of this on my lips in the summer.

Dr.Botanicals: Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask
RRP Deluxe mini 30ml worth £14, Full size 50ml RRP £19

The next product is one that I’ve received before from Birchbox. I wasn’t blown away by it but was happy enough. This is what I wrote in my Birchbox review for the product.

The cream had a very faint scent, which unfortunately smelt nothing like sweet pomegranate. I used this mask on my face twice in the week, and it left my face feeling refreshed, very soft and hydrated. The mask was thick and silky.
I would recommend buying this cream, although it was slightly on the pricey side, retailing at £14.90 for the 30ml (full size) tube.

Nivea: Micellair Professional Makeup Remover
RRP £3.99 Full Size

I LOVE this make up remover! I will definitely be buying it once I run out.

It is the gentlest and quickest remover I’ve ever used. To remove a dark smokey eye, and layers of black mascara, I only had to use 2 cotton pads on each eye, to leave my eyes refreshed, and without scrubbing or irritation. Amazing!

Jeanne Arthes: Let your dreams blossom Eau De Parfum

£20.99 Full size

The last product, is my favourite.
It is a 30 ml glass spray that is sweet, light, floral, and the perfect size for my handbag. A lovely scent for summer that’s not overpowering, but has a long lasting scent. I’ve only had to use 2 spritz to have the scent stay with me all day.

I couldn’t be more pleased with this beauty box. I’m extremely impressed with not only the products, but the quality of them. To receive them in such a beautifully presented (and sturdy) box, is a bonus, it was like opening a birthday present.

I received my first box at a discount price of £7 + £3.25 postage and packaging.

Every month onwards, subscription costs £10 per month + £3.25 postage and packaging.

I’d recommend this beauty box, not only for the quality of the product but the fantastic price as well.

I can’t wait to see what I’ll receive in my May box… But of course, I’ll let you know!

Kaya •


September Birchbox Review (unwanted box)

If you read my previous post you’ll know that I wasn’t overly impressed by my first Birchbox.

I hate to sound like I’m being negative, but I want to give an honest review, and not sprinkle smiles and lies over something to make it look warm and welcoming.

Carry on below to read my review on my September Birchbox.

*The last paragraph describing the issues I’ve had with Birchbox.

Caudalie Vinopure Clear Skin Purifying Toner
I received a 50ml tester. RRP £18 for 200ml

I only used this once as the scent hit me at the back of the throat. It has a strong antiseptic smell, instead of a fresh fragrance like other toners I’ve used. It is fair to say that I didn’t give this product a fair chance as I only used it once, but the scent put me off.

Beauty Protector, protect and volume.
Received a 25ml tester. RRP £22 full size (I couldn’t find the full size ml online)

I was really looking forward to trying this product, as I have long, thick, curly hair and find it difficult to find a product that will give my heavy hair a lift. Although this products smells delicious, it didn’t give me a boost at all. I think if you had a different hair type then this product could do wonders for you. It just wasn’t a good match for me but I find this common for volumising hair products.
I would like to mention that even though it said ‘no stickiness’, once I touched my hair, my hands felt very tacky, as if I had sprayed hairspray into my hands.

Marcelle, City 24H Anti-Pollution Day and Night Moisturizing Emulsion
Received 7ml tester. RRP £23 for 40ml

I firstly wore this as a night cream, and woke up with a soft fresh face.
The day after I wore it as a primer. My make up stayed in place, and moistured my skin, as my T zone can get very dry.
I wouldn’t say that it had worked any less or any better than other night/primers but it is a plus that you can easily use it as a 2-1 products with great results.

Eyeko Brow liner
Received tester size. RRP £15 for full size

Unless you have gold eyebrows (more power to you) this product isn’t going to work on you.
This colour came in the shade ‘medium’, but even if you had brown hairs, this would still not match your shade. I have black eyebrows, and it just looked rather comical on me. Not only does the colour not fit, but I had to paint it on my skin twice just so that it would show up. It’s might be because I have tanned skin, but even still, id expect a product that would show up, especially if it’s meant for my brows.
Who wants to draw around there brows over and over just for a bit of coverage?

Benefit Box O’ Powder in Galifoenia
Received tester size. RRP £25.50 full size 5g

I adore benefit, and believe that they’re a brand that always blow me away, and even though they can sometimes be on the pricier side, they all give a flawless result.
I’m up for trying new shades, especially bright ones. But this was a little too ’80’s’ fancy dress make up for me.
Perhaps if the tester had the gold shimmer as well, then the colour would of given a better glow to my face. Although the product wasn’t for me… It smelt so good that I could of eaten it.

Over all, again, I found myself unimpressed with Birchbox. I was also disappointing that I didn’t receive any of the products in full size. Not even the brow liner.
Birchbox just isn’t worth the time and money in my eyes, but it may work well and be a lovely monthly package for others.

