Blogmas 2020

Blogmas – Next Advent Calender

Good morning friends,

I tried so hard to not open this advent calender until December 1st, but after a wonderful day I was on a high and couldn’t resist.

This 24 day advent calender costs £30, is full to the brim of beauty treats, and is available directly from the Next website.

Beauty Advent Countdown Contains

5x 10ml Next fragrances

1x 30ml face moisturiser

1x 30ml body lotion

1x 30ml body wash

1x 30ml body scrub

1x30ml hand cream
1x pink lipsick
1x mini bath fizzers
1x nail file
2x nail polish
1x pink lipgloss
1x black mascara
1x spiral hair bobble
1x full size Nx eyeshadow quad
1x full size Nx bronzer
1x eyeshadow brush
1x lip balm
1x lip scrub

The most beautiful advent calender I’ve seen. This parcel unwraps by bow, two large doors, and then 24 individual mini doors.
Perfect for a Christmas gift for any wonderful women in your life.

I couldn’t help but Swatch the eye shadow quad – with 3 Christmas shimmering shades and a stunning cranberry purple, I can’t wait to create a seasonal look.

A lipscrub is a necessity, especially in the winter. Not one that I expected to receive in a advent calender but it just makes sense.

The only item’s I won’t use in the advent calender are the hair bobble and one of the perfumes.

Of all of the advent calenders I’ve purchased/seen so far, this is the one I would recommend for the price, the quality and the contents, its ideal for someone who isn’t looking for a calender that is too make up or skincare heavy, but with the perfect balance.

Kaya •

Blogmas 2018

Blogmas Day 17. Beauty Advent Calendar – Part 2

Day 17. Beauty Advent Calendar – Part 2

I was in superdrug with my boyfriend doing a little bit of shopping when he spotted the Mad Beauty, Disney 90th Anniversary, Mickey Mouse, 12 day advent calender.
He’s so sweet and thoughtful, and insisted that he buy it for me. As soon as we got home he told me to open it straight away as a little early Christmas present.
The calendar was only £3.99, a fantastic price for a calendar and such a lovely idea on his part.

Firstly, how sweet is the box? Gold, black and pink mini Mickey’s, just perfect.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the calender. Each item had lovely Mickey mouse packaging, and were either a creamy vanilla or coconut fragrance, two of my favorites.

1x Vanilla hand cream
1x Vanilla lip balm
1x Coconut lip balm
1x Coconut bath fizzer
1x Vanilla bath fizzer
1x Vanilla body lotion
1x Vanilla body wash
1x Vanilla bath salts
1x Coconut bath salts
1x Mini body puff
2x Mini Mickey mouse nail files

I don’t know what age the calendar was aimed at but anyone between 13-30 would be pleased with such a sweet gift.
The beauty products are all decent quality, daily essentials. At £3.99 for a 12 day calendar, I wasn’t too sure what I would get but it was a lovely gift and an absolute bargin!

Just a heads up… Boots sell a Disney Princess 12 day advent calendar also by Mad Beauty, containing almost identical products, just with a different scent and Disney Princess packaging for £16.00!
I know which one I’d rather buy!

Have you bought a Beauty Advent Calendar this year? If so which one and what is your opinion on it?

Kaya •

Blogmas 2018

Blogmas Day 13. Beauty Advent Calendars – Part 1

Day 13. Beauty Advent Calenders – Part 1

I’ve never really been one to purchase beauty advent calendars, but this year you cannot avoid them! Online, the the shops and on adverts, it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread?!?
Since a child, the thought of advent calendars meant you could treat yourself to a chocolate once a day in the countdown to Christmas.
The joy of opening one of those little doors each day as a child from the 1st of December so I was think it’s just a lovely traditional idea but now the idea that I can do this with some of my favorite beauty products, well, it’s been blown wide open people!

Whilst doing some Christmas shopping online, I saw that Soap and Glory had their own 24 day advent calender for only £20! I thought, why bother buying online when I can avoid the shipping cost and waiting for the products and just buy it in store.
I found it in my local Boots, for £40, well I was disappointed to say the least but thought, maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Skip ahead 3 days, and I found it again sitting alone on the shelf for the bargin price of £20. It was meant to be!

I absolutely love Soap and Glory products and have been using them for years.
The products smell incredible, so sweet and sugary, with good quality, long lasting products, that are reasonably priced and come in beautiful packaging.
Now, I’m aware that an Advent calendar is to be opened once a day, but I was so intrigued and excited with my purchase, I opened all the doors at once.

Can you blame me???

The bold pink calender opens out as if you were opening a book. Such a lovely twist and touch on a classic advent calendar.
Behind each door is a product and a little pun which I thought was hilarious, I’m so thrilled with each product, and the bath pods were a pleasent surprise and such a cool idea especially as I hadn’t used those before.

Here are the gifts I received.

1x Scrub of your life body butter
1x The righteous butter body moisturizer
1x Hand foot hydrating hand cream
1x Heel genius amazing foot cream
1x Original pink body spray
1x Thick and fast high-definition collagen coat
1x Mascara sexy mother pucker lip gloss in bear enough
1x Sexy mother pucker lip gloss in pink stardust
1x Sexy mother pucker lip gloss in candy Queen
1x Crazy sexy kohl twist up eyeliner in smoulder
1x Crazy sexy kohl twist up eyeliner in what night
1x Crazy sexy kohl twist up eyeliner in fall in love
1x Crazy sexy kohl twist up eyeliner in grapevine
1x Crazy sexy kohl twist up eyeliner in cocoa bean
1x Mini pair of tweezers
1x Pillow plump lip gloss in clearvoyant
1x Pillow plump lip gloss in nude in town
1x Pillow plump lip gloss in pink well
2x Clean on me creamy shower gel pods
2x Rich and famous shower and bath body wash pods
2x Sugar crush fresh and foaming body wash pods

I’m not surprised that I am thrilled with my Soap and Glory advent calendar, because you just can’t beat their products, and can say with confidence that I’ll be using every single one of them. I strongly recommend this advent calendar, so if you can get your hands on one of these calendars either this or next year, why not buy one for yourself and a friend, because with those products, even at full price, everyone’s winning.

What Beauty Advent Calendars have you bought this year? And were they worth the money?

Kaya •