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Boxes galore! April, May & June Roccabox

Good morning friends,

How on earth is it August already? My apologies for being AWOL the last couple of months, life took over and I haven’t been in the right head space to blog. (Again)

I have a few subscription boxes that I’ve needed to review; which I have, but then stripoed down and started over countless times.

Like I said, not in the right head space.

To save my sanity, and time to script another half a dozen drafts, I’ve decided to give a break down of what was in each of the boxes/bags, the prices and my over all rating on the box. Not exactly how I would normally review subscription boxes, but there’s no harm in mixing it up now and then

If you’ve got any questions about a particular product, be sure to ask!

April ‘Vegan beauty’ Score 5/5

• Kat Von D Vegan Beauty Kitten Mini Tattoo Liner RRP £10

• Grow gorgeous haircare defence detoxifying scalp scrub RRP £6 Travel Size

• Balance me skincare collagen booze moisturiser RRP £10

• Beauty Papier – Golden Auoeedoos Anti Oxidant Shower Gel RRP £25 Full Sized

• Vitamasque Gold Eye Patch RRP £5.99
Cooling and depuff your under eyes

May ‘Spring Fling’ Score 4/5

• Illamasqua – Beyond Powder in shade Deity Full size RRP £34

• Emery Nails in the shade Belle RRP £8

• Doctors Formula – Probiotics Radiance Eye Serum Full Size RRP £89

• Hawaiian Tropic All Natural Mineral Milk SPF30
Recieved 30ml (Full Sized 100ml RRP £14.99)

• Mallows beauty – Pink Clay Face Mask RRP £2.99

• Cadbury – Nuttier Bar RRP £1.19
High fibre almonds, peanuts and cranberries

June ‘Hot Girl Summer’ Score 5/5

• Bellapierre – Brown Eyed Girl Palette Full Sized
Highly pignented RRP £28.99

• Crabtree and Evelyn – Rose Shower Milk Deluxe Sample RRP £9

• The Beauty crop – smoothie stick lip crayon shade Saucey Marsala Full Sized RRP £7

• Anatomicals – Deep Conditioning Hair Pack, pack of 4 Full Sized RRP £5

• Shea Bliss Skin – Strawberry Scrub Deluxe Mini RRP £3.99

Which Roccabox would you choose?

Kaya •

Glossybox, monthly favourites

Glossybox March 2020

Good evening friends,

Its been far to long!

As you can see from the title, this month I’ll be reviewing the March Glossybox, ‘All eyes on me’ edition.

(Find a picture of me at the bottom of the page wearing the products)

Black magic mascara
Deluxe mini 4ml RRP £10 (Full size £19)

I’m not a massive fan of mascara in beauty boxes as they’re just a bit boring, but, you always need one spare I guess.

This mascara is good, non flaking with a decent curved brush, but you’re not able to apply much at a time. Third coat and I was happy with the result, but it’s a bit more effort than I’d like to make with my mascara, I’d prefer a bushier brush and one swift flick.

Ciate London
Stamp and drag liner duo
RRP £15

Firstly the name made me laugh, its an odd one, and secondly, it was a bit*h to get out of the box

I was intrigued as I havent used one of these ‘stamp’ eye liners before.

I see the appeal of the stamp but wasnt overly keen. It’s very hard, especially to press on a sensative part of your fact, and I think the transfer would of been better if it was softer and could adapt to your eye shape.

Any who, it’s a good idea, but not quite sharp enough wing, but the defined pen helped to sort it out.

This eyeline is long wearing which is amazing, but keep that in mind if you make a mistake with your liner as it’s a tough one to get off!

Long Lasting Lipstick in the shade Flawless
RRP £15

This shade of lipsticks is definalty in my top 3, so I was happy to see such a gorgeous colour.

Blush pink is one of my favourites and this one didnt fail to impress. With a long lasting wear, soft and creamy application I’d definitely buy this lipstick again.

