Blogmas 2019

Blogmas day 13 – Christmas Jumper Day

Good morning friends,

I’m playing catch up this morning, so get ready for 3 Blogmas posts.

Friday was Christmas Jumper Day.

Man my office looked awesome! Such a variety of Jumpers this year, I think next year I’ll have to find a sonic the hedgehog one.

Each member of staff paid £2 (minimum) to wear a christmas jumper. Money raised on Friday 13th will be donated to the charity ‘Save the Children’

You can take part at school, work, or with family and friends.

If you dont have a jumper you are encourage to borrow a friends, or decorate your own jumper. There’s no need to spend out unnecessarily, it’s for charity, not for your appearance.

This year I rocked an ice skating reindeer. I’ve collected a few over the years but all the jumpers are inexpensive and I’ll rotate between them each year.

Did you take part in Christmas Jumoer day this year?

Kaya •

Blogmas 2019

Blogmas Day 11 – Jasmine Advent Calendar

Last year my boyfriend bought me the Mad Beauty Mickey Mouse 95th Anniversary advent calender and I loved it. Although it was quite a simple calender, it was lovely, and I used every single item.

I’ve always loved Princess Jasmine, so I was so excited to see this beautiful calender in superdrug.

The calender scanned as £12, which I thought was full price, that in fact was at half price. But where I had questioned it, she then manually reduced it by 50%… this meant I bought it for £6! How awesome that???

So what did we get in this gorgeous Advent Calender?

2x Bath fixers

2x 30g Jasmine and Indigo Violet Fragrance

Bubble bath, Body Lotion, and Body Wash all 30ml in a soft Jasmine and Indigo scent

Lip balm 4g coconut flavour, and a patterned mini nail file.

Bath salts 50g, and a purple body scrubber

Hand cream, and Hair Mask 25ml each

And lastly a beautiful Sheet Face Mask 25ml Green Tea Fragrance

This calender is a lovely gift, as you can use all items with no waste, and smell like an absolute dream!

Kaya •

Blogmas 2019, Hauls

Blogmas Day 10 – NYX Haul

Good evening all,

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, then you know that I’ve been reviewing Glossybox for the last 9 months.

Glossybox give you the option to complete surveys on the monthly box and individual products. Once doing this, you can earn credit to spend in the ‘Glossy Lounge’ (online store), or on the ‘Look Fantastic’ website.

I didnt realise that I had built up £20 to spend and then was given an additional £10 from Look fantastic to all Glossybox subscribers on Black Friday.

With £30 to spend, I thought I’d treat myself to a few new lip products.

As I scrolled through, I saw the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream at £4.68 each and the Suede lip pencils at £3.12 each and that they were also 3 for 2, mix and match!

Well, I treated myself, didnt I?!

I bought 5 Soft Matte Lip Creams and 4 suede pencils for a total of £26.52 with free delivery!


Now, this was a bit more of a Barbie Pink that I expected, but I love it! The NYX lip creams are long wearing, so I know that this colour will stay strong and not flaked, giving me the confidence to rock such a candy pink!

Abu Dhabi

Ive bought this lip cream quite a few times before. It’s a staple, a perfect nude brown.


This lip cream is a bit brighter in person but I didnt want to mess around editing the picture. It is a lighty more dark peach colour, something a little different but still beautiful.


The perfect red! Again, the shade is slightly deeper/stronger but I didnt want to mess with the settings. I adore this red. I’ve been looking for this shade for the longest time, and with the formula it is just perfect.


Well, I couldnt not buy a dark red could I? This one again, is a much deeper richer shade.

The 4 suede lip pencils I bought were equally gorgeous.

Although not all of them matched the lip cream perfectly, they will suit other lip products I own.

From top to bottom

Respect the pink

Rose the day

Cherry skies


I’m thrilled that I was able to buy these 9 products, without actually using any real money… if that makes sense? It’s always nice to treat yourself, and especially around Christmas, and it helps that I can have a good clear out of make up in december/January, knowing that the products are a year old and are on their way out.

