Your Bathbox April Subscription

Good afternoon friends!

I hope you’re all doing well on this beautiful spring Friday.

Today I recieved the loveliest surprise, my first Bathbox subscription.

My boyfriend bought me the year subscription as a surprise this year for my birthday. He knows I love a bathbomb and get through them maybe too quickly?

The parcel came in a beautiful box, and inside was delicately wrapped in tissue paper.

As soon as I tore into the box the sweet smell of bath bombs exploded out.

The contents come with a leaflet that gives a breakdown of the items, directions of use, and price.

This box is £9.99 a month with £2.99 for post and package.

Sparkling Egg Bomb RRP £3.50

This smells good enough to eat.

You instantly think of being in a candy shop and can smell sherbet.
This bathbomb had a small sprinkle of glitter, which I love, who doesn’t want an extra glow after a bath?

Decorative Egg Bomb RRP £3.00

This egg has the most warming scent of Sandlewood. A stronger scent than I’m used to but still gorgeous!

Big Bunny Bomb RRP £4.50

Is this not the most adorable bath bomb you’ve ever seen??
This orange citrus bunny is huge!
I’m in 2 minds.
I cannot wait to drop him in the bath and let him fizz away, but at the same time, poor rabbit!

Spring Bouquet Hand Soap RRP £0.45

This small flower shaped soap smell’s fresh and clean. And in these current times, you can never have enough soap!

Pink Fizzy Bath Sherbert RRP £3.50

Who’s ever heard of ‘bath sherbert’? This sounds and smell so luxurious, with a sweet but subtle scent.

I am so in love with this box, and cannot wait to use every single one of these products.

All products are handmade, cruelty free and extremely good value.

I’d been looking for another subscription box to replace my Glossybox and hadn’t come across this at all. My boyfriend has a good eye!

Have you ever tried this subscription box before or one similar?

Kaya •