Glossybox May 2020

Good afternoon friends,

Today we are unboxing the May’s Glossybox, the ‘Wild thing’ Edition.

There were 2 varieties this month, Zebra and Leopard.

I recieved the zebra box, I would of preferred the gold box, but in all honesty, I cannot stand animal print.

It’s just not for me.

I always re-use my boxes as they’re a good size, pretty, and sturdy.So I will pass this box along to a animal print lover.

Today I’ll be blogging about first impressions of the products, check back in tomorrow for my tried and tested post.

Oh! K SOS Printed Sheet Mask RRP £4

I am loving sheet masks recently! This one had me all excited as I saw a little panda at the top of the packaging, so thought it was a panda mask.I was wrong.

It’s a dalmatian mask, which is still fun, but not exactly in the ‘wild thing theme’.

Either way I’m sure I’ll look terrifying.

EOS Sphere Lip Balm RRP £6.50

I’m all about hair, skins and especially lips being soft, smooth and nourished.
Another lip balm is always a bonus.

This small, chunky but funky lip balm is easy to apply without getting your fingertips sticky.

This has a subtle sweet smell and taste.

By the way, does it remind me of Miley Cyrus ‘We cant stop music video’, people went crazy over them after that video!

Mudmask – Hairmask, Scalp Treatment and Miracle Shampoo RRP £21 75ml

This 3 in 1 Mudmask has gotten some fantastic reviews.

I shall wash my hair with it tonight and let you guys know how I get on with it.

Repairs/Strengthens/Hydrates/Moisturizes/Dandruff control

It really does sound like a dream, the only thing that throws me off is that it
Smells like talcum powder.

I have no issue with this scent… but it will smell as though you’ve tried to dry shampoo/talc your roots?

Steve Laurant Wild Side Eye Shadow Palette
RRP £31

The colours in the palette are stunning.

My perfect palette for a variety of soft smokey eye looks.

I appreciate that the palette includes a mirror, improve when its practical as well as pretty.

I’m so excited to try this out and get glammed up. It’s been a while.

Stargazers – Glitter Eyeliner Pencil RRP £2 (shade Peach)

Well, last time I was this underwhelmed by a Glossybox product was when they sent me toothpaste.

At least that was practical.

With No pride, festivals, Eurovision, Coachella… where exactly am I wearing this?

This also frustrates me because there are different varieties of the boxes which contain much more expensive products.

Now it’s not all about the money, but, instead of the eye pencil retailing at £2, you could recieve a Skin chemist
Rose quart lip plumper (balm and gloss) RRP £29.99

A item retailing a huge £27.99 more than this tacky orange glitter eye pencil.

Also, ONE swipe of the finger over this swatch and you get this.

How disappointing.

Overall, I am happy with the contents of the box, minus the ridiculous eyeliner.

What do you think of this box?

Kaya •

12 thoughts on “Glossybox May 2020”

  1. Lol the dalmation print mask is making me laugh. I am crossing my fingers that you took a picture with it on! But that’s odd they had a panda at the top? What trickery.

    I totally remember the craze over those EOS lip balms! & I am cracking up about your reaction to the weird sparkly lip liner. I would have been quite upset too! The eyeshadow palette sort of makes up for it though, doesn’t it?! 😂


  2. Still waiting for my Glossybox to arrive but I completely agree with you – the fact that there is such a variation in value of products that you can receive seems outrageously unfair! Loved the review though 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

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