Do you use NYX products? And do you have a favourite shade of the lip creams?

Kaya •

Blogmas 2019, Glossybox

Blogmas Day 9 – Glossybox December 2019

Good evening friends!

This afternoon I recieved my Christmas Edition Glossybox.

My favourite so far, and what a stunning box to end the year with?

This month we recieved 5 full sized items ready for the party season!

Lasplash Cosmetics – Golden Gatsby 3D Faux Mink Lashes RRP £9.75 (Full size)

These are some serious party lashes! Nowadays I dont often wear fake lashes, but these ones are beautiful. The only downside is, that they dont come with any adhesive glue (odd)… I shall invest in some and get back to you with my review on them this holiday season!

Steve Laurant – Loose Powder Pigment – RRP £14.60 (Full size)

I do love a good highlighter, and this one is the most beautiful ‘Rose Gold’ shade. This powder is multi use and can be used on your eyes for a shimmery festive look.

Bella Pierre – Liquid Shadow Eye Candy – RRP £20 – (Full size)

Wow! There is some shine to this liquid shadow! This shadow is so easy to apply, is thick and buildable. I must say it’s a bizarre consistency to apply to your eye, but, what a beautiful glitzy look!

L.O.V Cosmetics – LIP affair color & care lipstick matte shade – Extrovert RRP £8.90 (Full size)

Well damn, this is quite a lipstick.

First of all, this bullet lipstick is heavy!

Secondly, the cap is magnetic. Once discovered made me smile and I had to show my boyfriend. It’s the little things in life?

And thirdly, I am in love with this colour!

This eye and lip combo is stunning, and could we look anymore glamorous and christmas ready?

Original Source – Sweet Rhubabrd and Raapberry Shower Gel RRP £2.30 (Full size)

I wasnt exactly wowed by this product. Weve recieved Original Source shower gel before, and I loved it, and am actually using a different scent currently. My only issue with this is that, with all the other season and party inspired items, this one seems a little random.

I wouldnt say this smells like rhubarb and raspberry, but it does smell lovely and sweet.

I guess you need something fresh and sweet to wash away the glitter after a dancing!

I adore this box, and cannot wait to use every single one of these products next weekend for another christmas party!

Kaya •

Blogmas 2019

Blogmas Day 8 – Santa Dash

Evening friends, Happy Day 8 of Blogmas!

This morning, my partner, friend and I took part in the Santa Dash.

The Santa Dash is an annual event that raises money for the Mountbatten Hospice.

For £20, plus £3.95 p&p you receive a santa suit which included a jacket, trousers, belt (which I didnt get so I bought my own), hat and beard.

We met at 11am at Ryde Superbowl where we did a warm up, and made sure that everyone was suited and booted and ready to walk, jog, run the 5k along the sea front!

I can’t exactly say we arrived ‘bright eyed and bushy tailed’, but we were enthusiastic, and thankful for the dry and clear weather.

If you’ve read my Day 7 post, you’ll understand that we had quite the night out!

With 5 hours sleep, slightly hungover, half a banana in my stomach and with out having a proper stretch … we didnt do too badly!

I wore my running gear underneath the santa outfit, which caused me to get quite hot, but it was thin and only for 5k!

By the end of it my trousers were in shreds, and so were alot if others.

We ran through the finish line and were presented with medals, water and minced pies by the brilliant Mountbatten volunteers.

I dont know how much was raised, but at a minimum of £20 per person, and hundreds of Santa’s, hopefully we raised a fair bit!

Kaya •

Blogmas 2019

Blogmas Day 7 – Works Christmas Do

Good afternoon Friends,

Last night my partner and I attended my Christmas works do at Gurnard Pines.

The venue was decorated beautifully, with a dj, bar, huge dance floor, and fit at least 3 different christmas parties.

I decided to treat myself to a new dress from Boohoo. I wore a black, gold and silver sparkly roched dress, that was short, but very comfortable.

I dont have the clearest picture in my dress, so here’s one of the model on the website

We each had a 3 course meal which was absolutely delicious.

