Blogmas 2020

Blogmas – make your own wax melts

Good morning friends,

For years I have thrown away glass jarred candles with tons of wax still intact.

The other day, I saw a video online of someone heating the jar, melting the wax, and creating their own layered candle. To be honest, that sounded like a great idea, although, I don’t want to buy wicks as I don’t think I’ll use them as often, and will just go round in circles with there always being left over wax.

Instead, I thought I’d make my own style ‘wax melts’

All you need is –

Near to empty candles

1 fork

1 saucepan (filled with boiling water)

Small containers/ice trays – (can be purchased in multipacks from Poundland/B&M)

I have a few candles of warm winter and floral scents that I’m planning to melt down.

Simply fill a small saucepan half way with boiling water and place the candle on a medium heat for 10 minutes

Every few minutes, I carefully broke up the wax with a fork and stirred.

Once melted, I poured the wax into the ice cube trays and small tubs.

For the winter scents, I filled the small tubs half way, and layered them with both scents.

To add a little something extra, I sprinkled glitter into the wax as it was cooling.

After about 30 minutes, the melts easily popped out of the tubs.

These are quick and easy to make, and can be kept for yourself or given as a gift at Christmas.

I know that to buy professionally made wax melts aren’t too expensive, but why not give this a go if you have the resourses at home?

Kaya •

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