My 30th Birthday

Good Afternoon Friends!

Yesterday something exciting happened, it was my 30th Birthday!It wasnt the day that had been planned originally, but it was still wonderful all the same.I woke up with birds singing, the sun shining, and messages from loved ones.

My boyfriend was preparing breakfast, so I decided to do my morning yoga routine and have a shower. There is nothing more refreshing!

My boyfriend’s so thoughtful, I came into the living room to find bacon and cream cheese bagels and bubbly, with The Sex and The City movie ready to play in the background.

What more could you want for your birthday?!I had a super chilled morning relaxing and doing my nails.

Midday hit and my family video called to sing Happy birthday whilst my boyfriend brought out my birthday cake.

They’re all so thoughtful!

After possibly too much cake, we went for a stroll, it was lovely to stretch our legs, get some fresh and and feel the sun beating down on our skin.

Side note – I was feeling creative the night before my birthday, so decided to liven up my hair a bit. I dyed it dark red, cut in a long fringe and layers. My hair feels so lighter and bouncier for it.

When we got home a few friends called to drop off presents separately,I said thank you and waved from down the road, because obviously we are social distancing!

Also one of my closest friends Katie dropped off a Giant Chocolate Cupcake.

How beastly does that look???

My other half made one of my favourite dinner’s, Seafood gnocchi. Oh my goodness, I dont know how he does it?

After dinner and a few drinks, and an incredible pamper session, we got into bed to snuggle down and watch a movie.

Even thought my 30th birthday wasn’t spend the way we had planned, it was wonderful and I’m incredibly thankful!

By the way does anyone have instagram? If so, feel free to follow me. As much as I love reading your blogs on wordpress, it’s another way to be abke to connect to you guys 🙂

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I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Kaya •