30 Day Challenge

Blogging with Nataliec Day 19-30

Hello friends,

My goodness I’ve been terrible at blogging recently but trying my best.

Here’s day 19 to 30.

19. A wishlist.
I don’t really have wishlist’s, Instead I have dozens of screen shots on my camera roll of items I want to purchase.
I have scrolled through and have put a few items on a amazon wishlist so you can have a visual.

Wish List

20. Your favourite lyrics and what they mean to you.
Simply Red – for your babies
‘I dont believe in many things, but you, I do’
Just sweet, simple, and memorable

21. 5 books you recommend

Lauren Conrad – Beauty
Lauren Conrad – Style
Bad dates – Sam Jordison
Gabrielle Union ‘We’re going to need more wine’

And lastly, not a book but a magazine which has become my favourite for the past year – Good house keeping magazine

22. If you win the lottery what would you do?

I would buy a house, pay off my nearest and dearest mortgages, and take us all on a group holiday.
I would travel and book dozens of new experiences
I would volunteer my time to those in need, all around the world

23.What have you learnt today?

Professional dance poles (stripper poles), spin round, not the performer?!? What??

24. An Accomplishment you are proud of
Over coming depression.

25. Create a vision board

Just a sneak peak…

26. Somewhere you’d like to visit and why?
San Diego has been on my list for years, Purely for their Comic Con, but no doubt I’d have an amazing time exploring the city

27. What is something you want to learn?
Learn how to play piano/keyboard
I have a list of pieces of music I’d love to learn.
I have no reason to not learn…

28. Useful resources for someone in your industry
Instead of in my industry, this is just useful resources in general.

Be kind, caring, open minded, and educate yourself

29. Describe yourself in 3 words
Adventurous, thoughtful, funny

30. Your current priorities in life

Improving my Physical and mental health

Kaya •

30 Day Challenge

Day 18 #Bloggingwithnataliec Best advice you recieved from your parents

Day 18

The best advice I ever received from my mum is, Always be kind.

If ever I’ve met one of my mums friends, colleagues, or even a friend of a friend, if someone says, ‘your daughter’s so pretty’, mum will always say, ‘but shes kind too’.

My wonderful mum has always be proud of me, and have always installed kindness into me and to treat everyone the same.

Receiving a compliment about your appearance is always lovely to hear, but when someone compliments my personality, that means so much more to me.

Kaya •

30 Day Challenge

Day 17 #Bloggingwithnataliec

Day 17 #Bloggingwithnataliec

Who is your role model and why?

This ones short and sweet.

I don’t really have a role model.

I have people who inspire and motive me, and those people will vary depending on what I am looking to achieve.

Its nice to take a little bit here and there from others, and to also put it out into the world.

Who is your role model?

Kaya •

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Day 16 #Bloggingwithnataliec dinner party

Day 16 – If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive?

Well, I have quite a list, and it would be one hell of a partay!

Heres my top 10 (in no particular order)

Lenora Crichlow

Gene Kelly

Michael Keaton

Graham Norton

Lucy Pinder

Belle Midler

Selma Hayek

Stan Lee

Sarah Jessica Parker

Missy Elliot

Who would you invite to your dinner party?

Kaya •

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Day 15 #Bloggingwithnataliec Top 5 Productivity Tips

Hello there friends,

1. What are your end goals? Think about why you want to be productive ans what you want to achieve.

2. Make a list. This is my answer to almlst everything, and I stand by it. Write it down, thats the first step to any plan.

3. Set the time aside. If you want to be productive, you have to make the time and effort.

4. Give yourself a break. Being productive is about the get up and go, but not all at once. Pace yourself.

5. Its alright not to be productive. I constatly have ideas in my mind and want to be productive, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen, and thats okay.

Kaya •

30 Day Challenge

Day 14 #Bloggingwithnataliec 5 blogs you read regularly and why

Hello there friends,

This was tough to narrow this down to 5, as there are dozens of bloggers out there who I read in the regualar. But here are a few lovely ladies who sprang to mind.

1 & 2

Gail’s Blog – Snapshotsincursive

Diane’s Blog – In Diane’s Kitchen

I can’t tell you how many recipes I have saved for the future, follow their recipes or drawn ispiration from them.

I am all about the food. I adore cooking, trying new recipes, hosting, and indulging in general. 2 fantastic blogs I urge you to follow

3. Quite a Yarn

I’ve always been creative, but as I’ve become older maybe less so due to time. It happens, but the spark’s still there. I love to see others creations and admire their skills, especially if jt is a skill that I’m not familiar with.

