My countdown to 30

Good evening friends,

My apologies for the lack of posts and interaction… I’ve been a busy woman! A busy but very thankful woman.

I am currently sat waiting in the nail salon waiting for a manicure, and thought whilst I wait an have some downtime, why not blog?

So, next April I turn 30 years old… 30!

I’m now at the point of counting down the last couple of months in my 20s.

There has been some ups and down, damn, let me tell you, but, I’ve learnt alot, I threw myself into all kinds of situations, because why not? As long as you’re not hurting anybody, go live your life, and to the fullest!

I’ve had countless new experiences, and can thankfully say that I have no regrets. In hindsight I could if done something’s alot differently, but I doesnt matter. Not every experience has been pleasant, but theyve helped to sculpt the person who I am today.

My 20’s have been full of excitement, and I know that it doesn’t have to stop when I get to my 30s, but, some things can just fit better into a period of your life, which got me wondering…. what do others wish they’d done in their 20’s?

So friends, this is my question to you.

If you’re in your 20s then please still let me know what you have coming up? And those in their 30’s plus, please share with me what you’re thankful that you did in your 20’s, and what you wish you had?

I’m excited to read your responses and share our experiences and thoughts.

Kaya •