*My issues with Birchbox
At the beginning of September, I cancelled my subscription, and received a confirmation email of the cancellation.
Unfortunately, The payment of the subscription had been taken from my bank account on September 1st, so it had all already been processed.
I emailed and asked for a refund and that I’d send the box back unopened.
They responded, and said that it would take up to 14 days for a refund once I received the box.
The box, strangly, doesn’t fit through my letter box. I mean, you would expect them to check this and alter the size so that each month it is ready there waiting for you on your door mat, rather than getting a slip through the post asking you to pick it up from your local post office. Just a tad inconvenient.
I received my box September 9th (a neighbour signed for the box for me) over a week after payment had been taken. I decided, instead of the hassel, and since it had finally arrived, that I would give Birchbox a second chance and review the box.

I am keen to try other monthly subscription boxes, either beauty, home goods or food, but am unsure of what is available. I don’t want this experience to put me off from buying other subscription boxes that would benefit me and open my eyes to new products and different ways of living.

If you have any recommendations then please do comment below.

Kaya •


Birchbox August Review

Happy Wednesday all,

I have always been a bit hesitant when purchases mystery boxes/monthly boxes as you can either be pleasently surprised, and received some amazing products or you can feel cheated, disappointment and a waste of money.

I can be creature of habit, so when I run out of my beauty products, I tend to purchase the same ‘go to’ items as I know what suits my skin, and that I’ll be happy with the result.

The reason why I decided to purchase a Birchbox was because I wanted to try out new products at a fraction of the price, and without reading reviews, or being influenced by what I see on the website.

When signing up to my Birchbox, I was asked about my skin care routine, what items I use the most, and what ones are important to my everyday look.

I was eager to receive my goodies not knowing what was going to arrive, and after about a week this bad boy turned up. The box contained 5 items, some full size and others a sample size, not bad for the starting price of £7.95 (including p&p)

Luseta Coconut Milk Hair Mask

The first item I tried was the hair mask, and man, it smells incredible.
As soon as I opened the box the scent hit me like a wave. I only got 2 uses out of the products as I have quite long hair. Once I had washed the conditioner out, it still left a slight smell but it felt as if I hadn’t conditioned my hair. After using a good conditioner my hair is easy to comb, but with this it just felt wet and tangled. After blow drying my hair, like alot of products the scent had faded away, and by the next morning I could hardly smell it. It wasn’t the worst product, but I wouldn’t recommend it to someone with thick hair.

Model Co Baked Highlighter

The Model Co highlighter came as a very small sample. I was sent the shade ‘Moonshine’. It is a shimmery deep pink with gold and cream blends.
I patted the highlighter with a brush but hardly anything was sticking. I was a little heavier handed with it and had to layer the product for it to show on my skin which was still very faint. The picture of the highlighter on my finger tip took me rubbing the product vigirously to get that effect. It was disappointing as it was a stunning colour.
I wasn’t impressed with this, or the fact that the full size product retails at a whopping £25.

Dr Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Regenrating Sleeping Mask

The cream had a very faint scent, which unfortunately smelt nothing like sweet pomegranate. I used this mask on my face twice in the week, and it left my face feeling, refreshed, very soft and hydrated.
The mask was thick and silky.
I would recommend buying this cream, although it was slightly on the pricey side, retailing at £14.90 for the 30ml (full size) tube.

The Dirty Little Secret Eyeshadow Crayon

This crayon is a gorgeous creamy gold shade and came in the colour ‘Fetch’ (who else instantly thought Mean Girls?). It is an easy application and a beautiful finish but unfortunately it isn’t long wear. The packaging and the product itself looks quite cheap.
After about 2 or 3 hours the colour had almost disappeared. The colour had sunk into creases onto my eyelid which looked awful. The following day I applied the eyeshadow again but slightly thicker but got the same result.
This product retails at £10.50 which is extremely expensive for what it is, considering I’ve bought a similar and better product at poundland.

The final product (no drum roll here) is the

Polaar Velvety Sun Fluid Face and Body

In all honesty, I haven’t used this product.

I do agree that it is important to look after your skin and wear suncream, but that’s just common sense.

The cream doesn’t have that lovely, holiday smell, it almost smells as if it should be fragrance free. Not overly pleasent. I’m sure, many will agree with me that a handbag sized suncream is rather underwhelming to receive at anytime, especially in a beauty box.

I told myself when purchasing the box that regardless of what I received, that I would subscribe for 3 months. Well that didn’t happen, and yesterday I cancelled my subscription.

There’s a dozen other beauty boxes out there and I’d rather spend my month each month trying and testing out one of those.

I wasn’t overly impressed with the items in the box, especially after a bit of research, I’ve found that a few of these products have been included in Birchboxes through of the year, which means that they just rotate the stock instead of sending next and exciting products. The first box is sent at a discount price of £5 with £2.95 delivery, every month after that the box costs £10 with an additional £2.95 delivery charge.

Each box sent out will be slightly different, and everyone will have their different options, but the Birchbox just wasn’t for me.

Please let me know if you have purchased a Birchbox before and what your opinion was, and if there are any other beauty boxes that you would recommend me buying.

Kaya •


My first Birchbox

It’s arrived!

My first Birchbox (my first ever subscription box) is finally here.
I wanted to tear this bad boy open, but for photo purposes I decided to not.

I received 5 mini products, for the bargain starting price of £7.95 (including delivery)

I’ll use the products and write a review in a week’s time.

Here’s hoping they were worth the money and the weeks wait!

Kaya •