Highlighter Palette in shade Copperplate RRP £9.99

This highlighting pallette is full of versatile, subtle warm and light golden shades. It’s a little more on the modest side for highlighters which is what I prefer. The packaging is beautiful and it also comes with a handy brush (hygienic, dont like the thought of brushes floating around a make up bag) and a mirror enclosed.

I used shades 3 and 4 on my cheekbones, nose and eyes for a flowy, sunrises look.

Daily Cleansing Cream
RRP £7.99

Look at the size of that!

I have awful eczema on my body, and am always up for trying a new product
It does have that e45 scent, and you have to rub it in quite well otherwise you’ll have white patches, which isn’t really something youd use in the day time, but maybe when you’re at home you can leave it in to soak.
I have put it on one of my arms for the afternoon to see how it feels later

Update. I wanted to scratch my skin off.
This ones probably a no go for me which is a shame, but I’m glad I had the chance to try a new cream as sensative moisturizer can be so expensive.

Over all I am extremly happy with this months box, Glossybox are finally heading in the right direction

Do you recieve any monthly subscription boxes? And if so, would you recommend them?

Kaya •

Glossybox, monthly favourites

November 2019 Glossybox

Good evening friends!

My glossybox came at the right time, my goodness I have not been well this past week… but it’s that time of year, so let’s just power through it!

It’s a heavy one this month and back to the classic baby pink box!

Last months box was possibly my favourite, and I didn’t know what to expect for this month… but, for Novemver, we have been treated to 4 full sized products, 1 deluxe mini, and 2 extra treats.

Hask Exotoics – Hair Oil (Full size) RRP £2.49

Yes I shoved this under my nose straight away, I love hair care, especially oils. I washed my hair last night, and ran the oil through my ends once it was towel dried. I slept with damp hair and woke up to absolutely gorgeous soft and glossy hair. I strongly reccomend this little beauty!

Mudmasky – Leave me on Winter (Full size) Mask RRP £9.90

Exactly what I need, my skin has been so dry recently, and this should do the trick. A rich mask that isn’t too thick and heavy when applying. I applied a few dabs this morning on my T zone before my make up, and has kept my skin feeling soft and nourished whilst my make up staying looking fresh.

Cetaphil – Gentle Skin cleanser (Deluxe mini) RRP £1.10

This tiny little bottle is adorable, even if I didnt know what it was at first. I have quite a few cleansers at the moment and feel like it’s a bit of a waste opening another one, so I will pass this along to a friend.

Rituals – The Ritual of Ayurveda Soothing Hand Balm (Full size) RRP £9.90

Oh damn! This hand balm is so thick and rubs in without them feeling greasy, just nourished and soft. The scent is amazing, The packaging is just stunning

Also, the perfect size for my handbag!

Offblak – Fruit Tea’s £0.89 each Extra Treat!

I love a cuppa tea, in every variety! These teas were a lovely little treat.

I’m not a massive fan of ginger, but had to give one of these a whirl, so I tried the ‘Brighten Up’ – Forest Fruits and Ginger.

I know you didnt need to see half a dozen photos… but I think its mesmerising to watch. And it tasted D licious! I like my tea sweet, and this has such a light fruity sweet blend.

Kandi Cosmetics – Glow up primer and setting spray (Full size) RRP £20.00

This was the first product I locked my eyes on, but the last I opened as thought it would excite me the most, just by looking at the size (let’s keep it clean people!)

Wow, just wow! This is beautiful! I love a bit of sparkle any time of day.

This primer/setting spray is perfect for this season, one spritz will leave a light misty glow on your skin, just enough to give you that seasonal sparkle, but subtle enough that you dont look like a disco ball!

What did you think of this months Glossybox?

Thank you for reading!

Kaya •

monthly favourites

January Favourites

Good Afternoon everyone and Happy February 1st!

How has a month flown by already?

I’ve been looking forward to sharing my January favourites with you all… Let’s get to it!


2019 Diary
TK Maxx £7.99

Finding a diary is never an easy task, but if you look hard enough you’ll find the perfect one.

This diary ticks all the boxes. The layout is fantastic, it has double paged monthly calendars at the front, and a notes section at the back. More than enough room to write important information for events, reminders, shopping lists, the lot!