I had the Vegetable soup with bread rolls, Beef roast dinner (I think every table asked for extra gravy… why do they always scrimp on the gravy?!?), and a platter of desserts. Everything was scrumptious and was bought out promptly.

Just before dessert we exchanged secret santa gifts. Since partners were invited, they were also included in secret santa, which I thought was a lovely idea. My other half got a Spider Man ‘Pop’, and I recieved a Bayliss and Harding set and a selection of galaxy chocolates. Win win!

We were given bubbly on the way in, and wine for the table. Safe to say I had a fair bit to drink and mixed my drinks more than I intended. Oh well, it was all good fun! Plus, someone recieved shots roulette for their secret santa and I couldnt resist joining in.

After a few shots and moving from table to table to catch up with everyone we moved to the dance floor.

The DJ for the most part was brilliant… he played a few songs that made us all sit back down and wait until something else played.

Near to the end of the night when the dance floor was getting empty, I asked him to ‘Play some cheesy 80/90/00 tunes, so cheesy that I want to cringe’

And he did exactly that… we had a bit of Queen, 5ive, Backstreet boys, footloose, Hanson. I did alot of dancing, and air grabbing

Our taxi was booked for 1.15am, which gave us a long evening together with plenty of time to dance, sing, eat and be merry.

When my other half and I got home, we decided Xmen – Days of Future Past, and a tray full of Chicken Nuggets would be a good idea.

We got to bed around 3am…it was worth it but man, my feet hurt!

Kaya •

Blogmas 2019

Blogmas Day 6 – Christmas Candles

Christmas and candles go hand in hand, as soon as December 1st hits, bring me as many spiced, cranberry and crisp candles as possible!

Candles not only fill.your home with that luxurious holiday smell, but they set the tone, the atmosphere.

When you’re all snuggled up on the sofa watching tv, or eating dinner, or just relaxing with loved ones, and youre surrounded by the flicker of candles.

Here’s a round up of my favourite Christmas candles

M&S Tea light candles : Mandarin, clove and cinnamon

Firstly, how beautiful is this candle holder? Perfect for all times of the year, but especially winter.

The mandarin tea candles are quite subtle, but just enough. The kind that are perfect for a long soak in the bath

Berries glass candle – Berries and twigs

This candles was actually a present last year. The twigs and berries are a beautiful effect, I’m unsure weather they’ll stay part of the design or if the jelly will melt when the candle is hot. Either way, I love this unique and amazing smelling candle.

Piller Candles TK Maxx

This candles may look simple but I think they’re traditional and beautiful. The red candle is spiced berries, and the cream candle is sweet vanilla. 2 staples for the holiday season.

Large gold glass candle – TK Maxx

This candle is by far my favourite, I mean just look at it.

This spiced vanilla candle is stunning, and the fragrance fills the room without being too over powering. The perfect combination of scents, that that gorgeous glittery christmas glow.

Do you have a favourite winter candle, if so what scent?

Kaya •

Blogmas 2019

Blogmas Day 5 – A gift from me to me (mini haul)

Good evening and Happy Blogmas Day 5!

Yesterday family and I had a little mooch in Southampton to do a bit of Christmas shopping.

Although I’d finished my shopping, I decided to treat myself to a little something something.

I’ve decided that I will not be participating in the Boxing day sales and will have a no spend January, so I thought I may as well buy what I want now whilst I’ve got a clear mind and am not swayed by the sales.

Mini fragrance set and travel pouch, M&S £11.25

I love perfume, but I tend to buy bigger bottles, and normally they’re better value for money, but I dont like the thought of a glass bottle hanging around in my handbag.

Luckily I was able to smell a few of these fragrances as there were tester bottles available. I smelt 3/6 and thought the scents were gorgeous.
6 mini perfumes, plus a travel pouch at half price for £11.25? Fantastic value, and a lovely idea for yourself, or others.

