Glossybox July 2020

Good afternoon friends,

This is possibly the prettiest Glossybox I’ve received.

Giving me Lilo and Stitch, summer and cocktail vibes.

Naobay Orange Juice Hand Cream (Full size) RRP £11.50

No it is not orange, but yes, it does smell like citrus. I love the packaging especially the wooden lid but have gifted this ti a friend as my skin has been behaving better recently and I didnt want to irritate it.

Give them Lala Beauty Aloha Bronzer (Full size) RRP £19.80
Faint gold sparkles, with a decent sized pan with a mirror. Perfect glow, especially when you’re wearing little make up and you just need that little something.

Jecca Blac Glow Drop Primer (Full size) RRP £16

Have never used such a glowing gorgeous primer. A subtle but beautiful glow.

The Beauty Crop Palm Balm (Full size) RRP £18

This is a weapon if I ever need one. This lip balm has some weight to it, and the glass container could be half the size. Having said that, this leaves a vibrannt yet delicate pink to your lips and cheeks. Who doesnt love a multi use product?

Kocostar Fruit Slice Mask Sheet (Pack of 12) RRP £4

How exciting do these look? The only problem with them is that, it may just be that I’m used to the full face masks, but these seem a little fussy.

I absolutly adored Julys box, fantastic products and value!

Kaya •

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