Marilee’s blog is filled with Creative, beautiful patterns and ideas. Always brings a smile to my face and make me wonder what I myself am capable of.

4. Blessings by me

Michelle was one of the first bloggers I followed, and she posts some gold blogs!

Tips and tricks, DIY home creations, her posts help to open your mind. Look at your home and the world differently and in a new light with yoir own twist.

5. We are Glamerus

Erica give’s reviews and advice about make up and beauty products. I adore trying new brands and items, and am thankful for an honest opinion from someone else who loves all things beauty.

Bonus 6. Natalie Gordon

The lovely and inspiring Natalie of course had to make the list.

Myself and Natalie seem to have alot in common. Her blog is a burst of fresh air, full of fun, down to earth and a wonderdul read.

Thank you for the challenge x

Kaya •

30 Day Challenge

Day 13 #Bloggingwithnataliec How to…

Good evening friends,

This one stumped me for quite some time.

At first I was thinking about a skill that I could pass on, maybe a tip for a new trend… nothing really seemed to fit, but then I scrolled through YouTube and a suggested Brad Mondo video popped up.

How to ‘cut your hair at home’

I’ve only been watching Brad Mondo for about a year now, I cant tell you how many of his reaction videos to Americas Next Top Model I’ve watched.

I am not a trained hair dresser, nor am I recommending that you cut your own hair at home, but, if you were, this video served me well.

See below for the link and my subtle before and after pictures.

Brad Mondo – How to cut your hair at home



Tidy up my ends a little.

I did have a little snip at my fringe/bangs as well just to frame my face, and the hair was getting too long and heavy to style in the front.

30 Day Challenge

Day 12 Advice to those in your profession #Bloggingwithnataliec

Hello there friends,

I tried my best to keep up with this fabulous challenge but life got hectic, I got tired, and run down.

But I’m back!

I originally started participating in this daily blog challenge July 1st-11th, I love the idea of it, so will be carrying on from 12th – 31st August.

Day 12 (12th August)

As I’ve said a few times before, some parts of my person life, I like to keep private.

I don’t want to say specifically what I do for a living but my role if admin based.

My advice is as follows –

Ask questions.

No ons is born into a job. Everyone needed to learn their roll at some point. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, youd rather ask and get it right, than wing in and screw up.

Believe in yourself

This is not only for yoir profession, but in life. As cliche as it sounds, ‘believe in yourself, because if you don’t, who will?’

Look to the future

Many people feel stuck in rut with their jobs, and want a career. To help you to avoid going 1 step forward and 2 steps back, find a job that you can build up, learn, progress and achieve.

Do your research and choose a career where you can excel.

I hope you found this helpful in one way or another, with for work or life.

Kaya •

30 Day Challenge

Day 10 5 Apps I couldn’t live without #Bloggingwithnataliec

Day 10 – 5 Apps I couldnt live without

Now this one has to be slightly dramatised?

In all honesty, as long as I still had my trusty ipod (old school/hoarder) I could quite easily live without all apps, and my phone. My problem is that its all so damn convenient, and the possibilities are endless.

Spotify and YouTube

Music all day, everyday. I have adored music since I was a child, and am passionate about it as much as I am films. My top 2 loves… throw in some Hanson and Disney into the mix. They all go hand in hand.

But seriously, Music, podcasts and youtube make up most of my background noise. If I’m cooking, cleaning, bathing, on a run, in the car, doing my make up, you name it, I’ll have one of the 3 on in the background.


Group chats are a blessing and a curse, but thank goodness for muting conversations when it all gets too much.

I am a very sociable person, and always have been. Long messages back and forth, voice notes and video calls? Especially in a time like this, thank god for Whatsapp! We don’t all have the times and money to see loved ones as often as we’d like. This app certainly helps!


No doubt the best social media app out of all of them.

Excuse my language but facebook and twitter and be filled with such crap!

Instagram, to the point, rarely any rants, I find a much more command healthier way to express yourself. If you haven’t already, and if you’d like to, come follow me



This may be considered as boring, but this woman here loves a list.

Love loves! Ask anyone who knows me or if you’ve been following my blog a while, you’ll know that there is a list and a plan for almost everything.

I constantly have so much going on in my head, so many ideas, adventures, things I want to achieve, to complete.

Notes has helped to keep me sane and organised.

What are your top 5 apps?

Kaya •