Blogmas 2020, Cooking at home with Kaya

Blogmas – Christmas Day Cooking

Good morning friends,

Christmas day for as long as I can remember is all about seeing family and friends, as many as you can cram into one day.

Multiple minced pies, crackers pulled and countless cups of tea. Well, we partly did that!

We had a relaxing morning, opening presents, listening to Christmas music

We only had a light breakfast and cuppa’s during the day, ready for our festive feast.

We social distanced with family, face timed and called loved ones.

And for the first time ever, I cooked Christmas dinner. In years past I would have assisted here and there, but this year I cooked Christmas dinner and all the trimming, and absolutely loved it.

I seasoned the chicken, I went rogue, shocker, taking it out every 25 minutes or so to baste it, as add the roast potatoes that seasoned in the juices, all was cooked to perfection.

I minted the lamb chops and smoothered the carrots and parsnips so that they were honey roasted.

Pigs in blankets were another ‘must’.

I had to be clever with the arranging of the trays, the doubling up and timings, but all went to plan

I over cooked, as we will have meat and stuffing sandwiches, chicken curry, chicken soup etc for meals through out the next couple of days

After dinner, and a sit down all was packed away ready for the next couple of days, watched Home Alone and had a tipple

Is it just my family tradition, or does everyone cook a little extra for the coming days?

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas X

Kaya •

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