30 Day Challenge

Day 8 Goals for the year #Bloggingwithnataliec

Day 8 – What are your goals for the year?

Let me answer after I’ve had a huge bowl of fruit, whilst eating a bag of onion rings.

Any idea what we’re starting with?

1.Weight loss!

I hadnt realised, which is always frustrating, but I have gained weight since last summer, mainly around my stomach and face.

I suppose since then, the seasons have changed therefore I’ve been wearing different/new styles of clothing.and hadn’t noticed the change. It wasn’t until yesterday when we were heading to a social dksfancing bbq, i put on a dress I rocked last summer and was disheartened by the fit of it.

I’ve lose weight before- I shall do it again!

2. Save money

I am hoping that this time next year I’ll be in the position to buy my first home. The past 5 years, we have been on a a few holidays, weekends away, comic cons, theatre trips, gigs, festivals, etc, and have just made the most of spending our money and having fun. Not to say that needs to stop, but I am now a little more conscious of what I’m spending and the impact saving can have on the future.

3. Cooking/learning Arabic dishes.

I don’t know if you’re aware, or if I have mentioned it before, but I am half arabic.

I have grown up eating the most insanely delicious dishes, and the last couple of years have been trying to learn how to cook some of my favourite middle eastern meals from my childhood.

The typical, ‘you don’t measure, you just know’, is 100% true.

My mama has taught me so much when it comes to cooking, and I admit I am ashamed to say when I want to learn a new recipe the conversation normally starts with, ‘you know the one with the potatos and the lamb with the red coating’, I’ve forgotten most of the names for my favourite dishes which is a ridiculous.

I was very kindly gifted an authentic middle eastern cook book with hundreds of recipes by one of our family friends. I have been making my way through it and have been trying to lerfect recipes in preparation of a great feast for loved ones.

And as always, just be happy and make memories with the ones I love.

What are your goals for this year?

Kaya •

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