Shoebox Appeal 2020

Good evening friends,

I spent the morning wrapping and filling shoe boxes.
The Shoebox appeal pick up is in 3 weeks, and will be sent to children in need over the world.

The shoe box appeal was first introduced to me through my school, each child would pack a shoe box with our family.

Each year the shoe boxes would be sent to communities in need around the world.

Although the shoe box appeal still takes place in schools, as an adult I feel as though it is important that I still donate each year. I have my own money, and have friends with children, which I often buy toys for without even thinking about the cost.

We don’t hesitate when buying everyday items, it just happens, toys, make up, a new nail varnish,a take away coffee, it all adds up.

Yes I work hard for my money, but I recognise that I do occasionally waste money and could put it towards a better cause.

Just one shoe box per house hold could change a child’s life.
Text books, and stationary could assist a child to go to school and get an education.

Over the past couple of months I’ve bought items for the boxes here and there to already out the cost, and have bought in bulk online.

This year I’ve packed 12 boxes for 8 girls, and 4 boys.

Each box contains

2x lined exercise books

2x colouring books

Pens and pencils

Erasers and sharpener



Pencil case

Drawstring sports bag



Wash cloth

Bar of soap

Nail clippers

Mini sewing kit

Cutlery set

Tennis ball

Skipping rope

(For the boys) – 3x pull back toy car

(For the girls) – Pony doll, hair clips and headband

It may not seem like anything too exciting, but I’m hoping it will make a difference.

There is a suggested £5 donation, I donate money also, but not £5 per box.

There are multiple drop off points through out October and November, or alternatively if you don’t have time to buy the items, wrap and pack a box, you can buy a pre-filled box online that will be sent on your behalf.

Shoebox Appeal

Give what you can, and pay your love forward to others 💞

Kaya •

4 thoughts on “Shoebox Appeal 2020”

  1. This is such a great initiative. I love giving back to the society throughout the year but with the festive season upon us it feels like people need more cheering now than ever with unemployment and the bad economy. Kudos to you!

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