Tight Fit Ankle Length Leggings Primark £6

I’ve recently discovered that my favourite running trousers has some holes in them. Erm, slightly awkward, but no matter! I’ve had a pair of their sports trousers before and they’ve been fantastic. I maybe should of picked up a second pair?

17 Month Diary, TK Maxx £8.99

A Diary is a necessity, and a 12 month + one is a bonus! My poor boyfriend, we carried about half a dozen around the shop as I couldn’t make up my mind. New pages/allocated space idea kept popping in my head. I then proceeded to stop and look through each of them multiply times to make sure that they had all the specific pages I wanted. But this bad boy has them all and more.

Im sure I’m not the only one that puts that much thought into a diary?

Pen set – Primark £1.50

If I’ve bought a new diary, then obviously I need a new pen… Obviously.

I love stationary, and glitter, and believe me, if they had a variety of colours, I would of bought them all!

Pink printed mug – TK Maxx £3.99

I’ve been looking for a nice big mug for winter. I wanted one big enough for a large cuppa tea (1 bucket of tea over here please!), and one that’s big enough for soup.

Nothing better than a big mug/bowl of soup and crusty bread in the winter to warm you up.

Have you treated yourself this season? And if so, what have you bought?

Kaya •

Blogmas 2019, Glossybox

Blogmas Day 4 : Mystery Glossybox

Good afternoon friends, and welcome to day 4 of Blogmas!

This month, Glossybox were selling Mystery boxes for just £5, and I jumped at the chance. I’ve always wanted to buy a mystery box but I’m always a little unsure about it as in all honesty, it could be filled with crap!

Now I thought that it would be a Glossybox filled with random mystery goods, I didn’t realise that it would be a box from a previous month. I recieved the ‘All you need is love’, February box.

I’m surprised that I didn’t receive the card telling you about the products, so I’ve googled the prices instead.

Heres a quick run down of the products I recieved.

2x Mugler male and female samples

I’m pretty sure you can get these for free, it’s a nice thought but I’m not crazy on samples in subscription boxes.

Nails Inc Nail Varnish RRP £6

Now this is a gorgeous colour that I’ll get alot of wear out of. Reds, pinks and golds are my favourites!

Regenerate Enamel Science toothpaste (mini) RRP £7.99

As I’ve mentioned before I’m not a massive fan or receiving toothpaste in subscription boxes. What more is there to say… let’s move on.

Luxie Make up Brush RRP £14.99

This Luxie brush is perfect for high light. I prefer a thinner brush like this as some highlighter brushes are the same style but much thicker, and collects a little bit too much highlighter for my taste. This ones perfect!

Vitamasques Vitamin Mask RRP £4.99 (4 pack)

I do love a good face mask. I only did one yesterday, so I’ll put this one to the side for another day. This time of year, who can have too many skin products?

Huda Beauty lip liner RRP £14

Now this was the stand out product for me. This lipliner goes on so creamy, and lasted me all day yesterday, which was perfect for a full day of shopping. A Huda beauty product in a Glossybox is always a nice treat, but even better when you weren’t expecting it!

Over all I’m really happy with my £5 box!

For this price I would definalty reccomend doing a mystery box… but wouldn’t do one again myself, as I have a monthly subscription for Glossybox and would recieve duplicates.

Kaya •

Blogmas 2019

Blogmas Day 3 : Send a little love

Now, when I was in school, primary, all the way through to high school, I gave out Christmas cards.

Each year I think everyone wrote them for practically the whole class, and then kept a few plain ones by incase you missed anyone.

Nowadays, you send loved ones, friends and colleagues A Happy Christmas text, which is all well and good, but where’s the thought in it? The personal touch?

Last year I tried to personalise each text and make sure that it was sent from the heart. This year I intend to do the same, but want to post Christmas cards instead.

I love it when you recieve Christmas cards in the post, and in reality, that doesn’t really happen very often anymore.

I sent a friend a 30th birthday card a few months ago, and although I sent her a birthday text, she said she was really thankful for her card and that it was a lovely surprise.

Sometimes the small little extra things can mean so much to others.

Will you be sending cards this year? And if so, who to?

Kaya •