Could you be anymore organised? Well with this diary, you can!

Words to Inspire notebook –
The Works £3.00

This second diary is used as my personal daily diary. Every so often then lined pages will change to a different bright/pastel colour with another inspiring quote. I normally prefer a simple black and white lined diary, but when I saw this, I realised, I needed a change.

Blog diary
The works £2.00

Now that’s one hell of a quote.
As I’ve mentioned before my phone is unreliable so I picked up this simple lined notepad to jot down drafts and ideas etc.

Fashion Items.

Black top
Matalan £3.50

I picked up this top half price in the sale last week. What a beauty. This black and flowery top would pair perfectly with a tank top, whether that be black, red, pink, whatever I feel like on the day. This can be worn any season, day or night. Perfect.

Black heels
Matalan £10.00

As I’ve mentioned in my last Primark Haul, I just cannot walk in my old high heels anymore. I’ve since got rid of them and bought myself a new pair of black heels at a more sensible height.

Beauty Products

Quick Fix Facials Face Mask

TK Maxx £2.99

I’ve been wearing this mask 2-3 times a week for the past month. This facemask does have a slight tingle when you first apply it, but it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and soft. I don’t know if it has lifted and firmed my face at all, but hopefully time will tell.

Hair renewing Argen oil of Morocco

TK maxx £2.99

The end of my hair can become dry rather easily. I only use a pea sized amount in my palm, gently run in between my hands and softly smooth it over the bottom third of my wet hair. The texture isnt too greasy and distributed well throughout my hair. Since using this oil my hair has before smooth and glossy.

Coconut Macaroon Indulgent Bath creme

B&M £2.99

Firstly, how pretty is the packaging? Adorable! This thick and silky bath creme is the perfect scent, and provides a ton of fluffy bubbles for that long bubble bath we

Reading Material

Martin Luther King book will be read when my evenings are a little more organized/relaxed so that I can put time by to read his autobiography. I’ve tried, and have found that this is not the type of book that u can read during my lunch break. If prefer to dedicate a few hours in the evening and be able to properly take it all in without any disturbance.

Instead, I will be reading, Holly Madison, Down the Rabbit Hole. I bought this book for £2 on eBay.

The series Girls of the Playboy mansion was huge when I was in my late teens, and I love it! The series was so lighthearted, funny and entertaining, that you could have on in the back ground while you painted your nails or did some chores.
At the time, Holly was Hugh Hefner’s no1 girlfriend (strange and creepy I know), and although you saw all of the parties, photoshoots and fun times, we all know that there was more to the Playboy mansion than that!

Woman and Home Magazine

Sainsburys £4.75 (available in a variety of newsagents and supermarkets)

Now, when I showed a friend my newest purchase she laughed at me, as I’m in my late 20’s and joked that I had ‘matured’.

Now I take this as a compliment. Firstly, have you had a look at what magazines are out there at the moment? Well there’s some absolute trash. Gossip, and that’s what it is, gossip, not news. Fashion that I would never wear, and for extortionate amounts. The
word entertainment and celebrity is used very loosely nowadays!

In late November, after walking up and down the magazine aisle and eyerolling at the same front covers, I finally came across Woman and Home. Now this is my kind of magazine, travel, interviews with interesting people, affordable and luxury clothing, home decor and recipes, to name just a few of the contents! Also, for a decent sized magazine which isn’t made up mostly of adverts, for £4.75 I was pretty impressed!

Lastly, I wanted to mention something, that isn’t exactly a favorite, but this is something I discovered which has changed my day to day life. This may sound awful, but I was spending so much time in my phone. It’s easily done, you’re looking at a beauty product, then you may see a trailer for a new film, and then a cake recipe… It’s never ending, before you know it you’ve been scrolling through your Instagram for 20 minutes… Or longer. but I put a 30minute reminder on my Instagram.

This isn’t a favourite but more of a January recommendation I shared with family and friends.

What have your January favourites been? And have we purchased any items the same?

Kaya •