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Film Review – The Nest

Good evening friends,

Well, where to start? It’s hard to say because it felt like this film had no beginning, middle or end.

I warn you now, there are spoilers below, but honestly, there are no huge surprises here.

‘Life for an entrepreneur and his American family begin to take a twisted turn after moving into an English country manor’

I was intrigued and excited after I read the description above and watched the trailer for this ‘drama/thriller’. I was given the impression the family would fall into an unhinged lifestyle, full of drama and tension, this wasn’t quite the case.

In a nut shell, set in the 80’s, British ‘entrepreneur’ Rory O’Hara (Jude Law) relocates his American family to the UK to return to his old firm. O’Hara is money hungry and running out of funds, his family are finding it difficult to adjust to their new lives, and are fed up of his lies and neglect.
Also the horse dies.

Whilst O’Hara showed greed and desperation in his actions, I felt a bit of compassion for his family, but that didn’t pull at any heart strings or fill me with emotions – I’m not a robot, I was painfully disappointed and bored.

Half a dozen people walked out less than half way through the film, I’m sure they will wonder what they missed, but I don’t envision them doing that for long.

Take Christopher Nolan’s Tenet for instance, I found the film underwhelming and anti climatic, mostly because the ‘best bits’ were shown in the trailer, but I could appreciate what was in front of me even if it wasn’t to my liking.

I found myself constantly on the edge of my seat waiting for something, anything, to happen. I am extremely disappointed even more so that I had hyped it up and dragged my fiance along for the ride. I would strongly recommend taking a chance and watching any film other than The Nest this year, but if you do happen to catch it and find it appealing, please let me know

Rating? 0/5

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Blogmas – New Series Review – Emily in Paris

Netflix has given us a new, easy going, 10 episode girly series to throw yourself into over the Christmas season.
From the creator Darren Star, who gifted us Sex and the City, all sounds promising doesn’t it?

The series is set in Paris, and a scene doesn’t go by where they don’t remind you.

Croissants, cigarettes, rude locals, wine at every meal, this series just screams ‘cliche’

It’s disappointing that you aren’t shown a great deal of the sites, culture or beauty of the city, only what you would find on a postcard.

There are likeable characters, but I have to say, Emily is not one of them. I found her arrogant and a bit dull, with quick thinking answers to her problems, she is happy go lucky but all is very predictable.

It wasn’t the funny, romantic or charming series I was hoping for, and was dragged over 10 episodes when it could of been shown in 5.

Lastly, the fashion.
I really thought they would pull it out the bag, leaving me with visions of iconic looks, ones that I may like to recreate and put my own spin on. Accessories that I’d be googling whilst watching each episode, and shoes to add on my Christmas list.
None of the above.

I spoke to a friend about the series and she loved it, so each to their own.

If you give the series a watch, let me know what you made of it?

Scoring system 1/5

5. Absof*ckinlutly

4. Fetch

3. Well nobodys perfect

2. As if

1. Kastang! you’re busted

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Feel Unique Pick n Mix September 2020

Good evening friends,

I picked some absolutely brilliant products this month. With winter around the corner, I decided to focus on skin care… with a balm I guarantee I will repurchase in full size.

Mustela Hydra Bébé Body Lotion 50ml

What a size! When I selected this lotion, I thought it had been a typo and that a 15 or 5ml bottle would arrive, but no, a full 50mls! I didnt realise it was for babies/children, but this lovely scented, soft lotion is perfect for my extremly sensative skin, and is its

a perfect size for my handbag.

Clarins Extra-Firming Neck and Décolleté Cream 5ml

I know I’m 30, but as I’ve said before, your age supposedly shows on your face, hands and neck first… may as well start the smoothing/firming process now!

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm 5ml

I feel like a giant.

Apply by smoothing a little in the palm of your hand with warm water, rub together and gently apply the balm on your next and face.
My face felt refreshed the next mornings to come. I dont know if it was mainly the product or because I gave myself a mini face massage before bed?
£46 for a full sized (100ml), may seem hefty but you use just a tad, a little goes along way

Elizabeth Arden SUPERSTAR Skin Renewal Booster 5ml

This product is a repeat from last month as I absolutely loved this renewals booster.

MOR Marshmellow Eau de Parfum 2ml Pick & Mix

Who doesnt love a new scent? Me, that’s who. This smells nothing at all like Marshmellow or any candy for that matter. A sweet but musky scent, very odd, can’t say its my favourite but I’ll keep it by just in case

What did you think of this months Pick and Mix? And have you tried any of these products before?

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Film Review – Bloodshot

Good evening friends!

My boyfriend and I saw an early screening on March 11th and I’ve been meaning to write a review since.

Photo from google

Marine, Ray Garrison (Diesel) gets caught up in some nasty business that leads him to Rising Zero Tech’s lead Doctor, Dr Emil Harting (Guy Pearce)

Shortly after meeting fellow ‘super soldiers’, Garrison flips out and goes rogue.

You know what you’re going to get when you watch a Vin Diesel film. But I’ll tell you now, it didnt disappoint.

I feel as though I’ll say this everytime, do not watch the trailers! Watch a snippet but not all the way through, because as always, you’ll be watching the whole damn film! Spoilers, end scenes and all!

It’s not the film of the year, but for 109 minutes you can sit back and enjoy the cheesy lines ,explosions, and some pretty bad ass fight scenes.

Scoring system 1 – 5

5. Absof*ckinlutly

4. Fetch

3. Well nobodys perfect

2. As if

1. Kastang! you’re busted

Kaya •

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Film Review – Parasite

Bong Joon-Ho’s thriller pours light on the gap in society, which is momentarily sew together, by the Kim and Parks Family.Image from GoogleThe bond and struggle within the Kim family will pull at your heartstrings.Whilst I was mesmerised by the way it was filmed beautifully, accompanied by a perfect score, I was still on the edge of my seat.It’s been years since I last watched a film that this unpredictable, gripping and powerful.I’m not surprised that this film has won dozen of awards since its first screening in 2019, it is 132 minutes of genius.Dont try to make sense of the trailer, just sit back and indulgeFilm Score – Absof*ckinlutlyKaya •